Sunday, September 09, 2012


I don't get tired of thanking the Almighty for giving me the strength and courage to face reality. More so, I don't get tired too of praying and believing that through His divine love and providence, he will grant my ultimate fantasy. *Insert DESIRES OF MY HEART* 

-serious tone ends here-

Philippines! Mabuhay! HAHA! One of the countless blessings that God has given me is this set of crazy girlfriends who always make me feel that I am cherished. Chos. One afternoon, (sa ngalan nina Mojacko at Doraemon, we went to somewhere na may bilog. HAHAHA! #InsideJokeHere). I will really UPDATE this blog ASAP okaaay Imma do something more important first. 

Aaaaaack. More stories when I get back. LABLAAAAAAAB. <3