Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashback Friday: Ilocos Getaway---Day 1

There are two CHOZ reasons *Choz because it's arte arte lang! HAHAHA* why I failed to write something about our Ilocos Getaway ASAP: (1) There are about hundreds of perfectly captured photos during our three-day trip, that I can't seem to choose what to post here in my little space and; (2) I find a little bit of fluffiness in my photos therein so I promised myself that I will only share these once I get back into shape (Nakkks! Motivation! #SlimmerNowForReals #Feeler #FeelingeraLang Hahaha! #ButSeriously:>) Wangkig kaayo ko sauna man gyud!!! (Trans:I was INSANELY thin before.) So I was really amazed when I gained weight, hence the full figure. But please don't get me wrong. I have nothing against girls with fuller figures---I honestly admire those who manage to carry themselves in their own, awesome ways. I think we just purely have different preferences as to how we want to see ourselves in front of the mirror and personally, I prefer to be slimmer because I don't really stand tall. :) 

Let's go back to business and talk about our trip, yes? Hahaha! Can you just imagine how excited I was to finally visit the northern part of the Philippines?! How much more if I get to travel the world, eh? Mabawg kalipay na bata!!!

To the North. Last May, I went to Ilocos with my incredibly awesome ex-clustermates in Makati! It was a sort of reward for ourselves after a very tiring challenging busy season! Wait, tiring?!!!! Of course, not! #J3j3j3jujujujajaja But on a serious note, I just wanted to say thank you to my SGV-Makati family for giving me a very wonderful time while I was trying to seize great opportunities far away from home. :'>

Moving on @#$%  Asdfghjkl platters of foods when we arrived at Sir AZ's place in Narvacan! My insides were throbbing out of joy when I saw lots of fruits nomnoms. We're very very grateful to Sir AZ's family for preparing such sumptuous breakfast in their equally fantastic place! Sir AZ is one of our managers, anyway! 
I chose to eat fruits over some other dishes!!! 
So this is where we ate our breakfast. Good food + chitchats with great friends = PERFECTION!!!
Look I have a photo of Ate Krisha and Princess! Pretty workmates! :)
Then we freshened up for our next stops---the ala field trip getaway! But before I move to the next photos, meet Diane and Steph! They're my sibs in Makats! What about lurve, Bebe Girls Powerpuff Girls?! HAHAHA
We went to President Ferdinand Marcos' place and would you believe, I saw him peacefully lying in his glass-coffin? It was also good to note tidbits of the Philippine's History as we tried to read and observe  anything related or whatsoever to the late President Marcos. Educational!!! I was impressed with his life story, per se. 
Look at my batchmates in SGV! James, Diane, Steph and Ralph. Dessa and Mark, where art thou?!!! Why you no show?!
Steph and Shola would like to thank Mr. James Patrick Abarca for taking the following photo! Oh, the perks of having a photographer friend slash imba auditor! We love you, James. Thanks for being so patient and understanding to your oh-so-vain friends! Bwahaha!!! 
Ladies and gentlemen, you're now looking at the magnificent Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte. The Church of San Augustine is truly spectacular. So don't you miss visiting this place if you happen to wander in the northern part of the Philippines! 
My SGV-Makati Family! Special mention to our managers---Sir Leo, Sir AZ and Sir Dennis!
I miss you, guys!!! More photos in my post for Days 2 and 3. (Assuming I'll have the luxury of time to blog again during this challenging season! HAHAHA)
I would love to introduce these wonderful people one by one. But I think it would be better if I'll be using the Day 2 photos---the ones with us wearing our designated team colors!  Hehe.
We also visited the so-called Malacanang of the North! It's one of the most significant landmarks in Ilocos. Don't you worry because someone's gonna share a brief background of the place before you get to have the chance of exploring it!!! Now if you're someone as eager as me, you'll definitely have lots of "Ah, that's why!" lines. "Ah, kaya pala!"---Yes, like this. HAHAHA 
The Malacanang of the North was the official residence of the Marcos Family. It was built near the Paoay Lake ahhhck please look at the following view! So lovely! *u* 
Our Ilocos trip won't be completed without going to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. It's truly an amazing work of art! Imba!!!
Group photo! Hehe. Look at Ms. Jemma (the lady in stripes) she's so cute that's why I love looking at her! Hehe. I even call her Mommy! I don't know if she's okay with it or what. Hahaha!!!
We moved in to the bus, shortly and proceeded to a resort in Pagudpud!!! LIFE!!! Love it!

