Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Value of Appreciation

I grew up receiving so much admiration from my family.  In no way can any month pass without my Mommy and Tatay telling me that I am beautiful and capable of achieving my dreams.  Like hello? I may not seem to be beautiful to some people’s eyes... But through my parents’ constant reminder and generous approval, I grew up so secured – I always feel loved, admired and protected by the people who truly matter in my life.

I would like to believe that my upbringing honed me as an appreciative woman.  I appreciate how God directed me to this path; I appreciate how full I was when I ate my breakfast early this morning; I appreciate that I have arrived home safely from Zambales; I appreciate the fact that this time, I can blog; AND, I appreciate my girl crushes so much that I truly enjoy looking at their photos and blogs!!! (Sorry for this creepy revelation Hahaha! Let’s talk about my girl crushes anytime soon!) But going back to the courtesy of this post, I would like to emphasize the value of appreciation. It isn't just something personal. Just like love, it is best seen and felt when we get to express it through our sincere gestures and words just by saying a simple 'Thank You'

And and and, you know what?!!!!  Just by our little appreciation, we can create a POSITIVE IMPACT to the persons that we sincerely care for. Here's my short list!!! 

1. You can boost his/her self-confidence.
Have you ever tried dealing with a pre-schooler?  If you cared to notice, kids most likely express their 'pasikat' moves when you cheer them up. Adults, are like kids too, AT SOME POINT. So here's how you'll boost his self-esteem.

Example: You're so handsome until infinity! You're the best of all the best until forever!!! 

You know I am kidding. A simple "Brother dear, I was able to read your poem and I really find it great. Do you have more compositions? I'd be glad to read them all!" will do. The simpler, the better. Keep it genuine. 

2. You will be a part of his/her character development.
I know that character is something innate. It is also something that a person develops over time. But we also have to consider that somehow, a part of what we do today is influenced by what motivated us yesterday. 

3.  You can help him/her appreciate others too. 
I grew up in a very generous environment so it's never really hard for me to appreciate somebody else. I say 'She's beautiful' when she's really beautiful and even commends someone 'Awesome' when she is really awesome. Point is, nothing's being taken away from us when we learn to appreciate other people, too. It never hurts to say good things about others specially when it's a fact. No more BUT's BUT's and BUT's. Just appreciation.

You're getting my point. Great!!! You think so fast. :)

4. You can make him/her smile.
Enough said. 
And you, yes, YOU.. are also  loved, admired and protected by the people who truly matter in your life.  :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm Turning 22!

I officially declare my 20-minute break from work. Signed by: Shola G. Zamayla; Approved by: Shola G. Zamayla. Embroidered in gold. Certified in Recto. Validated by yours truly. Mahaha! 

Whaddup, whaddup. Friends, never ask me about the places that I've been to recently, nor inquire about any adventures that I've conquered - because there's definitely none. For the past weeks, my life has been terribly inclined to my work. Scratch that. My world now revolves around work, work, work and work. (I am just glad how God constantly fuels me with so much patience and courage to continue what I have started.) Consummated by all of these, I almost forgot that my birthday is nearing. However, instead of ranting that I am far away from home, that I don't get enough sleep, that I am not being fair to myself anymore, that I always fail to answer Mommy's or Tatay's phone calls, that I always decline friend invites, STILL, I want to remind myself that life is beautiful and amazing. I always carry within me Mommy's personal message during my 21st birthday.. that THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL ABOUT. - all the experiences that I've been through, good or bad, are all worth it!

So.. I'm turning 22! Might as well consider finding someone to love, I guess? Hahaha! Anyway, ever since I was a child, aside from the fact that March 25 is my birthday, I knew that it is also the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Now that I'm turning 22, in my utmost desire to broaden my knowledge about March 25, (Self, why just now?!!!), I made a very thorough research about the historical events that happened on the 25th of March. Thorough research is when you type the key words, google google, click click, blink blink, then you find a heck of fantastic facts in just 2 blinks of your eyes. Thorough, isn't it? Hahaha! Here's the link!!!

Historical Events on 25th March:

Back to work. Kisses!!! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kamusta ka na kaya by 2022?

Just give me 10 minutes to do this.

I was examining a lease contract a couple of weeks ago. My work dictated that I have to check the contract's term that might have a financial impact to the Company. Yes, sure, I was able to note the contract's inception and the termination date, plus the concept of PAS 17 that I needed to recall... 

But there's more. 

I handed down the contract to the client and out of the blue, my conversation with her just pulled my emotional strings in the most insightful way. 

Me: 2022 pa po pala ang termination ng contract ano. 
Client: Onga. Malayo pa. Kamusta ka na kaya by 2022? 
Siguro may mga kids ka na nyan. 

Call me emotional or what, but her random side comment seemed to place a blank, huge, white board in front of me. Then I reflected. 

