Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank God, it's FRI-DATE!

There is, and will always be something special about Fridays---it might be that astig feeling that you've conquered all the Accounting Exams with just a breeze  (although you dreadfully feel that you've used the wrong rate or you're just insanely doubtful if an item's a fixed or variable cost!!!); it might be that kilig feeling that you'll be seeing your closest friends after a long week (assuming they're studying/working in some other place in the Philippines or in any part of the globe) or---it might just be that oohlala feeling that you've signed off lots of working papers and resolved so many accounting issues (assuming everything's done #NOT! Ayayyy!) Insert life of an auditor here!

Whatever our reasons are, I guess we almost share the same feelings! You don't say!!! HAHAHA Altogether, let's scream Thank God, It's Fridaheyyyy!!! 
Thank God because it's also my self-declared Day of Flowers! Can I just say that I noiselessly took these photos from Kuya Flowerero early this morning?!! Stolen shots and yet, they (roses) are still very very pretty! Mwahaha!!! And I actually prepared this colorful dress because I'll be seeing my very handsome date for today. Meet my little Chubby the Rabbit or Chubby for short! HAHAHA Yes, I call him like that. His true name's Myk Lowil but I prefer to call him Chubby because he got chubby cheeks.. LIKE ME! Awwe! Cousin love forevs!!!
I guess this Chubby-Cheek-thing runs in our blood! Say hi to my adorable first cousins, Kym and Chubby. Lamurok  lang kaayo among mga aping ba?!!! HAHAHA I love, love, super love these cute boys. They're more like my siblings tbh!!!

Here's my Tita Love's family---with Tito Yam and my cousins. She's my Mommy's Sister. I just can't forget the days when they took good care of me during college. They're very very generous that's why God blesses them with so much happiness and joy. 
More crazy photos with my little Chubby below. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Period! HAHAHA He even had a pick up line earlier. It was something like this: "Ate Shola, iring ka ba?!" "Bakit?" "Ang gwapa mo kasi eh!" HAHAHA Sorry guys. No matter how waley it may sound to you you, for me, it's really really benta! Whatever he says is benta for me. Lol what's new?! HAHAHA He will always be that one guy who can make me smile and laugh for a long time!
Sometimes, I really think that Chubby's my guy version. You can't understand him too. He has his own world and he has this "I don't care what you're thinking! I'm gonna do whatever I want so back off! attitude!" Haha! He's very very sweet too most specially to his Mamang, Papang, Kuya Kym2 and of course, Ate Shola! Naaaaaw!!! 

Another thing. 

He loves cameras! I don't know where he got these vanity skills. Cough! HAHAHA 
I am very very happy today. Thank you, Lord for everything! Once again, let's all say, Thank God, It's Fridaheyyyy!!! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Love in Motion Pictures

Whaddup, friends! I just thought about sharing the movies that I recently watched. Yes, you've read the word 'recently' right because I WASN'T (emphasis on the past tense form!) a fan of foreign movies years ago. Sometimes, I ask myself with a big "ANYARE, SELF?! Where were you when all these beautiful flicks hit the big screens?!!!" ---and end up blaming my extra kuri-kuri activities say reading lots of fairy tales and short stories and fairy tales again! Heck, you know I'm kidding. Mwahaha!

Check the following movies as you may please. The flicks which melted my heart to bits are, as it follows. 
Warm Bodies is not your typical fave love story! At first, it had me hiding under my blanket because I was ridiculously scared with the 'bonies', zombies and R himself. (R's the name of the zombie guy who fell in love with Julie!). The first few minutes were insane, in a good way --- and the story hyped up when R began to feel that crazy little something. The sweethearts even had a scenario close to the famous Romeo-and-Juliet-balcony-thing... which, too, reminds me of another great movie entitled Letters to Juliet.  Would you believe that I cried with this one? Scratch that. I've sobbed while watching this chick flick! The plot is quite predictable but the turning of events had my eyes glued on the screen. And oh, I fell in love with Sophie's letter to Claire.  Here's a part of it: "What and if  are two words as nonthreatening as words come. But put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. What if...?" Ahck I'm no spoiler! Better watch out. 
Have you ever tried dreaming of living in a Lake House --- with Keanu Reeves?!! Me?! Yes, of course! Hahaha! I didn't have any problem with the movie except that I was irritated by the timing differences! But you know, when the lead characters of the movie are as awesome as the love they're indulged in, you'd for sure forget being too skeptical. (Oops! Guilty someone here!) The ending's fairy-tale like, exactly opposite with If Only's. I love how the line "He loved her like there was no tomorrow" was depicted in the movie. But please, if you're planning to watch this, you gotta be sure that you're ready for a big heartbreak. However, I assure you that you'll  fall in love with everything that comes in with the movie, for sure! 