That rounds up our Day 1!!! Hoping that I can share to you our Days 2 and 3 experiences when I feel like blogging again! HAHAHA In the mean time, I'm looking forward to seeing my clustermates in Makati before the month of September ends! See you, guys!!! :)

Photo Credits to James Abarca and Dave Bobadilla. Thanks, mga Sir! :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Vibes, Good Lives!

Yow. Amishow. What's up yow?!!! Hahaha! Friends, I'm just trying to goof around, okay?!! I'm not jeje! I'm just giddy because tonight's definitely one of the rarest times that I still get to blog after a long day's work.   During college, I honestly thought that working is relatively easier than eating Accounting studying. Heck, where in the world did I get such futile idea?!! Auditing?!---Easier than going to school slash seeing your crush in Ateneo?!!! Come on! Hahaha! But you know, I've managed to like my work few months ago. Hopefully, I'll fall in love with audit more and more each day! Nakkks! Hahaha!

Friends, friends and friends, I just wanted to share some of the simple things that I find so helpful everytime I try to combat stress, difficult dealings and monstrous challenges everyday!!! Just three magical words to make your mood okay!    


It requires so much effort specially when we deal with very very difficult people. Like there are just some of them who challenge us beyond our tolerance level to sheer disappointment...and as professionals, all we can do is raise our eyebrows *secretly* rather than start a cat-fight (oh, that's gross!!!) Hehe! 

So that would mean us, kinda trying to act and observe proper decorum even when we're already furious. Ka-effort!!! But it makes sense.

This is just about saying thank you for every single blessing that we all have. It's as simple as being grateful for having smart workmates who inspire us to do better; for having challenging jobs that increase our self-worth; for having a letter grade of D instead of an F... or just  being ecstatic that we can watch The Voice of the Philippines, Live [I wish!!!] You know, there was a funny phase in my life when I was extremely nega, to the point that I reached the ugly world of paranoia! But when I hit my head in a corner and realized that being nega is ridiculous, I started counting my blessings and embraced the happy world of positivity, heyyyahaha!


After all the experiences I have been through, I somehow learned that there are just so many difficult situations that we cannot change nor alter ----and the only thing we could do is relatively change how we look at them. Sometimes, it only takes one beautiful perspective for us to see the grace and wonder in whatever things we encounter. :)

So, there. I have to cut this short. I'm very very sleepy already! Good night, friends!!! :) 

P.S: I was supposed to post this last night. I just got technical problems with the font size and all that. Have a fruitful day ahead, friends! 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Someone Still Thinks About You Here

To the guy who has amazingly cute dimples, tantalizing brown eyes and weird (yet cool) hairstyle; To the guy who has a handsome face that I would not reckon to forget --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has always been smart - academic wise and beyond; To the guy who has the wits that never failed to impress me --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has admirable sense of humor and extreme positive outlook in life; To the guy who has a dream to help others through his desired profession --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has bullied me for years and has caught my attention through his imba skills; To the guy who has showed extra care and attention to my young heart --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has been excited during my birthdays; To the guy who taught me that birthdays are special because it's the day that God has given you someone nice to share life with --- someone still thinks about you here. 

To the guy who has befriended my best friends just to get closer to me; To the guy who has tried his best to know what I love and hate --- someone still thinks about you here.


To the guy who told me in jest that he's not ever coming back with these few words "Agayyy, dili nako mubalik." while we were undergoing a training for the MTAP Dep-ed Math Challenge - Regional Level (little did I know that it's a sort of premonition);

To the guy who has been one of my  best teammates in all contests that I've been through;

To the guy who looked for me at school before he left  for the National Schools Press Conference held at Laguna;  

To the guy who got away;

To the guy who has been one of the casualties in the Superferry 14 Tragedy;

To the guy who has always been one of my greatest heartbreaks;

To the guy who, after several days of my 13th birthday, still showed his care (cried when my teacher told me that his bag was retrieved from the shipwreck --- and that they identified a pasalubong for me because it had my name written on it);

To the guy who still appears in my dreams at least twice a year;

Someone still thinks about you here. 

Happy happy birthday, Marionne Francis! Continue to rest in peace. :')