Saturday, December 28, 2013

Forever Grateful

I easily get overwhelmed with life's little surprises! No wonder why you can find me jumping and screaming while watching Chichay and Joaquin's Got to Believe or see me smiling while looking at lovely, sweet couples that I get to see randomly! Man, I am a fan of sweet little things. Sometimes, I even feel like they're  my everything. :)
Such a tall, girl. Ayaw mug react! Mwahaha!!! 
Credits to Kuya Bangkero for feeding my vanity! Whaddup! 
Candid shots are always the best---just like this one. Tuo, please? Bahaha!
I couldn't thank God enough for extending my life! After my appendectomy, I started to appreciate His blessings, goodness and love, hence the break that I took as seen in the foregoing. I also realized that I should take good care of myself (I should stay healthy and should minimize eating unhealthy food). Karon lang nako na realize, noh? Hahaha! I also started practicing the concept of positivity all the more---so whenever I'm upset with the "proud mark" that I have in my lower right abdomen, I just thank God that He saved me from the peril of death---I am thankful that I'm still alive and still able to smile, share and love!  And with all of these, I am forever grateful. :'')

P.S. Thanks for the getaway, friends!!! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mornings in the Hospital

My tolerance to pain is extremely low, that a simple toothache can make me shed a bucket of tears. So when I felt something painful in my stomach a few weeks back, I chose to ignore it because the paranoid me thought that I won't dare to face another operation anymore. Just the thought of the operation that I had to bear three years ago was enough to give me the chills of conquering injections, anesthesia and pain, predominantly. 

But my fear of death (over my fear of fleeting pain) dominated my system last Thursday so I finally decided to have my stomach checked. 

The day that was 
I was joyfully posting a Facebook status pertaining to my first anniversary in SGV&Co. when I experienced an uncanny sort of pain in my stomach. The kind of twinge was beyond tolerable but I knew that I had to remain mindful and alert. It was a "makamatay sa sakit" kind of pain,  the reason why I demanded to be admitted in a hospital, the soonest possible time.

I tell you, it was so difficult answering the doctor's questions while bearing the pain I have absolutely no idea about. I mean, I've experienced dysmenorrhea and amoebiasis. But what I felt during those hours was very very different (and disheartening!) Sorry but I even thought that I might die anytime until the doctor asked me this: "Is there any chance na buntis ka?" "Impossible, Doc.", I immediately replied.  

And then there was a voice within me saying that I cannot die because I haven't experienced yet some of the celebrated joys in life. (i.e. To have a family with 12  3-5 beautiful children) Then I heard another question which went something like: "Unsa man, magpa-admit ka?" "Sige.", I answered. Then everything went blurry. End of Day 1. 

The day thereafter
It was a blissful day and my stomach wasn't aching anymore, minus the lower right portion though. Initial diagnosis was gastritis so I thought that I'm good and I can go home anytime within the day. My attending physician, however, asked me to undergo ultrasound again. And yes, I was upset when I learned that I had acute appendicitis. 

My surgeon visited me around 4:45 p.m. He told me that I had to undergo appendectomy, asap. And guess what, I had to be operated not on the following day, but at exactly 7:00 p.m. (which was moved to 8:30 p.m.) the same day! Grabe bawal hyminga?!!! Hehe. The crazy part was, I even asked him this: "Doc, kanang makawear pako ug 2-piece, please?!!!" Enkkk. You know I was just in jest #Not but I was extra nervous, of course. 

So I experienced the usual procedures huhuhu I woke up (because I was put to sleep during the operation) around 10:45 p.m. The lower half of my body was numb but I was thankful that the operation went well. Everything went blurry again. End of Day 2. 

The day...#after that 
I thought that everything will be fine after the operation until I experienced the pain of not being able to urinate! Ay sus!!! I know that those who went through appendectomy and some other kind of operations, too, can relate to what I am talking about. I was clinging over my Mommy's neck, asking her to get closer to me because it was very very painful. I heard about catheterization and I was already game to give it a try because damn it, the pain was ruining my positivity. I cried and cried like a little girl. And while the nurses were preparing the stuff needed, I prayed 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be. I also asked my younger sister who passed away last October to help her Ate bear the pain. I remained still for a few seconds after the words "as it was the beginning is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen." And fortunately, I was able to urinate without the catheter's help. God's love overflows. God's love never fails. 

Mornings in the Hospital 
I dealt with so many issues within myself while I was experiencing everything---one time I was crying because of physical pain; another time I was crying due to emotional burden. But you know, most of the time, I just chose to be grateful for the countless blessings that I have received---God gave me the courage to finally have my stomach checked. He gave me wonderful parents who never left me specially when I was hurting the most. He gave me patient doctors and nurses who managed to tolerate my kulitness to the nth level. He gave me loving friends who prayed for my fast healing and recovery. He gave me a grateful heart so that I could still see the beauty in everything amidst all the challenges I was facing. 

I'm now recovering from the operation that I had last Friday. Everything's getting better, except that I can't laugh boisterously because it hurts, do you get this irony?!!! Hahaha!!! I even hate Chichay and Joaquin for making me kilig I cannot even. Akong samad sakit kaayo pag gakiligon, please 

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone! Let's all stay healthy and pretty!!! :)