Saturday, December 28, 2013

Forever Grateful

I easily get overwhelmed with life's little surprises! No wonder why you can find me jumping and screaming while watching Chichay and Joaquin's Got to Believe or see me smiling while looking at lovely, sweet couples that I get to see randomly! Man, I am a fan of sweet little things. Sometimes, I even feel like they're  my everything. :)
Such a tall, girl. Ayaw mug react! Mwahaha!!! 
Credits to Kuya Bangkero for feeding my vanity! Whaddup! 
Candid shots are always the best---just like this one. Tuo, please? Bahaha!
I couldn't thank God enough for extending my life! After my appendectomy, I started to appreciate His blessings, goodness and love, hence the break that I took as seen in the foregoing. I also realized that I should take good care of myself (I should stay healthy and should minimize eating unhealthy food). Karon lang nako na realize, noh? Hahaha! I also started practicing the concept of positivity all the more---so whenever I'm upset with the "proud mark" that I have in my lower right abdomen, I just thank God that He saved me from the peril of death---I am thankful that I'm still alive and still able to smile, share and love!  And with all of these, I am forever grateful. :'')

P.S. Thanks for the getaway, friends!!! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mornings in the Hospital

My tolerance to pain is extremely low, that a simple toothache can make me shed a bucket of tears. So when I felt something painful in my stomach a few weeks back, I chose to ignore it because the paranoid me thought that I won't dare to face another operation anymore. Just the thought of the operation that I had to bear three years ago was enough to give me the chills of conquering injections, anesthesia and pain, predominantly. 

But my fear of death (over my fear of fleeting pain) dominated my system last Thursday so I finally decided to have my stomach checked. 

The day that was 
I was joyfully posting a Facebook status pertaining to my first anniversary in SGV&Co. when I experienced an uncanny sort of pain in my stomach. The kind of twinge was beyond tolerable but I knew that I had to remain mindful and alert. It was a "makamatay sa sakit" kind of pain,  the reason why I demanded to be admitted in a hospital, the soonest possible time.

I tell you, it was so difficult answering the doctor's questions while bearing the pain I have absolutely no idea about. I mean, I've experienced dysmenorrhea and amoebiasis. But what I felt during those hours was very very different (and disheartening!) Sorry but I even thought that I might die anytime until the doctor asked me this: "Is there any chance na buntis ka?" "Impossible, Doc.", I immediately replied.  

And then there was a voice within me saying that I cannot die because I haven't experienced yet some of the celebrated joys in life. (i.e. To have a family with 12  3-5 beautiful children) Then I heard another question which went something like: "Unsa man, magpa-admit ka?" "Sige.", I answered. Then everything went blurry. End of Day 1. 

The day thereafter
It was a blissful day and my stomach wasn't aching anymore, minus the lower right portion though. Initial diagnosis was gastritis so I thought that I'm good and I can go home anytime within the day. My attending physician, however, asked me to undergo ultrasound again. And yes, I was upset when I learned that I had acute appendicitis. 

My surgeon visited me around 4:45 p.m. He told me that I had to undergo appendectomy, asap. And guess what, I had to be operated not on the following day, but at exactly 7:00 p.m. (which was moved to 8:30 p.m.) the same day! Grabe bawal hyminga?!!! Hehe. The crazy part was, I even asked him this: "Doc, kanang makawear pako ug 2-piece, please?!!!" Enkkk. You know I was just in jest #Not but I was extra nervous, of course. 

So I experienced the usual procedures huhuhu I woke up (because I was put to sleep during the operation) around 10:45 p.m. The lower half of my body was numb but I was thankful that the operation went well. Everything went blurry again. End of Day 2. 

The day...#after that 
I thought that everything will be fine after the operation until I experienced the pain of not being able to urinate! Ay sus!!! I know that those who went through appendectomy and some other kind of operations, too, can relate to what I am talking about. I was clinging over my Mommy's neck, asking her to get closer to me because it was very very painful. I heard about catheterization and I was already game to give it a try because damn it, the pain was ruining my positivity. I cried and cried like a little girl. And while the nurses were preparing the stuff needed, I prayed 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be. I also asked my younger sister who passed away last October to help her Ate bear the pain. I remained still for a few seconds after the words "as it was the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen." And fortunately, I was able to urinate without the catheter's help. God's love overflows. God's love never fails. 

