Saturday, March 17, 2012

College Highlight #1: The Laude Dream

I present to you, God's most wonderful gift for my birthday on the 25th of March. Tadaaaaaaaaah!!!
One crazy afternoon, I received a text message from Jessa, one of my best friends.  The text message went something like, "Sho, call. ASAP." I honestly panicked! (WTfreak what's happening?!!!!) I immediately called her then she told me, "Checked your grades. Mao ni siya. Cum Laude naka diba?" While she was enumerating my grades, I cried!!! My grades for the last semester are way higher than what I've prayed and needed. I was bursting in tears. I found myself crying in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I trembled, I told her "Mama.. Thank you! You heard my prayers."

Now I'm crying. These are tears of joy, actually. This award couldn't be more meaningful had there been no pains and challenges along the way. The ACCOUNTANCY PROGRAM of Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan has never been that easy. We started with 9 blocks during first year, first semester.. so that would be around 405 aspiring accountancy students. Semester by semester, our number's cut into 5, 4, 3 until 2 blocks remained. Statistics says, 65 of us will march on the 24th and with all humility, we can really say that the effort really paid off!!!

I will make a separate post to thank everyone who has been a big part of this success. As of now, I'm still feeling God's gift with humility and reflection. I'm touched by the hundreds of greetings I get on my Facebook Timeline, personal messages, calls, etc. Here are some! Woopedoh!!!
To God be all the glory.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Sho. You really are a pride of Jasaanons. :)

Anonymous said...

WOOWWWWW... u amaze me with you beauty and brain, since we are in the same place, name what u want & i will give it to you...oooohhhh wait i change my mind, dadto nalng nko kuhahon sa imong 21st bday list, though ma late gamay kai dugay ang shipment or hand-carry nalng..:)

congrats lady u deserve it,pretty na bright pa ikaw ang idol ni Shamcey dapat...


Anonymous said...

woh i love you gwapa! congratz!.. hahaha..

soziealamban said...

Congrats, Shola!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Board exam is next.. can you handle the pressure?
being a cumlaude just add more the pressure in landing at the top.
the real test will be coming..
Hope u can make it this time, not like the previous ones..

Atty CPA said...

Hi, sho, congratulations!
nwez, the big battle has just begun.
unfortunately for you.. u have been placed on that pedestal..
but that position offers great responsibility..
I don't intend to kill the joy..
but this is the truth.. the pressure will just be building up.

there are many out there who graduated cumlaude..
some of them lived up by their respective reputation. but most of them failed..
i mean failed to give extra honor at the Board Exam, your ultimate test.
I've heard that the previous cumlaude did not made it to the top 10.. and i heard he's very good at what he do=accounting.. also other schools here at cdo have created their own laude and even surpassed the school..

cumlaude is great.. i salute you to that.. but the real pressure is just beginning.. the many eyes and faces will all be looking at you during your board examination and with just a little mistake it can make you feel bad or dissappointed with yourself.

whether what is the standing of a college student in college, it will all be nothing if the exalted student will just passed the board exam.. i mean, just like a friend told me.."honor or not if wla nakatop- they will just be like the rest"..
sayang ang lahat ng pagod at sacrifices mo kung hindi mo makakamit ang ultimate challenge mo.

I didn't mean to fright you or anything.. i know your a brilliant person..
i mean, you must just focus when the time your review will begin..
CPA board examination is a difficult challenge..
you need courage to overcome distractions and temptations of handling your own time..
and MORE courage to accept the result whatever it might be.
if the result is not what you wanted, cherish your life still..

Go lang ng Go..

Cumlaude goodluck..
treasure what you achieved, being cumlaude means that you're a well-rounded person.. hindi lang sa accounting, MIS, laws, taxation ka magaling kundi sa lahat ng bagay sa subjects mo sa college even minor because they have to compute for your general average in subjects from 1st year to 4th year. that means that you conquered all subjects.

You can mold your future..something way better.
Remember, failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Best of wishes in your career and life..

-from someone who graduated likewise and fortunately conquered the final test.
To God be the Glory.

sholamaerose said...

Hello po. I appreciate the encouragement. To be honest, I'm not aiming to top the CPA Board Exam. I am just a simple girl who prays to be a CPA with or without honors. This laude thing is even more than enough - more than what I truly prayed for: to graduate on time as an Accountancy student.

Rest assured, I will try my best to ultimately prepare for the final battle. However, I won't allow myself to be consumed with extreme pressure or whatsoever. Sure thing, others might say that I'm just like any other in the long run. However, I'm always happy and genuinely contented as to what God will offer and bless me (given that I'll put my extra effort, of course).

GOD BLESS US ALWAYS! I know you love me po so you've written such. I'll always remind myself of those empowering words. To God be all the glory. :)

Atty CPA said...

I'm happy for your reply..
that's the attitude..
dapat contented of what you have.. you already have many blessings from the Lord..
If ever u will be a topnotcher eh mas blessings pa sa iyo.. diba?
right now go on lang with your studies until the end of your review.. e-enjoy mo lang ang review tsaka pagmatop ka bonus na iyon.. Stay motivated and humble.. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

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