Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mistress

With a culture like ours, it is just painstaking to see every family being broken by UNWANTED relationships . Often, we put the blame to third parties and judge them like we have never cheated or sinned against anyone before. We criticize them for ruining families, for staining the degree of confidence and trust that couples do preserve, for breaking the bars of what we call commitment and most of all, for LOVING the man who, in the very first place, is married ~ not just in the eyes of the society, BUT also in the eyes of God.

If I were to inject the issue of morality and teachings of the Church, then I think there's no point in arguing whether Sari, (a character played by Bea Alonzo) violates a major law in love. A mistress will always be a mistress. In the eyes of society, she is a home wrecker who lacks self-dignity, respect. 

When I first heard about this flick, I immediately looked at the trailer and I just WOWED in its details, bit by bit. I told myself that I'm gonna watch this movie by hook or by crook and fair enough, I watched it hours ago - the first movie that I have ever watched here in Manila. I must say that it was worth the price that I've paid. You may check it's trailer here. A must-watch!

I've thought of spilling some details but that would be so epal from me. Harhar. I would like to commend the stars for having portrayed their respective roles and for putting so much justice in every single word that they've uttered. And wait, Bea Alonzo is just SO PRETTY in this flick. She is really fresh with her hairstyle and fashion statement. Of course, who would not notice John Lloyd Cruz? I mean, if we talk about JL, it's undeniably given that he's so charismatic. 

If you're gonna watch the movie, I think you have to consider how difficult it is for a mistress to handle a relationship as complicated as it is. Bea Alonzo couldn't have said it any better with this line: "Walang babaeng pinangarap maging kabit!" Apart from the mistress' undertaking, check too how Hilda Koronel managed to handle the PAIN, knowing that the man, played by Ronaldo Valdez, whom she has loved with her entire heart, loves somebody else. When John Lloyd told her this line which went like: "Wag mo na kasing patagalin. Iwan mo na hanggang kaya mo pa", she just wept. 

It is really hard to play in the game of love. A relationship is not just a test of love itself because love comes in so many DECEPTIVE forms. Unfortunately, we tend to associate love with gruesome things which, in its very core, is way way out from the province of love. A relationship is a test of character, of VULNERABILITY, of how easy it is for you to attend to temptations, of how easy it is for you to forget that you have already CHOSEN to be with someone else. 

I think 'The Mistress' will be following the steps of JL and Bea's epic 'One More Chance'. While watching, pick some lessons! You might need them, for thy self. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2012


I don't get tired of thanking the Almighty for giving me the strength and courage to face reality. More so, I don't get tired too of praying and believing that through His divine love and providence, he will grant my ultimate fantasy. *Insert DESIRES OF MY HEART* 

-serious tone ends here-

Philippines! Mabuhay! HAHA! One of the countless blessings that God has given me is this set of crazy girlfriends who always make me feel that I am cherished. Chos. One afternoon, (sa ngalan nina Mojacko at Doraemon, we went to somewhere na may bilog. HAHAHA! #InsideJokeHere). I will really UPDATE this blog ASAP okaaay Imma do something more important first. 

Aaaaaack. More stories when I get back. LABLAAAAAAAB. <3 
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