Mornings in the Hospital 
I dealt with so many issues within myself while I was experiencing everything---one time I was crying because of physical pain; another time I was crying due to emotional burden. But you know, most of the time, I just chose to be grateful for the countless blessings that I have received---God gave me the courage to finally have my stomach checked. He gave me wonderful parents who never left me specially when I was hurting the most. He gave me patient doctors and nurses who managed to tolerate my kulitness to the nth level. He gave me loving friends who prayed for my fast healing and recovery. He gave me a grateful heart so that I could still see the beauty in everything amidst all the challenges I was facing. 

I'm now recovering from the operation that I had last Friday. Everything's getting better, except that I can't laugh boisterously because it hurts, do you get this irony?!!! Hahaha!!! I even hate Chichay and Joaquin for making me kilig I cannot even. Akong samad sakit kaayo pag gakiligon, please 

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone! Let's all stay healthy and pretty!!! :) 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Box of Memories from Makati with Love

I'm one of the most sentimental girls situated in the 7,107 islands of the Republic of the Philippines! (Ha!) I don't know if this is a plus or what, but I'm confessing this like a freeway-giveaway, anyway. For all you know, I keep lots of memorabillas---I love, love, always love to see withered roses and wrappers and ribbons and receipts and letters and some other proof of purchases perfectly arranged by yours truly! Nakkks!  I am just delighted everytime I'm reminded about the beautiful things which transpired in my life. :)

So I already have at least  a million three boxes of memorabillas! Different chapters of my life, represent! So many scrap materials already!!! Kidd.  Here are some of the things that I kept while I was staying in Makati! (Not to mention my life in the city which seemed to concur in a span of 10 long years. This. Is. Not. An. Exaggeration. 

I bought at least 3 mini notebooks while I was there! I'm one of the little girls who believe that each notebook is tantamount to a brand new start. Hahaha! I like writing my own new strategies in counterattacking the negative vibes as well as writing my deep thoughts about life. I'm also fond of collecting ribbons---my kind of appreciation to the givers who exerted so much effort just to make me smile. Oh how I love happy times! 
Included in my box are my memorabillas from the Oathtaking Ceremonies for the new Certified Public Accountants who passed the October 2012 CPA Licensure Examination. Funny how I could recall the struggles that I had to go through just for this very special event! Grabe! All the challenges that I have conquered during that day are but testament of the phrase "Independence at its finest"! Hayyy!!! Hashtag red lips, black dress and killer heels! Lupet!!! IKR?!! HAHAHA 
I couldn't also help but share my SSS Moment! Wait. Let me share this to you in Bisaya---Gabaklay baklay ko adto sa Ayala Avenue tapos kapoy na kaayo sangatanan maglakawa! Imagine gikan ko murag natigpatintero para masakay ug MRT. Unya nagpamedical ko sayo sa buntag perting hasula. Balik pa gyud office. Gipangita pa nako ang BIR. Tapos diba, wa baya ko katuod adto na mga lugar so sariling sikap akong peg, noh?! Samok pa gyud kaayo sangatanan kay kada nako pangutana sa ila ug "Saan po ba ang lugar na to?" Tubagon lang dayon kag "Malapit lang yan. Lakarin mo lang!" Dayon sa sige nakog baklay, mura naman gikan Divisoria padulong Ketkai akong gibaklay, Teh! Malapit lang gyud?!!! Pagsure?!!! HAHAHA So nagdecide ko magTaxi padulong sa SSS office. Pagsakay dayon nako, naa ra dayon sa sunod kanto ang SSS. Enkkk. Ha! I was so pissed that I just made a momentary facepalm moment. It was very very fulfilling, nonetheless. We definitely have our own astig probinsyana moments, what you think? :)
Insert the song "A Very Special Love", Sarah Geronimo's version here! Asdfgghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm  it's a feeling that's so totally new over and over asdfgghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm. :) Look!!! Diane, one of my bestfriends in Makati let me borrow her book. Okayyy. In all fairness, I love the thoughts all over the pages!!! Change topic! You know I have a low EQ!!! I might radiate one million times of kilig in this post, tbh! :)
And and and, how will I forget my 22nd birthday?! Awwe. It was so sad spending my natal day far away from home. Kamusta naman po ang magbirthday sa gitna ng busy season?! #Waleyyy. :( I just watched Must be Love---ALONE. K. But it was a very very meaningful birthday, I must say.
I also had a baon picture with me. I think I'm just 12 y.o in the picture below! Yep, I know that nothing has changed in my face. Hahaha! :) Hi to my Tita Faith and Kobe!!! 


