Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Box of Memories from Makati with Love

I'm one of the most sentimental girls situated in the 7,107 islands of the Republic of the Philippines! (Ha!) I don't know if this is a plus or what, but I'm confessing this like a freeway-giveaway, anyway. For all you know, I keep lots of memorabillas---I love, love, always love to see withered roses and wrappers and ribbons and receipts and letters and some other proof of purchases perfectly arranged by yours truly! Nakkks!  I am just delighted everytime I'm reminded about the beautiful things which transpired in my life. :)

So I already have at least  a million three boxes of memorabillas! Different chapters of my life, represent! So many scrap materials already!!! Kidd.  Here are some of the things that I kept while I was staying in Makati! (Not to mention my life in the city which seemed to concur in a span of 10 long years. This. Is. Not. An. Exaggeration. 

I bought at least 3 mini notebooks while I was there! I'm one of the little girls who believe that each notebook is tantamount to a brand new start. Hahaha! I like writing my own new strategies in counterattacking the negative vibes as well as writing my deep thoughts about life. I'm also fond of collecting ribbons---my kind of appreciation to the givers who exerted so much effort just to make me smile. Oh how I love happy times! 
Included in my box are my memorabillas from the Oathtaking Ceremonies for the new Certified Public Accountants who passed the October 2012 CPA Licensure Examination. Funny how I could recall the struggles that I had to go through just for this very special event! Grabe! All the challenges that I have conquered during that day are but testament of the phrase "Independence at its finest"! Hayyy!!! Hashtag red lips, black dress and killer heels! Lupet!!! IKR?!! HAHAHA 
I couldn't also help but share my SSS Moment! Wait. Let me share this to you in Bisaya---Gabaklay baklay ko adto sa Ayala Avenue tapos kapoy na kaayo sangatanan maglakawa! Imagine gikan ko murag natigpatintero para masakay ug MRT. Unya nagpamedical ko sayo sa buntag perting hasula. Balik pa gyud office. Gipangita pa nako ang BIR. Tapos diba, wa baya ko katuod adto na mga lugar so sariling sikap akong peg, noh?! Samok pa gyud kaayo sangatanan kay kada nako pangutana sa ila ug "Saan po ba ang lugar na to?" Tubagon lang dayon kag "Malapit lang yan. Lakarin mo lang!" Dayon sa sige nakog baklay, mura naman gikan Divisoria padulong Ketkai akong gibaklay, Teh! Malapit lang gyud?!!! Pagsure?!!! HAHAHA So nagdecide ko magTaxi padulong sa SSS office. Pagsakay dayon nako, naa ra dayon sa sunod kanto ang SSS. Enkkk. Ha! I was so pissed that I just made a momentary facepalm moment. It was very very fulfilling, nonetheless. We definitely have our own astig probinsyana moments, what you think? :)
Insert the song "A Very Special Love", Sarah Geronimo's version here! Asdfgghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm  it's a feeling that's so totally new over and over asdfgghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm. :) Look!!! Diane, one of my bestfriends in Makati let me borrow her book. Okayyy. In all fairness, I love the thoughts all over the pages!!! Change topic! You know I have a low EQ!!! I might radiate one million times of kilig in this post, tbh! :)
And and and, how will I forget my 22nd birthday?! Awwe. It was so sad spending my natal day far away from home. Kamusta naman po ang magbirthday sa gitna ng busy season?! #Waleyyy. :( I just watched Must be Love---ALONE. K. But it was a very very meaningful birthday, I must say.
I also had a baon picture with me. I think I'm just 12 y.o in the picture below! Yep, I know that nothing has changed in my face. Hahaha! :) Hi to my Tita Faith and Kobe!!! 


Memories are very very powerful. They have the power to make or break us into the persons that we would like to become, hence my choice to shrug off those that would only deter my positivity. :) So.. let's only promote GV all the way, yes? Good night, friends! :*

Friday, November 01, 2013

For a Life Thereafter (We Miss You, Khayeh)

I'm good in moving on, in moving forward. Like my mind can control my whole system---that everything's gonna be okay even if my heart's terribly hurt, I must say. Until it happened. 

I'm not so sure if this blog post's going somewhere for all I could feel right now is extreme loneliness, sadness, despair.