It may be a surprise to some but the way I see myself MANY years from now is way different from the way others might predict. And while sharing to you my ultimate goal is still to no avail, let me just say that for the years of journey that I will be taking, I hope that I could maximize and spend my time INSPIRING and LOVING other people the way our Creator would have always wanted me to do.

I was examining a lease contract a couple of weeks ago. My work dictated that I have to check the contract's term that might have a financial impact to the Company. Yes, sure, I was able to note the contract's inception and the termination date, plus the concept of PAS 17 that I needed to recall...

But there's more.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Walk to Remember (The Second Time Around)

When I am all alone, I start staring at the wall, start staring at the exquisite painting in particular, then I rethink about everything. 

With all honesty, I am actually getting through the feels of the Busy Season - More often, I dream about the  screen, the instructions that my Senior gave me, the procedures that I need to perform, so on and so forth. When I'm asleep, I can still see my working papers all around and it's kinda awful how my work seem to haunt me anytime, anywhere. As a newbie, I understand how my work during these months require my attention, devotion and tender loving care  24/7 most especially that I have to triple my time since everything's really new to me... so instead of ranting, I am just thankful that I can still STEAL even some few minutes of my time and share my happy thoughts with you for a while. Friends, just allow me to do this! My blog space is one of my major outlets so never ever prevent me from doing this if you still want me to keep my sanity!!! Hehe!

I'm now ready to present the sequel of my "A Walk to Remember's" post. 

A MONTH AGO, we had a crazy getaway like that dupdudu-uh-oh!!! Thanks to Razel and Kent for the late upload. Well, random getaways with random people with random laugh trips with random bloopers are the best!!!  Anyway, check these photos out!

The instruction was for us to make the most awkward pose ever.  No regrets though even if we look pathetic in these poses. Mwahaha! If you want to see us in our craziest, most care-free phases, I bet you have to join us! I just love my cousin slash best buddy slash XU-JPIA partner slash forever-co-emcee, KENT! Sometimes, we're always mistaken to be like those of the PDA kids out there (yes, we're close like that) but don't you ever think that way!!! First, that's INCEST. Second, SHE is prettier than me! Hehe! 
It feels good to know that I always have this genuine friend whom I can always GENUINELY depend upon. I really don't know but my cousin and I and really just comfortable with each other. The word IDLE is never part of our vocabularies and although we seem to be the funniest and the wackiest in front of so many people, our long talks are really that deep. Few days ago, we even had a very substantial convo which was composed mainly of the following: 50% - Investments/Funds/Stocks/Work Experiences (No, we're not boring kids! Haha!); 30% - How we see ourselves; and 20% - Love/Boys/Fast Forward Talks (our favorite!!!)
Presenting my hashtag laagmates! Why are they so adorable? *u* My friends Kent, Razel and Tanex in their awful awesome poses! Mahaha! Wacky or what or whatever. I love you, guys! 
Call me pacute or what but heeey, I was just trying to achieve a winning pose. Never mind.
You may skip reading this paragraph but I really don't think that you'll do. Okay. One moment. FRIENDS, kindly meet CAMIE... CAMIE RAJ. Hahaha! Camie Raj is Tanex' new baby and our newly found bestfriend too! Kindly say hi to Camie, pretty please? Hahaha!
I fell in love with this place the first time I saw it. Now I'm starting to believe that Love at First Sight is actually real. Wait. Am I making sense here? Haha! 
Although terrified that the water's gonna attack us ANYTIME, we still tried to pose with grace. Look at Kent in his "Lord, unta dili pa ni musplash ang tubi pataas" pose. Mwahaha!
This place is just too awesome. Period. 
Makes me wanna think how others try to say that the world's messed up when I definitely know that it actually isn't. Look! A very picturesque view at BGC. 
Razel is forever BIDA in most of my blogs. I love her so much that I do treat her like my real sister. I love you, Rumie! 
WARNING: The following photos manifest some ultra-mega-major-major vanity. I really don't know who this girl is. She's actually getting through my nerves. Na-uhh!!! Hahaha! 
AND, all for the love of KK, we shut our mouths up. Czah and Brad also joined!!! Check this out! 
I am forever grateful that God gave me these kind-hearted people who always cheer me up. Meet my BESTFRIENDS here in Makats! Wohoo!!! 
I am certain that I'll be moving around, upward, downward, inward, outward, upside, downside, side by side in Bonifacio High Street again. Mahaha! How about meeting my The One here where we'll just end up bumping into each other then he'll smile at me, I'll smile at him. He'll introduce his name. I'll say my name. He'll say that he's an architect or a lawyer or a journalist or whatever gaaah damnit. You know I actually hate dreaming about this stuff specially that I'm not considering any love issues to date. *Tatay, friends, and to whom it may concern, sorry. I cannot present any boyfriend for the time being. Don't pressure me!!! Don't you dare, ever.. like NEVER! Hahaha! :))
Here's my big smile for all of you. I miss you guys. Like seriously! :''> Let's all wait for Busy Season's Ending! APRIL 15 is just too promising! Lovelove!!! :*