Memories are very very powerful. They have the power to make or break us into the persons that we would like to become, hence my choice to shrug off those that would only deter my positivity. :) So.. let's only promote GV all the way, yes? Good night, friends! :*

Friday, November 01, 2013

For a Life Thereafter (We Miss You, Khayeh)

I'm good in moving on, in moving forward. Like my mind can control my whole system---that everything's gonna be okay even if my heart's terribly hurt, I must say. Until it happened. 

I'm not so sure if this blog post's going somewhere for all I could feel right now is extreme loneliness, sadness, despair. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Make it Happen, Make it Makati"

I've been away from Makati for like 99 days but when I came back last last Sunday, it didn't seem like I was gone for a long time. The feeling was more like that of a reconciliation with a childhood friend whom you had a petty fight years ago, or like that of a reunion with your dearest college girls whom you shared your heart out during college years. More so, how can I forget the city which heightened my maturity for about 100x? Heck, 100 times is even an understatement!!! Makati's definitely not my first love..but it's actually the place that I'll always love to revisit for the rest of my life!
And while it was comforting to see again my sibs in Makats, it was kinda distressing to pose in this landmark for about 10-15 minutes! Oh how vain could us be?!! Never mind the awkwardness that we felt while the passersby were looking at us picture taking. But seriously, we thank our batchmate, James for bearing with us. Thanks for the photos, as usual. HAHAHA! :)
Let me just skip elucidating my business in Makati. *Insert 1,000 pages of work related stories here* Ugh. But it's totally fun! And fulfilling. Very very fulfilling! :) Have a happy weekend, everyone! :* 

Sunday, October 06, 2013

#Selfie Overload

Warning: This is a nonsense post | The blogger behind Repudiate Sarcasm is very very busy, hence the blogging hiatus | HAHAHA | Samok | 

It's excruciating everytime I see my blog site not updated with the insights&experiences that I find worth-sharing!!! Blaming ABCs and 123s, but no---would just love sharing my #selfies, though! 

In gif format
P.S: I warned you | The blogger behind Repudiate Sarcasm will now revert to work | HAHAHA | Loveyoureaders |

Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashback Friday: Ilocos Getaway---Day 1

There are two CHOZ reasons *Choz because it's arte arte lang! HAHAHA* why I failed to write something about our Ilocos Getaway ASAP: (1) There are about hundreds of perfectly captured photos during our three-day trip, that I can't seem to choose what to post here in my little space and; (2) I find a little bit of fluffiness in my photos therein so I promised myself that I will only share these once I get back into shape (Nakkks! Motivation! #SlimmerNowForReals #Feeler #FeelingeraLang Hahaha! #ButSeriously:>) Wangkig kaayo ko sauna man gyud!!! (Trans:I was INSANELY thin before.) So I was really amazed when I gained weight, hence the full figure. But please don't get me wrong. I have nothing against girls with fuller figures---I honestly admire those who manage to carry themselves in their own, awesome ways. I think we just purely have different preferences as to how we want to see ourselves in front of the mirror and personally, I prefer to be slimmer because I don't really stand tall. :) 

Let's go back to business and talk about our trip, yes? Hahaha! Can you just imagine how excited I was to finally visit the northern part of the Philippines?! How much more if I get to travel the world, eh? Mabawg kalipay na bata!!!

To the North. Last May, I went to Ilocos with my incredibly awesome ex-clustermates in Makati! It was a sort of reward for ourselves after a very tiring challenging busy season! Wait, tiring?!!!! Of course, not! #J3j3j3jujujujajaja But on a serious note, I just wanted to say thank you to my SGV-Makati family for giving me a very wonderful time while I was trying to seize great opportunities far away from home. :'>

