Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Make it Happen, Make it Makati"

I've been away from Makati for like 99 days but when I came back last last Sunday, it didn't seem like I was gone for a long time. The feeling was more like that of a reconciliation with a childhood friend whom you had a petty fight years ago, or like that of a reunion with your dearest college girls whom you shared your heart out during college years. More so, how can I forget the city which heightened my maturity for about 100x? Heck, 100 times is even an understatement!!! Makati's definitely not my first love..but it's actually the place that I'll always love to revisit for the rest of my life!
And while it was comforting to see again my sibs in Makats, it was kinda distressing to pose in this landmark for about 10-15 minutes! Oh how vain could us be?!! Never mind the awkwardness that we felt while the passersby were looking at us picture taking. But seriously, we thank our batchmate, James for bearing with us. Thanks for the photos, as usual. HAHAHA! :)
Let me just skip elucidating my business in Makati. *Insert 1,000 pages of work related stories here* Ugh. But it's totally fun! And fulfilling. Very very fulfilling! :) Have a happy weekend, everyone! :* 

Sunday, October 06, 2013

#Selfie Overload

Warning: This is a nonsense post | The blogger behind Repudiate Sarcasm is very very busy, hence the blogging hiatus | HAHAHA | Samok | 

It's excruciating everytime I see my blog site not updated with the insights&experiences that I find worth-sharing!!! Blaming ABCs and 123s, but no---would just love sharing my #selfies, though! 

In gif format
P.S: I warned you | The blogger behind Repudiate Sarcasm will now revert to work | HAHAHA | Loveyoureaders |