Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Untitled Post

Too many things happened. My days seemed like pages being swiftly turned page by page - way too fast. 

I was running, hoping to catch up with my life's fast pacing. I counted days, well, weeks actually. It was tiring. It was very very tiring but I know I had to keep it going. It seemed like I was going nowhere. It was tiring. It was very very tiring. 

But it was fulfilling. I must say. 

Then I looked behind for a few. 

I tried to stop running as I opted to quit. Slowly - since I was quite unsure though. 

I was running to catch up with my life's fast pacing. 

Then I looked UP ABOVE. 

Praise the Lord for all His goodness and love! Happy Sunday, friends! Long time no post! ;)

Sunday, June 09, 2013

In Making Big Decisions

Decisions can alter the entire plot of our lives -  the circumstances we encounter, the difficulty of challenges we partake and sometimes, the people whom we get to spend the rest of our lives with all become part of our being  just because of a single  choice we once made. 

AND not to mention too many details (and the hooks and the crooks in between), I got very cognizant for the past few weeks over something. It was bewildering, if not frightening... but I'm finally good about it. FINALLY. 

Insert the science of decision making here say options slash alternatives and the possible consequences that might concur and oh, in making big decisions, I got three tips in here (1) Revisit your priorities; (2) Revisit your priorities and (3) Revisit your priorities. 

*I miss you friends, big time! I swear to update this happy space in cyber space as often as possible from now on!! Naaaah sige sige lang ta mo ka miss! Hehe. Kisses!!!  :*