Moving on @#$%  Asdfghjkl platters of foods when we arrived at Sir AZ's place in Narvacan! My insides were throbbing out of joy when I saw lots of fruits nomnoms. We're very very grateful to Sir AZ's family for preparing such sumptuous breakfast in their equally fantastic place! Sir AZ is one of our managers, anyway! 
I chose to eat fruits over some other dishes!!! 
So this is where we ate our breakfast. Good food + chitchats with great friends = PERFECTION!!!
Look I have a photo of Ate Krisha and Princess! Pretty workmates! :)
Then we freshened up for our next stops---the ala field trip getaway! But before I move to the next photos, meet Diane and Steph! They're my sibs in Makats! What about lurve, Bebe Girls Powerpuff Girls?! HAHAHA
We went to President Ferdinand Marcos' place and would you believe, I saw him peacefully lying in his glass-coffin? It was also good to note tidbits of the Philippine's History as we tried to read and observe  anything related or whatsoever to the late President Marcos. Educational!!! I was impressed with his life story, per se. 
Look at my batchmates in SGV! James, Diane, Steph and Ralph. Dessa and Mark, where art thou?!!! Why you no show?!
Steph and Shola would like to thank Mr. James Patrick Abarca for taking the following photo! Oh, the perks of having a photographer friend slash imba auditor! We love you, James. Thanks for being so patient and understanding to your oh-so-vain friends! Bwahaha!!! 
Ladies and gentlemen, you're now looking at the magnificent Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte. The Church of San Augustine is truly spectacular. So don't you miss visiting this place if you happen to wander in the northern part of the Philippines! 
My SGV-Makati Family! Special mention to our managers---Sir Leo, Sir AZ and Sir Dennis!
I miss you, guys!!! More photos in my post for Days 2 and 3. (Assuming I'll have the luxury of time to blog again during this challenging season! HAHAHA)
I would love to introduce these wonderful people one by one. But I think it would be better if I'll be using the Day 2 photos---the ones with us wearing our designated team colors!  Hehe.
We also visited the so-called Malacanang of the North! It's one of the most significant landmarks in Ilocos. Don't you worry because someone's gonna share a brief background of the place before you get to have the chance of exploring it!!! Now if you're someone as eager as me, you'll definitely have lots of "Ah, that's why!" lines. "Ah, kaya pala!"---Yes, like this. HAHAHA 
The Malacanang of the North was the official residence of the Marcos Family. It was built near the Paoay Lake ahhhck please look at the following view! So lovely! *u* 
Our Ilocos trip won't be completed without going to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. It's truly an amazing work of art! Imba!!!
Group photo! Hehe. Look at Ms. Jemma (the lady in stripes) she's so cute that's why I love looking at her! Hehe. I even call her Mommy! I don't know if she's okay with it or what. Hahaha!!!
We moved in to the bus, shortly and proceeded to a resort in Pagudpud!!! LIFE!!! Love it!

That rounds up our Day 1!!! Hoping that I can share to you our Days 2 and 3 experiences when I feel like blogging again! HAHAHA In the mean time, I'm looking forward to seeing my clustermates in Makati before the month of September ends! See you, guys!!! :)

Photo Credits to James Abarca and Dave Bobadilla. Thanks, mga Sir! :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Vibes, Good Lives!

Yow. Amishow. What's up yow?!!! Hahaha! Friends, I'm just trying to goof around, okay?!! I'm not jeje! I'm just giddy because tonight's definitely one of the rarest times that I still get to blog after a long day's work.   During college, I honestly thought that working is relatively easier than eating Accounting studying. Heck, where in the world did I get such futile idea?!! Auditing?!---Easier than going to school slash seeing your crush in Ateneo?!!! Come on! Hahaha! But you know, I've managed to like my work few months ago. Hopefully, I'll fall in love with audit more and more each day! Nakkks! Hahaha!

Friends, friends and friends, I just wanted to share some of the simple things that I find so helpful everytime I try to combat stress, difficult dealings and monstrous challenges everyday!!! Just three magical words to make your mood okay!    


It requires so much effort specially when we deal with very very difficult people. Like there are just some of them who challenge us beyond our tolerance level to sheer disappointment...and as professionals, all we can do is raise our eyebrows *secretly* rather than start a cat-fight (oh, that's gross!!!) Hehe! 

So that would mean us, kinda trying to act and observe proper decorum even when we're already furious. Ka-effort!!! But it makes sense.

This is just about saying thank you for every single blessing that we all have. It's as simple as being grateful for having smart workmates who inspire us to do better; for having challenging jobs that increase our self-worth; for having a letter grade of D instead of an F... or just  being ecstatic that we can watch The Voice of the Philippines, Live [I wish!!!] You know, there was a funny phase in my life when I was extremely nega, to the point that I reached the ugly world of paranoia! But when I hit my head in a corner and realized that being nega is ridiculous, I started counting my blessings and embraced the happy world of positivity, heyyyahaha!


