Saturday, February 16, 2013

How You Made me Smile

Tita Joanna, 

It's just inexpiable how I've always sought for your congratulatory message everytime I achieve simple milestones in my life - maybe because you're someone that everybody looks up to.. but no, I think it's because of my utmost RESPECT and TRUST  for a Joanna Roa, for who you really are. For some odd reasons, I have always felt your sincerity and love whenever you give me pieces of advice about exemplifying True Beauty, that of a kind that never fades, and I can't be more thankful for everything. 

You know what Tita Jo, I can still remember the way you laughed at me (together with Nonoy) when I shared to you my recent beliefs about love just a few days ago. I know it was just a random call from you all and I didn't know what moved me to check my phone even when I was in the middle of an intense work here in the Metro. I was just glad how you took my anxieties away just by the thought of calling me or whatsoever. I never knew that it will be our LAST.. my last conversation with you, my last opportunity to hear your voice. 

Tita, it pains me to write something like this but I just have to admit that I am more than affected to receive a text message early this morning that you're already gone - yes, you're gone and you just left me just that fast. I called Keneth to verify the news because I was forcing myself not to believe that you just passed away. AND yes, the verification of your death hit me straight to the heart, to no avail. Our memories together flashed back, our moments during the search for the Ambassadress of Goodwill, our random meetups in Jasaan, our random talks and everything else about us which definitely made me smile. 

Tita, truth be told, I appreciate how you've touched my life. Even now that you're gone too soon, you're still teaching me one great lesson that I couldn't just read in any Accounting Standards that I am trying to grasp to date - There is more to life than enjoying one's own happiness, and that is being able to LOVE AND INSPIRE other people just by our mere existence. And believe me, Tita, you're one of the few who lived life in the most beautiful way that they could. 

I love you so much, Tita Jo. My fervent prayers are with you. Rest in peace. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Is.

I would definitely love to share my V-Day experience to date!!! Just give me time. I still have approximately 12 more hours to experience V-Day's sweetness WORK. Haaaay!!! Say yes for V-day Holiday, just like what I told you last night. Go click this sentence and figure!

Putting all giddiness aside, I'm inviting you to reflect about the following verses. Short, simple, BUT definitely tagos sa heart. Have a happy day! :)

1 Corinthians 13:4-8
New International Version (NIV)

4 Love is patient, love is kind. 
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 

5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, 
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 

6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. 
But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, 
they will be stilled; 
where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's talk about LOVE LETTERS

The idea of V-day hit me few hours ago. Thanks to the high school students who were busy holding each other's hands while strolling in the mall. What. A. Wonderful. Sight. HAHAHA #K 

Sharing you again this blog post that I have written exactly a year ago. I have read it again and just so I figured, I wasn't a bitter single back then. ;)

February 13, 2013

I once received a text message years ago from a friend during Valentine's Season, and the message went something like "LOVE IS IN THE AIR, AND I DON'T CARE".

#CAUTION: Guys, brace yourselves!!! The world is almost dominated by bitter people and they're found here, there and everywhere!!! They might spread extra-deceitful--teeny-weeny-bitter-dusts so you better hiiiiide! Wuahaha!

Haaay, you know V-Day is nearing when your news feeds get bombarded with so many love posts, that you don't even know how to contain all of them. Just by the gist of this, can I just say that if there is something constant in this world, I think it is just LOVE. No, nu-uhh, your argument is invalid. 


Are you encountering any pre-V-day issues? Are you terribly engrossed with so many ideas on how to surprise him/her and yet, you still can't decide WHAT TO DO to make him/her fall so deeply, crazily and surprisingly in love? Awwwe. I FEEL FOR YOU, friends  even if I don't have a boyfriend YET! But but but, I'm willing to help you out with this simple post. We may have different tactics slash strategies slash da moves slash banat lines slash pasimpleng hirits slash sweet surprises for the people we love but we all have one, COMMON GOAL - to make them feel extra special on V-Day and the rest of the days, too! So, I'm leaving you guys the CHALLENGE to strategize any ORIGINAL surprise for your lovey-doveys and I'll take care of these simple tips about Love Letters!