All the love in the world! Thank God it's Friday! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Sweet Afternoon

I always assert how awesome my college life was --- I embraced a very challenging course which helped me push myself to go beyond the basics; I joined organizations which nurtured my core values; I knew, met and shared beautiful experiences with several people who taught me that I am capable of loving and on top of these, I belonged to an all-girl group who simply brought joy and craziness to my life! 

Hayyy, if you just know how I excited I was to see my barkada during college, you'd probably give me a token encrypted with "Most Excited na Makita Iyang Bestfriends Award!" We're tagged as the busy girls already so I didn't really miss the chance to catch up with my pretty girls again. It was a very beautiful opportunity for me to know their whereabouts --- what they're up to, who they are currently dating with and why they still love me very much!

So the great mini get-together happened last Saturday! It was a rainy yet SWEET afternoon for me, Razel, Jessa, Ge and Kimberly! (We miss you Ishna, Dio and Kim!!!) SWEET, because of the sweets found below HAHAHA So literal!!! 
But you know, those mango shakes plus brownies plus donuts and the probability of an aching tonsil thereafter  are just props!!! How'd you just love that?! Hahaha Kidding.  It was a SWEET afternoon because finally, we had the time to hug, kiss and update each other about our very busy lives. 

But but but, allow me to show you first our super productive activity while waiting for our other ka-MG! HAHAHA Jessa and Razel was hoping that Kimberly would arrive soon so that somebody can accompany me with my favorite past-time --- PICTURE TAKING or should I say, SELFIE-ING (?) I was very glad that they were so GAME posing with me. I think the place looks very familiar to you! Hahaha
Here's more! The girl to my left is Jessa. We both share the mantra "Work now, study later!" I envy her sexiness! I want to join a cheer dance competition too!!! HAHAHA Hi, Beb! And and and, the girl to my right is my Rumie, Razel -- my confidante about my mwahaha stories forever and ever! (Please note that I intentionally included the bottom right photo! I look so #waley there, that's why! HAHAHA)
You know, when you're with the persons that you dearly love, all the kinds of stress brought about by work are just being blown away just that fast. It was really a feel-good afternoon!!! How I wish we can have our get-together more often! 


Look at the girls that I dearly love! Aren't they lovable? :) Say hi to my Bez, Kimberly! She's the girl wearing a printed top other than me. It was very nice seeing her after six long months. I missed her to the bones!!! Also meet my dear friend, Ge. (We don't have a picture together!!!). But this doesn't make her less of my friend! I super love Ge as much as how I love and respect her parents. Ge's family is super supportive and very very kind, too. 
For the whole time we spent together, we just talked about LOTS OF THINGS, that I couldn't even remember the flow of our convo! But I assure you, it was random, FUNNY, FUNNY and FUNNY. The most epic part was how we laughed at ourselves as we looked at our old photos! Bring it on, NENE and JEJE DAYS!!! Our common comment was, "Feeling gyud lugar nato, gwapa na kaayo ta ani na mga times?!"  Trans: "Gandang-ganda na talaga tayo sa mga sarili natin sa mga panahong to?!!" HAHAHA Epic. It was cute how we realized that we also have something to share about our JEJE days! But boy, we've surpassed that phase already! It just goes to show that we can always choose to look BETTER and MORE VIBRANT as time flies by. 
Our get-together ended beautifully with us watching our crazy videos together! Awwwe. We could have gone a long way already but for me, they are still my smart, crazy, and INSPIRING classmates that I once  knew since 2008. 

Thanks, girls for giving me a fabulous Saturdate! Love love! :)