After all the experiences I have been through, I somehow learned that there are just so many difficult situations that we cannot change nor alter ----and the only thing we could do is relatively change how we look at them. Sometimes, it only takes one beautiful perspective for us to see the grace and wonder in whatever things we encounter. :)

So, there. I have to cut this short. I'm very very sleepy already! Good night, friends!!! :) 

P.S: I was supposed to post this last night. I just got technical problems with the font size and all that. Have a fruitful day ahead, friends! 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Someone Still Thinks About You Here

To the guy who has amazingly cute dimples, tantalizing brown eyes and weird (yet cool) hairstyle; To the guy who has a handsome face that I would not reckon to forget --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has always been smart - academic wise and beyond; To the guy who has the wits that never failed to impress me --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has admirable sense of humor and extreme positive outlook in life; To the guy who has a dream to help others through his desired profession --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has bullied me for years and has caught my attention through his imba skills; To the guy who has showed extra care and attention to my young heart --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has been excited during my birthdays; To the guy who taught me that birthdays are special because it's the day that God has given you someone nice to share life with --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has befriended my best friends just to get closer to me; To the guy who has tried his best to know what I love and hate --- someone still thinks about you here.


To the guy who told me in jest that he's not ever coming back with these few words "Agayyy, dili nako mubalik." while we were undergoing a training for the MTAP Dep-ed Math Challenge - Regional Level (little did I know that it's a sort of premonition);

To the guy who has been one of my  best teammates in all contests that I've been through;

To the guy who looked for me at school before he left  for the National Schools Press Conference held at Laguna;  

To the guy who got away;

To the guy who has been one of the casualties in the Superferry 14 Tragedy;

To the guy who has always been one of my greatest heartbreaks;

To the guy who, after several days of my 13th birthday, still showed his care (cried when my teacher told me that his bag was retrieved from the shipwreck --- and that they identified a pasalubong for me because it had my name written on it);

To the guy who still appears in my dreams at least twice a year;

Someone still thinks about you here. 

Happy happy birthday, Marionne Francis! Continue to rest in peace. :')

Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank God, it's FRI-DATE!

There is, and will always be something special about Fridays---it might be that astig feeling that you've conquered all the Accounting Exams with just a breeze  (although you dreadfully feel that you've used the wrong rate or you're just insanely doubtful if an item's a fixed or variable cost!!!); it might be that kilig feeling that you'll be seeing your closest friends after a long week (assuming they're studying/working in some other place in the Philippines or in any part of the globe) or---it might just be that oohlala feeling that you've signed off lots of working papers and resolved so many accounting issues (assuming everything's done #NOT! Ayayyy!) Insert life of an auditor here!

Whatever our reasons are, I guess we almost share the same feelings! You don't say!!! HAHAHA Altogether, let's scream Thank God, It's Fridaheyyyy!!! 
Thank God because it's also my self-declared Day of Flowers! Can I just say that I noiselessly took these photos from Kuya Flowerero early this morning?!! Stolen shots and yet, they (roses) are still very very pretty! Mwahaha!!! And I actually prepared this colorful dress because I'll be seeing my very handsome date for today. Meet my little Chubby the Rabbit or Chubby for short! HAHAHA Yes, I call him like that. His true name's Myk Lowil but I prefer to call him Chubby because he got chubby cheeks.. LIKE ME! Awwe! Cousin love forevs!!!
I guess this Chubby-Cheek-thing runs in our blood! Say hi to my adorable first cousins, Kym and Chubby. Lamurok  lang kaayo among mga aping ba?!!! HAHAHA I love, love, super love these cute boys. They're more like my siblings tbh!!!

Here's my Tita Love's family---with Tito Yam and my cousins. She's my Mommy's Sister. I just can't forget the days when they took good care of me during college. They're very very generous that's why God blesses them with so much happiness and joy. 
More crazy photos with my little Chubby below. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Period! HAHAHA He even had a pick up line earlier. It was something like this: "Ate Shola, iring ka ba?!" "Bakit?" "Ang gwapa mo kasi eh!" HAHAHA Sorry guys. No matter how waley it may sound to you you, for me, it's really really benta! Whatever he says is benta for me. Lol what's new?! HAHAHA He will always be that one guy who can make me smile and laugh for a long time!
Sometimes, I really think that Chubby's my guy version. You can't understand him too. He has his own world and he has this "I don't care what you're thinking! I'm gonna do whatever I want so back off! attitude!" Haha! He's very very sweet too most specially to his Mamang, Papang, Kuya Kym2 and of course, Ate Shola! Naaaaaw!!! 

Another thing. 