For me, love letters round up the entirety of every surprise. No matter how expensive a gift may be, I still find it incomplete if I don't get any love letter or love note (at the very least). I don't speak in anybody's behalf, but for me, nothing beats old school! You can trust me with this matter. I just love reading love letters since preschool  grade school (and and and, just a secret, even if it doesn't show most of the time, my giddy nerves are actually throbbing out of joy as I try to EDIT  read love letters page by page HAHA Shhhh)

Let's get this on.

1. Substance over Form  Substance AND Form 

I don't really say that you have to skip classes just to prepare an adorable love letter but PLEASE don't just write a letter for the sake of writing one. A clean sheet of paper will do but if you want to go beyond what a simple bond paper can offer, try to be creative and resourceful by utilizing stationeries or any cutie-patootie sheet of awesomeness!

Although EFFORT is never tantamount to the love that we strongly feel to our better halves, I think it is 'a given' how we would try to make all things up so our love won't just be left "invisible" and "unnoticed".

2. Write your heart out. 

There's no such thing as a love letter template!!! Please DON'T COPY your love letters from anyone. DO NOT CHEAT! Please don't because (1) Your special someone is a unique individual and most often, he/she sees things differently; and (2) You DON'T FEEL THE SAME WAY with the person whose love letter you wanna copy with!!!

This might be an exaggeration, yes. But my point is, you need not copy all the celebrated lines up above (I mean the movie lines and the poems and the song lyrics *cough* song lyrics which are always abused *cough* hahaha!) Just be yourself. Express your heart out. Don't worry too much with your letter's structure because boy, I tell you, IF IT IS REAL, you'll just be surprised how you've written a wonderful masterpiece, even better than any noted pieces in the realms of of poetry.

3. Timing is everything. 

You just have to consider that timing can create a very romantic setup for you two OR timing can ruin all the setups you've faithfully prepared. Timing has the power to MAKE or BREAK your moment! So, might as well think of the HOW's because obviously, we all know too well the WHY's.

I really have no idea as to how you'll give your letter but if he/she is as sentimental as me, I think he/she will hug you ASAP hahaha.

But to tell you honestly, there really are no requirements or standard operating procedures when you get to surprise the person that you really love.  You know, love just happens without you even knowing that it already is--- LOVE.

I still don't know what will happen tomorrow. But I'm just really excited about it. Yihee!!! BUT BUT BUT, one thing I know is for sure, V-Day is not a non-working holiday!!! WOW. Too excited to work!!! HAHAHA Calling all the legislators or whoever, wherever, whatever to take charge and make V-day as special as other holidays!!!  Even love needs a holiday, right? *tiny voice here* Okay. Enough said. Mahaha! Happy V-day! Lovelove!  :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Confession of an Ex CPA Reviewee

Do you want to top the CPA Board Exam? Go. Ask the topnotchers. Hahaha! Do you want to pass the boards without pushing yourself too hard and WITHOUT PUTTING SO MUCH PRESSURE ON YOUR MIND AND HEART?!?! #ICAPSLOCKMOPARAINTENSE Ask me! 

Whaddup, friends. I've been really craving to write about something that is just light, something that I can express my craziness out, something that won't require so much thinking and analyzing and comprehending and daydreaming and auditing and picture taking while working ! You know, I am just an ordinary CPA who  was once an ordinary reviewee. Although the world of Accounting was out of my league, I still knew that I don't just have to  leave behind the course that I eventually learned to love for 4 years. I knew that I had to  be a CPA too like how you love me so much oops wrong sentence here!

No matter how silly this post might turn out, I do hope my random thoughts can help you ace the boards and encourage you to be a happy CPA like me.  Anyway, let's keep this post rolling. Woopedoh!!!


Example: To find a boyfriend/girlfriend during review days.

