Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Best Lovers

It’s not everyday that I could have this very precious chance to share my thoughts with you. I’m substantiating my existence in a place where people make long strides, buildings stand tall, and just so you know,  every minute detail of my life here in the Metro is more like that of the sweetest drama that I have always seen on television. I walk along, say hello, bid goodbye, LEARN A LOT. I’m such in a very beautiful phase of my life and never have I imagined that I’d be able to reach this chapter.  Although I get physically exhausted, (Hey I’m human!), I still appreciate LIFE and its surprises. Thanks to my best lovers for letting me feel this mellowness, this prime of my very life.

I know it was very difficult for them to allow me broaden my horizon because doing so would make me stay away. When I decided to move apart from my comfort zone, I was so scared that they might just refuse BUT to my surprise, I have with me their full support and love all the way.

When I’m extremely busy and I tired, I pause and remember their facial expressions whenever they cheer me up. Even during college, their unconditional love was my weapon, too in passing all my painstaking subjects! You know, upon answering our major accounting exams, my short prayer was, Lord tabangi ko. Para ni kang Mommy ug Tatay.

Aside from my fear of God, I owe to my parents the values and principles that I have always lived up to. I am happy that my parents aren’t that strict, that of the usual severe cases where you’re being manipulated and misguided. They’ve proved to me that I really don’t need to be a super strict Mommy someday just to gain the KIND OF RESPECT that I ought to feel from my children. They’ve proved to me that I really don’t need to act like a CCTV Camera to my future children just to make sure that they understand the word RESPONSIBILITY.

My parents allowed me to fall in love, to get hurt, to scream, to make mistakes, to fall apart, to swim, to stand, to trust, to be heard, to be loved, to take risks, to miss opportunities, to cry my heart out, to mourn, to celebrate, to live, to be thankful, to inspire, to take chances... TO LIVE LIFE.

So many words, yet I just want to say these lines: Oh how I just miss my best lovers. Oh how I just miss them. :’’>

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Your Personality?

I'm not really convinced with the results of the personality tests that I have taken several years back. I can still remember how I politely argued with our training facilitator and expressed my sheer disappointment for the test's outcome. Imagine my "How can this be?!!!!-What the hell are you talking about?!!!-You know you can't be legit!!!!" facial expression *talking to the result, not to the facilitator lol*. This very event which happened when I was just 13 is but a living proof that I always have this "Hmmm.. You wait. I'll still think about it." mentality. Whenever I'm presented with various arguments, you can surely trust that I'm listening... but but but, my compelling mind forces me to imagine 'back stories' so I relatively think beyond what your words can offer. See? I've grown so inquisitive and inquisitive and inquisitive.. so it goes like admitting that I'm SUPER KULIT and all that. Hash tag isn't it obvious?

Early this morning, Diane, one of my closest workmates, giddily introduced a certain PERSONALITY TEST that I have enjoyed, yes, somehow.. wait, I have enjoyed big time!!! It isn't the usual boring test that will take so much of your time and will leave you discontented and pissed. And the results.. *music please* Diane's a DOLPHIN!  Don't you just love her? While Steph, who is also close to my heart, took the exam too and found out that she's a BLACK BEAR! So huggable forevaaaar.

Here's the result of my quiz, anyway.

Sea horses have been credited with deep magical qualities. INFJs can also be deep, quiet and imaginative. Sea horses tend to live in warm waters and care for their young; INFJs can be warm and caring. The head shape of a sea horse is as unique as a human fingerprint and INFJs value their own and other's uniqueness.

  • Interested in the idea behind what they're doing, especially how it affects people.
  • Patient with complicated situations.
  • Solve problems using their imagination.
  • Can persuade others.

As Children
  • Sensitive and emotional dreamers can be clingy toddlers needing a parent to reassure and support.
  • Sweet and affectionate, often drawn to 'look after' younger children around them, they can make up stories.
  • Mostly easy-going and good-natured, see people as more important than rules.
  • Tend to have a few good friends.
  • They seek self-identity or they travel through their teens, trying to work out who they are and want to be.

As Young People
At their best they can inspire others!
They can be perfectionists and they like to please others.

As Partner
They're usually romantic and caring and like the same from their partner. They usually come across as deep and intense but can be very funny when they want to be.

At work
Natural listeners
Over-represented in advice, medical/alternative therapies, counselling, psychology, languages, social research, writing and personnel/HR.

Reduce Stress
Don't just live inside your head - talk to others, share your ideas.

Preferred Roles
Counsellor, adviser, healer, mentor.

Leadership style
Caring, quiet, personal, inclusive, value harmony, expect deadlines to be met. Sometimes their desire to please people and follow the rules can cause personal stress.

There. If you wanna know your result too, you can take the quiz by clicking this link  Just a tip, please don't read the descriptions below the questions as they might affect your answers. You know, biases. Remember, sometimes, what you think about yourself is way different from what you really do or how you really act.