He loves cameras! I don't know where he got these vanity skills. Cough! HAHAHA 
I am very very happy today. Thank you, Lord for everything! Once again, let's all say, Thank God, It's Fridaheyyyy!!! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Love in Motion Pictures

Whaddup, friends! I just thought about sharing the movies that I recently watched. Yes, you've read the word 'recently' right because I WASN'T (emphasis on the past tense form!) a fan of foreign movies years ago. Sometimes, I ask myself with a big "ANYARE, SELF?! Where were you when all these beautiful flicks hit the big screens?!!!" ---and end up blaming my extra kuri-kuri activities say reading lots of fairy tales and short stories and fairy tales again! Heck, you know I'm kidding. Mwahaha!

Check the following movies as you may please. The flicks which melted my heart to bits are, as it follows. 
Warm Bodies is not your typical fave love story! At first, it had me hiding under my blanket because I was ridiculously scared with the 'bonies', zombies and R himself. (R's the name of the zombie guy who fell in love with Julie!). The first few minutes were insane, in a good way --- and the story hyped up when R began to feel that crazy little something. The sweethearts even had a scenario close to the famous Romeo-and-Juliet-balcony-thing... which, too, reminds me of another great movie entitled Letters to Juliet.  Would you believe that I cried with this one? Scratch that. I've sobbed while watching this chick flick! The plot is quite predictable but the turning of events had my eyes glued on the screen. And oh, I fell in love with Sophie's letter to Claire.  Here's a part of it: "What and if  are two words as nonthreatening as words come. But put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. What if...?" Ahck I'm no spoiler! Better watch out. 
Have you ever tried dreaming of living in a Lake House --- with Keanu Reeves?!! Me?! Yes, of course! Hahaha! I didn't have any problem with the movie except that I was irritated by the timing differences! But you know, when the lead characters of the movie are as awesome as the love they're indulged in, you'd for sure forget being too skeptical. (Oops! Guilty someone here!) The ending's fairy-tale like, exactly opposite with If Only's. I love how the line "He loved her like there was no tomorrow" was depicted in the movie. But please, if you're planning to watch this, you gotta be sure that you're ready for a big heartbreak. However, I assure you that you'll  fall in love with everything that comes in with the movie, for sure! 

All the love in the world! Thank God it's Friday! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Sweet Afternoon

I always assert how awesome my college life was --- I embraced a very challenging course which helped me push myself to go beyond the basics; I joined organizations which nurtured my core values; I knew, met and shared beautiful experiences with several people who taught me that I am capable of loving and on top of these, I belonged to an all-girl group who simply brought joy and craziness to my life! 

Hayyy, if you just know how I excited I was to see my barkada during college, you'd probably give me a token encrypted with "Most Excited na Makita Iyang Bestfriends Award!" We're tagged as the busy girls already so I didn't really miss the chance to catch up with my pretty girls again. It was a very beautiful opportunity for me to know their whereabouts --- what they're up to, who they are currently dating with and why they still love me very much!

So the great mini get-together happened last Saturday! It was a rainy yet SWEET afternoon for me, Razel, Jessa, Ge and Kimberly! (We miss you Ishna, Dio and Kim!!!) SWEET, because of the sweets found below HAHAHA So literal!!! 
But you know, those mango shakes plus brownies plus donuts and the probability of an aching tonsil thereafter  are just props!!! How'd you just love that?! Hahaha Kidding.  It was a SWEET afternoon because finally, we had the time to hug, kiss and update each other about our very busy lives. 

But but but, allow me to show you first our super productive activity while waiting for our other ka-MG! HAHAHA Jessa and Razel was hoping that Kimberly would arrive soon so that somebody can accompany me with my favorite past-time --- PICTURE TAKING or should I say, SELFIE-ING (?) I was very glad that they were so GAME posing with me. I think the place looks very familiar to you! Hahaha
Here's more! The girl to my left is Jessa. We both share the mantra "Work now, study later!" I envy her sexiness! I want to join a cheer dance competition too!!! HAHAHA Hi, Beb! And and and, the girl to my right is my Rumie, Razel -- my confidante about my mwahaha stories forever and ever! (Please note that I intentionally included the bottom right photo! I look so #waley there, that's why! HAHAHA)
You know, when you're with the persons that you dearly love, all the kinds of stress brought about by work are just being blown away just that fast. It was really a feel-good afternoon!!! How I wish we can have our get-together more often! 


