Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Of Passing the CPA Board Exam


My happiness is beyond measure right now, so much so that I have decided to write about my CPA na gyud ko moment!  Up to this single second, I still can't absorb that my name's now three letters longer! Wait, Mrs. Shola Zamayla-Asdfghjkl?!!! Di siguro. Lelz! It's Shola Mae Rose G. Zamayla, CPA!
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DAY 1 : 10/06/12
After how many months of waiting, the first day of the CPA Board Exam finally arrived. I only had about 5  hours of sleep a night before, tbh! I think it's just normal to be nervous---but my heartbeat was truly unkabogable during those wee hours of dawn! I wasn't sure if the cold water or the idea of  the boards gave me the chills while I was taking a bath but damn it the feeling was really intense I cannot even...

I dropped by at the dorm's chapel and surrendered everything to Him.

Then I reached Philippine Women's University and found myself sitting inside Room 319.

First subject given was the Theory of Accounts (TOA). It was fine (?!)---enough to give me an impression that passing the board exam isn't as easy as 1-2-3!

Auditing Theory (AT) almost took my breath away thereafter. It was the subject whereby I held my rosary beads a number of times, said a lot of Hail Mary's and wrote 'Lord, give me strength.' at  my questionnaire until the 100th item. 

I was very disappointed with Auditing Theory, specially that I managed to like the subject so much. Abi nako maayo na kay ku'g AT.   It turned out the other way. Uwawan Part 1. 

DAY 2: 10/07/12 
Although I was still hurt by the idea that I might fail because of AT, I forced myself to move on and tried to solve the problems amidst time constraint. I can't really assess Management Services (MAS)and Practical Accounting I (P1) but one thing is for sure:  there were items that I wasn't really sure so I made some educated guesses. 

DAY 3: 10/13/12
I'm not really confident with Auditing Problems. It's a tough subject that I was really afraid of flunking so a day before the exam, I didn't study for Practical Accounting Problems II. I said a little prayer before I scanned the problems and to my surprise, and to everyone's surprise, it was okay.

Praise the Lord! 

Okay. So did I just mention that I didn't study for Practical Accounting Problems II? Uwawan Part 2. Lelz. 

Day 4: 10/14/12
I thank my Law Teachers for giving me a very good foundation in Obligations and Contracts, The Negotiable Instrument Law, Partnership and Corporation, Law on Sales, Agency, Pledge and Mortgage.  :)

Day 5: 10/15/12
I am just glad how Mommy had the initiative to leave her work for 2 days just to stay beside me while I was waiting for the result of the exam. No matter how much I fooled myself that everything's gonna be fine, the idea of AT was really haunting my system. And to my ka praningan, Mommy told me that I talked while sleeping. Nag-ingon daw ko'g True. False. A. B. C. D. Nganga. 

I woke up around 7 o'clock in the morning and had barely eaten my breakfast. Mommy was trying to comfort me but I was still praning, to no avail. So much tension came 12 noon but the result wasn't posted yet. I held my phone and waited for some trusted people to inform me because I wasn't brave enough to check my name. (Imagine, I wished to call BOA and PRC for them not to prolong my agony Huhuhu!!!)

Two and a half hour  passed and the result wasn't posted --- yet again. So I decided to go to the nearest church in SM Fairview. 

Inside the shrine, I knelt before Him and cried like I have never cried before.

Afterwards, I checked my phone...

...opened a message from a trusted friend.

...and the text message went something like

Shola Mae Rose G. Zamayla, CPA.

I seriously looked like a crazy girl while jumping and crying and shouting and smiling upon reading the message but kebs na! CPA na ko!!! Certified Public Artista. Lelz.

Just wanna savor this moment so gotta be back here in my space soon. :)

To God be all the glory! You DA best, Lord. 


ariver said...

congrats :)

Anonymous said...

congrats shola! :D

Dhulz Xiang said...

congrats sho.

Dhulz Xiang said...

congrats sho.

Dhulz Xiang said...

Congrats shola..

Anonymous said...

Miss CPA, nkblik kna sa CDO?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! By the way, I am Marco. I used to strike a joke like "i-regards ko ni shola bai ha" to your friend Johair. I always wanted to add you up on Facebook but it says you already have reached the maximum number of friends. I just wanna be friends with you. How can we be friends on FB?.hehehe..Pasensya kaau..kulit ra kau ko..hehe
----Christopher Marco

thesholamaerose said...

Hi, Marco! Sabi nga ni Ate. Nag-hi ka raw. Congratulations din pala. God bless sa career. Anyway, I'm still deleting some friends pa. Full na kasi account ako. :) You may add me na one of these days. :)

thesholamaerose said...

Hey, N! I could still remember you. Sorry I accidentally deleted your first comment. T'was too much. Flattered naman ako. Happy girls are the prettiest. What you think? HEHE. Anyway, God bless you always! :) Congratulations, CPA!

thesholamaerose said...

Thank you, Dulce! :*

thesholamaerose said...

Thank you so much and to everyone who greeted! >:D<

Mc Jayson Pascua said...

Congrats Ms. Shola Mae Rose :)) Unfortunately, di tayo sabay-sabay naging CPA. Delayed ang flight namin. Sa May pa daw. Hehe. God bless :))

Anonymous said...

Salamat pud. Ayaw ra pagtagalog..Pareha ra tang Bisaya!.hehe..I'm from Dumaguete ra man .Anyway, I'll just wait..From time to time, I'll be checking it so I can add you na..Where are you planning to work?

Anonymous said...

Hindi pa rin kita ma-add:-(..pERO sige lang..i'll just wait..dami mo naman kasing friends..hehe..In fairness, NICE ng mga posts mo dito ha..Just keep it up..And i'll also continue to read them all:-)

Anonymous said...

sayanga uy, wala tika nakita, wala man nimo gitubag akong pangutana, nakabalik na ka CDO? kaila ka ni Jester, teacher sa XU sauna?

Anonymous said...

Shola congratz!.. I'm Eleazar roommate mo ako sa CPAR Room7.. :D
sabi na papasa ka ndi ako nagkamali.. galing.. ^_^