Friday, February 24, 2012

A Love Letter for My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

By the time you're reading this, I'm holding your hand with all our invited guests around. This is part of my grand plan - to show our families, friends and relatives during our wedding's reception how I value you as my better half. 

You are God's gift to me. I really prayed and prayed and prayed that you'll come into my life. I have always believed that my Prince Charming exists that's why I have always believed in you. I have never allowed anyone to take away a part of me simply because I wanna be whole for you, Babe. 

Saying 'yes' to you was apparently easy for I have found a very good man in you. I wanna let everyone know how grateful I am for having the opportunity to call you MINE. Babe, thank you for giving me the best in  life. Thank you for teaching me how to love this great. Thank you because you took away all my fears and pains in love. Thank you for making me believe in love once more. Thank you for being the best man in the world. 

I honestly don't want to make promises since I don't wanna be unfair with the word's sincerity. However, you're just too exceptional that I'm promising in front of everyone here that I'll be the best wife that you truly deserve. It will be my pleasure to cook for your meals and to prepare your suit everyday of our lives. But of course, I'll never fail to wake you up with a morning kiss from your sweet wife. Tehee :'> I won't bother you whenever you're busy with your work but remember that I'm just a call away whenever you need someone to talk to and share your doubts with. I will support every endeavor that you're gonna take be it a seminar, business or a pursuit for higher studies. At the end of the day, I will welcome you home with the warmth of my hug with your dinner already prepared. 

I promise to give you beautiful children as many as you like. I kid. Heehee. Let's be the best parents for them and give them the best education they could ever have.

I have always known deep within me that it's gonna be you. I have met a lot but still found myself looking for your love. We've been through a lot. Some even doubted for our relationship to work. But look at us now, so happily in love. 

Shola :)


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Anonymous said...

Dear Shola,

I have read your letter. It was the most wonderful one that I have ever read in my entire life. Haha! I may be biased in your favor – after all, you are my wife – but I’m not lying that I have read this with a big smile on my face.

I saw the look on your parents’ faces as we enjoyed our reception; theirs were full of joy that their baby was wearing a wedding gown. I saw the look of your face as we walked by every table. I swear, you were soooooooooo gorgeous, and up until this date, you still continue to amaze me.

You are also God’s gift to me. I have searched far and wide for the most beautiful princess… you. I have met many faces, but there is no one in the world that captivates my heart like you do. From the moment we met, I knew it from the start that you are ‘The One’. I was once your Prince Charming, but now I feel that I am King of the world… for as long as you are my Queen.

When you said ‘yes’, I can’t contain myself. I was so happy to have finally known that you are willing to spend eternity with me.

Thank you for being my strength, my pillar when I came home in need of support. Thank you for spending our nights together, cheerfully talking over random stuff over a cup of coffee. Thank you for waking me up and for letting me see your beauty first thing in the morning. Thank you for the books we read together, for the songs we sang together (Remember that karaoke night when we first sang “You’ll be Safe Here” together? That was priceless. And your singing voice is good.), and for the movies we enjoyed together.

Thank you for being patient with me, even though work has been draining my wits off. Thank you for staying up late after my gimik nights with the barkada. Thank you for having to sit on the couch with me and watch basketball, even though I know that you are not much of a fan of it. Thank you for cooking the best breakfast I ate. (You make the best omelet and create the perfect blend of coffee I have ever sipped.) Thank you for fixing my collars and cuffs, and for helping me put on my coat. Thank you for greeting me every time I come home from work, and for having my dinner ready. Thank you for those talks we made before going to bed, and for the goodnight kisses we had.

I promise to be the best dad for our children. I promise to be a part of their growth. I promise to be a loving family man. We will take them to a carnival and ride on a Ferris wheel together. We will send them to the best schools out there. We will watch our daughter’s ballet performance and our son’s first ball game. We shall be with them in every program they are in, and in every inter-school contest they will attend.

And no, I won’t forbid our children if they will fall in love in their teenage years. Instead, we will guide them into teaching them how to love as how we would love them and as how we love each other. I will gladly drive our daughter to her first prom. I will teach our son on how to court girls, as how I courted you. And we shall be seeing them graduate high school with our very own eyes.

We will guide them as they take on the perils of college life. We will hand them cups of coffee as they try to pull off all-nighters at the dining table. And we will be the proudest parents ever to walk on the earth as they receive their diplomas.

We will guide them as they adjust towards adulthood, of how they might be assigned to places far from this very home we live in. We will watch in delight as they get married and start families of their own.

And we will grow old together, telling our grandchildren how we first met each other. I will still love you, even though our graying hairs and our wrinkles will have robbed us of our physical youth. But we will have known for the fact that our love is ageless.

We have stood strong amidst all the trials that have come our way. Yes, it was never a smooth sailing to arrive at this point we are in right now. We were bounded by a love that triumphed over the odds, and one that will never, ever fade away.

With much love,
Your future husband

Gizzy said...

wow...kinsa ang future husband?