Look at the girls that I dearly love! Aren't they lovable? :) Say hi to my Bez, Kimberly! She's the girl wearing a printed top other than me. It was very nice seeing her after six long months. I missed her to the bones!!! Also meet my dear friend, Ge. (We don't have a picture together!!!). But this doesn't make her less of my friend! I super love Ge as much as how I love and respect her parents. Ge's family is super supportive and very very kind, too. 
For the whole time we spent together, we just talked about LOTS OF THINGS, that I couldn't even remember the flow of our convo! But I assure you, it was random, FUNNY, FUNNY and FUNNY. The most epic part was how we laughed at ourselves as we looked at our old photos! Bring it on, NENE and JEJE DAYS!!! Our common comment was, "Feeling gyud lugar nato, gwapa na kaayo ta ani na mga times?!"  Trans: "Gandang-ganda na talaga tayo sa mga sarili natin sa mga panahong to?!!" HAHAHA Epic. It was cute how we realized that we also have something to share about our JEJE days! But boy, we've surpassed that phase already! It just goes to show that we can always choose to look BETTER and MORE VIBRANT as time flies by. 
Our get-together ended beautifully with us watching our crazy videos together! Awwwe. We could have gone a long way already but for me, they are still my smart, crazy, and INSPIRING classmates that I once  knew since 2008. 

Thanks, girls for giving me a fabulous Saturdate! Love love! :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Post from the Mountain!

When you're in the middle of the mountain (yes, please do take it literally),  you'll be fascinated by all of the wonders the nature has to offer - you'll be engrossed with so many beautiful feelings; you'll suddenly fall in love with life's greatness with just a snap and; you'll just terribly miss the people who continue to make a significant impact in your life! HAHAHA Sorry friends, I'm just talking about myself being in the mountain for an audit engagement while  experiencing all these beautiful emotions. 

So much for the fanatical intro, I think. Mahaha!  I just want to say one thing. 

I miss my batchmates so much!!!  Naaaaah There. :)
Photo taken last April 15, 2013 - Busy Season's ending (?)
L-R  James, Steph, Diane, Me, Dessa, Ralph, Mark

Back to work (?) Kidd. HAHAHA

Thursday, July 11, 2013

In a Relationship with BS Accountancy - Surviving First Year

After n months, I have finally made up my mind to write a simple post about my 4-year relationship with BS Accountancy! I had a hard time writing about this before because (1) I have so many stories and bloopers and kilig moments and laslas experiences about my course, that I didn't know how to put all of them in an organized manner; (2) I am super shy to share my LQs with Accountancy since he really is the jealous type of a partner and; (3) Never mind my reason number 2!!! Go back to number 1 and let's just all deal with it, pretty please?! Hahaha! 

So I've come up with an idea to share my crazy  yet meaningful experiences in an installment basis. I just hope that I can profusely inject a touch of seriousness about this matter because I have the tendency to be overwhelmed about the details! My little wish about this post is for me to INSPIRE at least one Accountancy student who'll happen to drop by here in my space. (JUST ONE, Lord and I can finally say that I have touched somebody else's life through this lol writing of mine!)

First things first 
If you think that the course Bachelor of Science in Accountancy isn't your first choice, you are not alone. If you think that the course is not for you and there's a little voice deep within saying that you should be shifting to a course that you dearly love ASAP, you are not alone. If you think that your efforts are not being paid off by the grades that you get, you are not alone. (Just to clear things, I really wanted to take up Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I was once that poor little girl who tried her best to love Accountancy by all means).

So first things first. Like any other relationships, you must DECIDE whether you'd like to commit or not. It's either you'll shift and follow the course which, you, think, will make you happy or you'll learn to embrace Accountancy with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  and patiently claim for the sweet moment that it'll love you back.

Learning to commit
Truth be told, I almost quit during the first half of my first semester in Accountancy. Just so you know, I had a hard time grasping the gist of Accounting -  debits and credits were all new to me, plus I had that eeny miny moe negativity that I couldn't make it. Ugh, bummer.

Then I had that defining moment which pushed me to study, no, to actually make an effort for Accountancy to love me back in a breeze! HAHAHA Insert side story here! Kay naa ko duha ka classmate before sa Accounting 1 & 2 nga dako ilang letter grade sa midterm actually best friends kaayo nako sila up until now hashtag Jessa hashtag Razel tapos nagstart ko ug wonder how it would feel like kung dako pud akoang grade tapos murag ma imba ka slight sa Accounting mahaha. So I tried too. There. And the rest was history. HAHAHA Sorry Bisaya lang kay feel kaayo nako! 

After almost three months of my internal monologue of "He loves me, he loves me not", (referring to Accountancy), I changed my lines to "I love you I love you I love you Accountancy!". HAHAHA I told you, I get too overwhelmed with the details so bear with me.

