Friday, January 27, 2012

Till My Heartaches End (A Movie Review)

How can a few hour talk in a coffee shop abruptly put an end to a relationship that lasted for years?

Till my Heartaches End is definitely one of the most realistic Filipino movies that I have ever seen. This flick, a hit last October 2010, is a movie worth watching. I've honestly watched this movie thrice. I watched it again since I didn't wanna be biased with Paolo Barredo (Gerald Anderson) and his intense belief of DESTINY. I tried to be keen with all his actions, arguments and what made him decide to finally.. just.. okay... LATER. 

I'll give its movie trailer a 10/10 rating. The lines are something that you guys could possibly relate.

Every relationship starts with a beautiful beginning.. 
a woman who never knew love until she met him..
And a man who found love when she believed in him..

But when his dreams became more than she could take,
She wanted love more than he could give.

When a relationship is bound to end, 
Will you fight for it and stay? 
or will you choose to walk away?

The movie used the flashback device or whatever you call that style. Paolo Barredo, portrayed by Gerald Anderson and Agnes Ramos, starred by Kim Chiu were talking in a coffee shop. It was a sort of an infamous CLOSURE that every lover is afraid of. To quote Star Cinema's plot, "Despite the love they still both have for each other, one must choose to decide when to let go even if the other is still holding on."

The relationship seemed to be so beautiful in the beginning. Agnes was living a simple life until she met Paolo who happened to give the world to her. Everything was awesome and sweet as if they were like lying on a bed full of roses. He loved her. She loved him. Until finally - Paolo's shining dreams were actualizing and were falling into reality. Agnes failed to understand. Paolo failed to make her understand. Things went wrong since then and I can't put into words how the relationship was totally bruised like hell.

I wanna quote lots of lines from the movie but I find these two really worth mentioning. Let me start with Agnes first. When she went home from their amazing break up, she was crying to death. Her winning line was: "Ayaw niya na po sa akin. Ang sakit sakit." For Paolo, his line was something like "Nakasakit ako ng babae na mahal na mahal ako." 

Obviously, with the above mentioned lines, you would certainly know who let go. It's Paolo Barredo, Darling. At some point, you may blame him for giving the world to Agnes.. for making her fall in love with him deeply and then suddenly, like a shattered glass, Agnes was left empty when Paolo finally decided to dump her courageously. On the other hand, you may also blame Agnes for making him her world and for being too paranoid with the relationship that they're in. 

Sometimes, we realize that staying together is no longer an option. I think it's really that painful but it's totally something that one has to deal about. Perhaps love is still there but the circumstances don't really permit the love story we may have always wanted. 

Nonetheless, I am a bit confused with the movie's ending. Their paths crossed again with Paolo kissing Agnes' forehead. What does that mean? I don't know!!! Hahaha. If I were Agnes, I won't allow Paolo to kiss me.. I won't allow him to kiss me sa forehead lang. I want sa lips!!!!! Hahaha. Kidding. I was just trying to divert the super kaduper serious tone of this post. 

I demand a Part 2 of this film. 

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