Sunday, July 08, 2012

XU-JPIA Presents...

We are inviting you to watch XU-JPIA’s entry for the 1st PICPA FILM FESTIVAL! 
A Romantic Comedy entitled “Binibining Cancer”. 
Watch it TOMORROW, JULY 9, 2-3 PM at the XU Little Theater for Php10.00 only.

I suddenly miss XU-JPIA. I wanna go home and support all its activities but I just can't. I miss the organization itself and the people that I used to work with. I miss the constructive pressure. I miss the sense of fulfillment in each successful event. I miss seeing my fellow JPIANs' smiles. I miss being involved. I miss organizing activities. I miss XU-JPIA... I miss the organization that I have loved with all my heart. 

Happy Sunday! :)