I don't say that the RESULTS I posted above are all true and valid. I wish to negate some of them but I might just end up wasting my time arguing over them, right? Now the catch is, you start looking at your strengths, recognize them if you may so you could start developing your potentials. For the not so good  comments, just learn to filter.. make use of the ideas which would better you as a person and simply ignore some details which you find irrelevant. But then again, at the end of the day, your personality can never be defined by any single personality quiz you take. Your personality is defined by the numerous experiences you have encountered - sweet victories you've cherished and bitter-turned-sweet memories you've surpassed AND a whole lot more.

Enjoy the quiz! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"A Thousand Years"

This song says it all! Fall in love with its lyrics, too! 

How to be brave? 
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?

Happy Sunday, friends. I really feel guilty for not having any time in this happy cutie-patootie space in cyberspace BUT BUT BUT, I'll make it up to you in the nearest future i don't have the luxury of time lol story of my life forever busy kidd whatever i miss you all! :) 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's S-H-O-L-A!!!

Hi! I'm baaaaaaaack. BACK TO REALITY!!! The first few days of 2013 is super CHALLENGING and it's such a long story to be told. Anyhoos, every time new year kicks off, fresh ideas seem to float everywhere! You know that light-bulb-thing suddenly pops out of your head with that magical 'TING!' hahaha sorry why am I so hyper today?!!! But kidding aside, the idea of having a brand new year is just too inviting for finally having a brand new start of some aspects of our lives that we wish to better, what you think? 

2013 will be a very challenging year for me. Challenging because for one, I will be dealing with the ultra corporate world already and putting my theoretical knowledge into application is a daunting task, somewhow. Come on! Hahaha! You know I'm scared to death and I'm definitely having the vibes of not being able to, delete, delete. I know I can do this!!! GO SELF!!! Hahaha!!!

Since 2013 is so promising, I have actually prepared a mini list, just a mini reminder to help me seize 2013 with such a courageous heart. I actually thought of having a super kaduper saksakan sa kahabaan list but I might just end up forgetting it lol hahahaha so I thought of something creative, something which will always remind me my crazy reminders in an effortless way. So, ladies and gentlemen, I have prepared these tips for you and for me (see I'm sweet and all that hahaha). If you feel so sad and desperate and hopeless and you feel like life is being harsh OR if you feel so happy and determined and hopeful, just remember my name.. tadah!!! It's S-H-O-L-A!!! Hahaha! 

My closest friends know that I'm fond of making acronyms but I never thought of using my name for this reminder thing. I love my name so much even if it's frequently misspelled and mispronounced. Isn't it a sad story?! Hahaha! But the good thing is, my name's never ever forgotten once they start to pronounce and spell it perfectly. AWESOME!!! I love you guys. Kiss!!! Hug!!! Kiss!!!  Hahaha!

Getting enough rest, for me, is getting enough sleep. I'm actually one of those little girls who count the number of hours of sleep they have for a day. Even during review, I always see to it that I'd still be able to have a sound sleep despite of the tons of handouts and books that I have to bear. I don't say that you really have to have 7-8 hours of sleep like me. Hahaha! It's actually a case to case basis and it's all up to you whether you already feel like so refreshed after having an hour or six hours of sleep, whatever. 
I'm such a guilty girl with this reminder. Although the concept of GO, GROW and GLOW food isn't hurting to follow, I still find myself eating junkies and unhealthy food sometimes. Lately, I have been conscious with the food that I eat just to get rid of some horrible health issues. Living this 'good food, good life' mantra is also something that I am actually embracing for the time being. Chos. Hahaha. But I'm not kidding. *Help me Lord.*
Sometimes, how you feel inside is being radiated to how you look outside. Whenever I'm asked for any healthy little secret, my answer is just plain and simple, LIVE A HAPPY AND BLESSED LIFE. Nobody wants to be attached to someone who is so nega, ermahgerd!!! Life is an art of letting go of the things which hold us back and it's also an art of constantly holding on to the things that would make us good stewards of God. 
Do I really have to elaborate this love thing?!! Hahaha! You know what I mean. But if you may insist, well.. love is such a beautiful feeling... wait why am I even saying this hahaha. I guess it's too early, maybe I'll talk about this on V-Day? Or at some other time of the year jklsjkls asdfghjkl :s. SAMUKAAAA!!! :* Samuka samukaaaa!!! :* 
Of course, for a fabulous 2013, I will never ever forget my Big Boss up there whose plans are way better than mine. All my decisions, big or small, are all grounded in His unconditional love.

So that's it! Sleep well. Have a healthy diet. Open your heart to positivity. Love like it's your first. And Always pray and seek for His guidance. Remember SHOLA okay? Shola! S-H-O-L-A!!! Hahaha. But if you feel like making your mini reminder out of your name, go ahead. I'd be glad to read yours too! Have a happy year! ALL THE BEST!!! :)