Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Funny how a particular song can inspire me to blog tonight. I'm getting through the feels of it, getting through dupduduh-oh-oh makes me wanna raise my eyebrowsssss but, well... 

We make steps to reach destinations - Little steps when we're doubtful; big steps when we're extra-determined;  a few back steps when we're afraid, and even great leaps when we're in love. Sometimes, we find difficulties in moving forward.. in stepping into something unknown.. in reaching a dream that is difficult to uphold. BUT, we find courage whenever we have a sure hand to hold; we find confidence when there are shoulders that we can lean on; we find inspiration when there are people  whose hands are ready to wipe our tears, our emptiness, our fears. 

While I was taking my steps for The Processional last March 24, 2012, I was a bit  nostalgic. I remembered the faces of the people who inspired me so much in this endeavor. God knows who they are and I really owe them a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and I really mean these words.

When we were nearing the University Gymnasium, I remembered a little something. Deep within, I knew that it could have been the finish line that we were.. this and that, whatever. Putting all my emotional strings aside, I walked with joy, triumph and happiness all the more when I saw my parents smiling at me. They aren't the vocal type but I'm certain that they 're very happy for this triumph. Mommy even told me, "Nak, palangga jud ka sa Ginoo... kay sa imong kamaldita, gigrasyahan ka'g daghan". HAHA, I know right, Mommy?!!!

ANYWAY, I once thought that the happiest feeling would be that when I get my diploma. I even did a very annoying cute little bow on stage, darnit! HAHA BUT BUT BUT nothing can beat the feeling that I had when I gave my parents the symbol of my sacrifice. Grabe lang! I never saw my parents smile like those moments.

Since I've been hearing this song for about 15 times already (Yes I'm like that, one two, one two one two three hahaha), I certainly have to end this post.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

College Highlight #3: SAAG

Whenever I open my Facebook account, I just feel so blessed for all the personal messages and posts I get to read. I look up above with these words, "Lord ha.. Why are you so sweet?", then I say my little prayers. I'm always being empowered everytime some say that I am an inspiration. But you guys inspire me more - my life gets more meaningful day by day and I'm really very thankful for everything. 

This post is all about my SAAG experience. SAAG stands for the Search for the Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill (the Search for Mr. and Ms. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - Philippines). 

***I just find it ironic whenever I join pageants. First, I have to wear makeup (something that I'm not really used to during normal days) and second, I have to feel that I am beautiful (something that I find awkward 'coz I don't usually praise myself). Hahaha!!!

Here are some photos about the said event. Sorry I deleted most of the paragraphs of this post. :)
With Zeke Pangan, the Ambassador of Goodwill

I miss you, guys! :')

God is always willing to turn our dreams into reality. He may not answer our prayers right away (just like me, I waited for two years just to finally get this) but always believe that He always has the best surprise for us. Everything happens perfectly in His time, I tell you. Believe, pray and always bring back the honor and glory in His divine name. :)

College Highlight #1: The Laude Dream
College Highlight #2: It Must Have Been Love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

College Highlight #1: The Laude Dream

I present to you, God's most wonderful gift for my birthday on the 25th of March. Tadaaaaaaaaah!!!
One crazy afternoon, I received a text message from Jessa, one of my best friends.  The text message went something like, "Sho, call. ASAP." I honestly panicked! (WTfreak what's happening?!!!!) I immediately called her then she told me, "Checked your grades. Mao ni siya. Cum Laude naka diba?" While she was enumerating my grades, I cried!!! My grades for the last semester are way higher than what I've prayed and needed. I was bursting in tears. I found myself crying in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I trembled, I told her "Mama.. Thank you! You heard my prayers."

Now I'm crying. These are tears of joy, actually. This award couldn't be more meaningful had there been no pains and challenges along the way. The ACCOUNTANCY PROGRAM of Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan has never been that easy. We started with 9 blocks during first year, first semester.. so that would be around 405 aspiring accountancy students. Semester by semester, our number's cut into 5, 4, 3 until 2 blocks remained. Statistics says, 65 of us will march on the 24th and with all humility, we can really say that the effort really paid off!!!

I will make a separate post to thank everyone who has been a big part of this success. As of now, I'm still feeling God's gift with humility and reflection. I'm touched by the hundreds of greetings I get on my Facebook Timeline, personal messages, calls, etc. Here are some! Woopedoh!!!
To God be all the glory.