Anonymous said...

I really love her so much.

Anonymous said...

The first time I hear your voice I'm wearing NSTP shirt and that was a Monday. There's no classes in school and that's why I'm not in my uniform same as you you're not in your uniform and, Yes. You look gorgeous as always.

That day I did ask your name, last name, Address, year level and your course. That day I introduce myself and replied to your first question. That day you said "Yes".

Anonymous said...

My wife will forgive my English.

Anonymous said...

You should be wary of people who post anonymously. They hide their names behind a veil the internet affords them to hide their true intentions. Then again, who am I to speak so? I am the kettle calling the pot black.

I’ve read your blog and I get the impression that you are a very capable young woman who is secure enough to bare her soul in such a public manner. I’ve read your recent posts and all I can say is good for you.

Take this a chance to experience life at another angle. A man would surely benefit having you behind him, but you have a purpose that goes beyond being a trophy. You can be a star who can laminate a dimmed universe of mediocrity, whose light can inspire people.

I wish truly that I can post this with my name, but I guess you’ll have to trust me on this and take my word as it is. Yours is a beauty that inspires a man to write reams of poetry and delve the depths of one’s soul in order to create something that can match your radiance.

My most fervent wish is for you to put your open hand on my breast and feel through your palm how my heart resonates with every beat the syllables of your name in a song that cries to you. Then you turn your eyes to my face and see the etched longing for you to just my name and tell him that you like it and that you mean it.

Sadly, I don’t have the guts for it and I just stand on a hill alone and see you walk away in to life.


Anonymous said...

John Lloyd

Anonymous said...

Dear Future Wife,

I always lived my life in the backstage unseen by the lights of the prestige and reputation. I know I have always been keeping myself unacquainted to the cruelty of the outside world. Yes, I was broken and uncertain.

That was before.

Now, I am holding you hand, so soft and delicate. Facing the large crowd asking how we met and how I cracked that question. My legs are shaking. I'm always afraid of speaking in front of the people ever since my college life. You giggled, whispered something my ear, "It's gonna be okay, just relax, I am here.". It's a funny thing how I delivered those words with consistency and confidence. Thanks to you! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

I prayed and prayed someone will be come to my life. I am fond of watching cartoons and so far, "Shrek" has captured my heart. Even ogres do have happy endings. True love do exist. I didn't save you from the dragon, you saved me from asylum of loneliness and showed love what really is. Thanks to you.

You made the foundation of this relationship, because I was too afraid to love. It's crazy how we interact with each other without hesitation in our first moments together,"Give-and-Take Relationship"... You gave me your trust, and with that trust, there comes responsibility. And with that responsibility, there comes honesty. And with that honesty, true love has been forged. I am more of a silent person when we are together and talk flowery words just to please you and I know my words aren't enough to show you how thankful I am to have you. But then again, I am so thankful to have you in my life. Thanks for showing me what love is and giving me courage to face life's rudeness and bitchy attitude.

To be continued............................................ >:P

Anonymous said...

daghan man diay ta future husband unsaon mani nako?? sayop man tingale ni na kasal.. basta ako kabalo ko asa ang address <3 <3 <3 273........ mysterious meeeeeee

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Jeremy Lin

Anonymous said...

My Love Shola Happy Birthday

Subukan mong makinig, please
214 by Rivermaya date uploaded Feb 22, 2006

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shola,

Please forgive my presumptuous use of such a familiar address, but seeing daily your pulchritudinous countenance is such a hard habit to break. Now that our paths have sundered from the corridors of learning, I suffer a terrible withdrawal, now must I content myself with a faint image of your beauteous face burned in my optic orbs and faded echo of your sweet voice; memories to keep and cherish.

I write again because I hunger for a reply; I left a comment on your blog as “JL”, knowing such anonymous note does not deserve an answer. Yet here I am, begging for an answer, a supplicant for your favor. A missive is what I ask, when all I really need is to rest my eyes on your lovely face and behold what the universe sees every time in a birth of a star, a miracle of stellar fusion, for you are a miracle, a once in lifetime happenstance when fate and love conspired through your ancestors to seed a lineage and produce you, a perfect alchemy of beauty and brains.

You have made a mark in my life, like a spark illuminating my stygian depths. I am blessed to live and to see you come in my life and for fate to bring us so near yet so far and now completely severed. I take this chance to reconnect, for without you I am an anchorless craft in a turbulent ocean; cold and alone and needing only a glimpse of my muse to revive my spirits. And Shola, that muse is you.


Anonymous said...

That day that I'll actually get to see you, hold you and feel you. Where your lips are pressed against mine, and where my arms are holding you close to me. Where I feel no distance between us and feel great warmth from your body to mines. I get to stare into your eyes and hold your hand for a long period of time. Kiss, Hug, and Tuck you into bed. Whisper "I love you." into your ears.

I wish distance wasn't a problem. :(

Anonymous said...

makin' me smile dahlin' ;)

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