Getting through the basics

I knew in my heart that I couldn't survive the course if I'll just keep on saying 'I love you' to Accountancy without actually exerting the effort to learn the concepts in depth. What is love without actions, right?! I started reading my Accounting books in depth while understanding the assumptions, theories and the like. I tried to answer the exercises found in my books, researched some good materials about my major subject and established a good study habit. Yes, I am not shy to share that I passed the course because I studied well, except for my tinapulan slash gikapoy na kayo ko moments during my senior year sorry na but I was able to overcome it though, Praise God. 

Finding your inspiration 
My point is plain and simple, while fighting for the toughest battle that you're in (say our super loving Accounting) find something/someone which/who will inspire you and shape you to the best Accountancy student that you can be!

In my case, I drew strength from my family, friends and my all-time Protector up above - through their loving arms and big time support, I found my sanctuary. And and and, through their constant prayers, I survived my first year relationship with BS - Accountancy!

P.S. See you in my posts for my second, third and fourth year relationship with him, yes? I promise to be more serious in my following posts. Let's talk about everything. Good night! :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Untitled Post

Too many things happened. My days seemed like pages being swiftly turned page by page - way too fast. 

I was running, hoping to catch up with my life's fast pacing. I counted days, well, weeks actually. It was tiring. It was very very tiring but I know I had to keep it going. It seemed like I was going nowhere. It was tiring. It was very very tiring. 

But it was fulfilling. I must say. 

Then I looked behind for a few. 

I tried to stop running as I opted to quit. Slowly - since I was quite unsure though. 

I was running to catch up with my life's fast pacing. 

Then I looked UP ABOVE. 

Praise the Lord for all His goodness and love! Happy Sunday, friends! Long time no post! ;)

Sunday, June 09, 2013

In Making Big Decisions

Decisions can alter the entire plot of our lives -  the circumstances we encounter, the difficulty of challenges we partake and sometimes, the people whom we get to spend the rest of our lives with all become part of our being  just because of a single  choice we once made. 

AND not to mention too many details (and the hooks and the crooks in between), I got very cognizant for the past few weeks over something. It was bewildering, if not frightening... but I'm finally good about it. FINALLY. 

Insert the science of decision making here say options slash alternatives and the possible consequences that might concur and oh, in making big decisions, I got three tips in here (1) Revisit your priorities; (2) Revisit your priorities and (3) Revisit your priorities. 

*I miss you friends, big time! I swear to update this happy space in cyber space as often as possible from now on!! Naaaah sige sige lang ta mo ka miss! Hehe. Kisses!!!  :* 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Love Purity Pearl

I love, love, super love Diane' pasalubong for me and Steph! It's actually a DIY necklace with an emphasis on the 'Wish Thing' that you get make before you literally get the pearl from its shell. The steps are so easy as audit hashtag laslas  as 1-2-3! The photos are self-explanatory so figure it yourselves, yes? 

Little gifts of love count --- exactly the reason why  I am honestly, madly, crazily in love with pasalubong all the year round! So friends, please note that I am not in jest whenever I ask for a sweet little something when you're out and about! 
"Real love takes time to grow., just this unique pearl.
Experience the thrill of opening one of nature's most perfect gifts."
I giggled when Steph instructed me about this cutie patootie pasalubong. The best part was when she shared that she actually got her desired pearl color. (Yes, pearl colors are relevant with your wishes! HAHAHA Read on, pretty please.)
You just have to open the can and be very giddy in making your wish (assuming you're a lady with shallow happiness like me lol).
You (1) Close your eyes; (2) Make a wish about that oops little something; (3) Open the shell and (4) Determine the color of the pearl you have. (Notice the bottom right photo below for the corresponding meaning of the pearl's color!) A+ if you have wished for love then you get a peach-colored pearl (same as when you've wished for health and get a white-colored pearl)

Now you start guessing what I've wished for. 

Yes, you're right! I wished for good health (but I also thought about love lol). When I first heard about the wish thing, the word 'Health' just immediately popped in my mind although I dreadfully feel that I ought to wish about love delete delete!
My workmates slash best buddies in the office. Diane's from La Salle while Steph's from UST.

There you go. But friends, on a side note, wishes are cute, (who says they aren't?!!).. but we all have the will, courage and determination to make our lives even better than the way we have always hoped for. 

Happy weekend! I miss you forever get back to work self get back to work self so stop blogging now hahaha