Kidd. Well, just like any other stars that we wish to reach, we have to have a target for us to be on the right track. It doesn't hurt to make some sort of deviations, like having a detachment from the world of numbers just for once, but defining your goal is much like assuring yourself that you are more than willing to conquer all the hullabaloos. You really don't need to make an impressive statement just like how you packaged your thesis papers months back. Come on! The goal is but plain and simple: TO PASS THE BOARDS!!! OR to top, for some.


Sometimes, what holds you back during review days is definitely NOT the mental incapacity to comprehend and analyze problems. More often than not, you're just being shrugged off by some negative vibes, so you start losing focus then you suddenly cry then you're out of the world then you cry again then you blame yourself for being so dumb then you don't understand the problem anymore then you can't even understand why land is not depreciated or why cash is a current asset do you get my point?!!?! Hahaha! SO DON'T EVER ALLOW YOUR EMOTIONAL STRINGS TO PULL YOU DOWN. It feels good to cry and release all those emotional dramas but please do bear in mind that you're more than THAT. Carry on.

Don't you ever question your intelligence. You know what I mean. Trust yourself.


You just can't reach a certain destination without fueling yourself with a handful of necessaries for you to remain standing all the way to the end. Choose a review school which can attend to your needs and carefully choose your references so you won't be stumbling and falling every now and then. I can be very biased if you'll ask me what's the best review school in town. My friends in Room 7 know how much I admire Sir Christian Valix so much that I can't even finish this sentence, why is he so


Nobody knows yourself better than you do. Please don't panic whenever you see someone answering sets of problems for the NTH time already and yet, here you go, still dwelling over the first few pages. I know, right? Hahaha! RELATE!!! We always have that one friend who loves to answer so many problems for a paulit-ulit paulit-ulit paulit-ulit gazillion times!

Designing your own study schedule is  a personal thing. You know your body system so it pays good to note such times where you seem to function the most and make any necessary adjustments to those times where you seem to be so sabaw and lutang so you better sleeeeeeep good night buhbye.

AND, don't expect that you'll be following a fixed schedule since Day 1. Personally, I only learned how to make most of my time late August. Isn't this a bad thing? HAHA Just take it easy. You'll be discovering your best study schedule along the way, BEFORE the actual boards, preferrably. Haha!

5. E-N-J-O-Y!!!

Forget about tips number 1 to 4! When in doubt, PROCEED to number 5!!! Actually, everything you've read was just an introduction! Mahaha! I think I'm just kidding.. but  NO, I'm SERIOUS! The word enjoy is  subject to so many interpretations but heeeey, what I am trying to say is, please don't be so naive about taking the boards. Remember the law of attraction. Just think positive and ENJOY what you are doing. (Though I had the hardest time on earth comprehending and mish-mashing over the articles and standards that I don't even know during undergrad HAHAHA)

ANYWAY, here are some of our moments during review days. Can I just say that it was so difficult for me to find decent photos?!!!?! Hashtag sabog faces the facesof stresssssssssssssexinessss

I can always be your confidante re challenges encountered during review but PLEASE don't ask me anything  so technical OKAAAAAY?!!! I BEG YOU!!! DON'T ASK ME HOW TO SOLVE THOSE PROBLEMS!!! I INSIST!!! Hahaha! Again, I'm just an ordinary CPA who was just an ordinary reviewee. But please, I am encouraging you to SUPPORT ME in reaching my greatest dream of becoming an EXTRAORDINARY *insert greatest desire here*. I know I can be the best *insert greatest desire here* and when that time comes, uhmmm, I'll cross the bridge when I get there. Hahaha!

But of course, above anything else, trust in His Divine Intervention. Considering all the factors in taking the exam, I lifted to God whatever ample knowledge that I have, surrendered everything to Him and luckily, He helped me answered those questions. I was just glad that the proctors didn't notice Him answering the exam for me. Hahaha! 

I still don't know the meaning of this post's title. Hmmm.  ANYWAY, good night! KISSES. (You may read the related post by clicking this LINK! :)
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