Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flicks You Might Like

There are really just times when I enjoy being with myself, all alone - not that I don't like the feeling of being in a crowd or I don't enjoy talking with some good friends either. I just simply want to have my own time at my own pace. So during my solitude moments, aside from reading lots of random materials (what I used to do ever since I was in prep), I have also grown loving some good movies during the latter years of my life (2 years, to be exact. Cool, isn't it?! Hahaha!)  Thanks to my friends who never gave up on encouraging me that there are more beautiful movies beyond my hashtag favorite Tagalog Love Story flicks hashtag even if they almost have the same plots) I remembered how I just slept in the movie house when my friends were watching 2012, the movie. Haha! Case closed. 

For the past two weeks, I got hooked watching some good films that really made sense to me. It was a great leap, for all you know. (If you just know how impatient I am - I immediately click the X button once I get to dislike the movie for the first few minutes and unfortunately find out later from my friends that the gist of the story happened some time after I gave up. Sad story!) Anyway, I am recommending the following flicks below just so when you want your spirit to be recharged from all the bummers you were up to. In case you have already watched all of them, good for you. Hahaha! Forgive me for being such a late bloomer in the realms of film fascination. 

3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven 
I watched this flick yesterday - just in time when I was discerning over something serious about my life. Honestly, I almost hit the X button ASAP because I thought that it was just another boring, preachy flick that will only remind me of my flaws, weaknesses and defeats. However, it turned out otherwise. The movie centered on forgiveness, aspirations and genuine happiness. You just have to see how every little aspect of our lives are interconnected. To quote, "There are no random acts. One act affects the life of the other." 

2. Catch me if You Can
The film is based on the life of Frank Abagnale, Jr. who successfully cheated a number of people with his ultra awesome (in a bad way) fraudulent skills. The movie had me wow-ing like a kid lots of times. I never thought that a man like him could possibly exist in real life. Nevertheless, it wasn't just an action-packed film where you'll end up holding your breath if he'll be caught or what. It also tackled on family issues and how some crucial points in our lives create or break us into the persons that we would like to become. 

1. Silver Linings Playbook

I cried a river in this romantic-comedy-drama film. I was a little bit annoyed though during the first few minutes because it kinda portrayed some bad vibes on earth - until I realized that the bad-vibe-feels of the movie was the very reason why the story line's truly unconventional. Two thumbs up! You know, we always have that eerie feeling that love stories contain the same essentials, hence, making them look like typical to each other... but but but,  don't stereotype this flick's awesome love story. It has a very good plot, albeit a strange one. 
Have a good day. I'll be watching more movies in a few. :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My First at the Manila Zoo!!!

I wanted to break my monotonous routine from urbanism. - This, perhaps, is the reason why I never had second thoughts when I accompanied my roommate, Ate Jhel to the Manila Zoo!  When I heard about it, my childlike spirit seemed to overpower my senses and I was like, "I'm gonna see some flowers and trees and birds and animals and bees and butterflies and fairies and goddesses mwahahaha" To the Zoo! To the zoo! Lalala to the zoo!

Spot the animals and fairies that you'll see on the following photos!
I also had my first LRT moments. Thank you, Ate Jhel for being such a HELPFUL friend. Na-uhh. Mwahaha!
Who says the Manila Zoo is only for kids?!!! Look at me in my failed fish kalokalike pose.
You'd be able to see this view first hand once you've entered the premises of the zoo. 
And if you got a brave soul like me, you can also try wearing an animal printed top. Hashtag nakikibagay sa mga animals HAHAHA 
Meet Dumbo in real life. I was so giddy when the elephant flapped its ears!
This crocodile is HARMLESS.. harmless because it's not real! HAHAHA The Manila Zoo's crocodiles are situated near the elephant's habitat. Warning, don't you dare pose anytime, anywhere as you may find some REAL crocodiles synthetic! That's a big nu-uhh!!!
Hello, crookie. Are you tired or what?!!! Mahaha!
I only had the courage to pose beside man-made Dumbo!
I think the following photo is just in time for ABS-CBN's Little Champ series! 

Spot on your favorite animals. 
A closer look at the Zoo's baby tiger. It was just cute how I remembered the tiger in Life of Pi!
Please bear with my vanity skills.HAHAHA So you better scroll down now!
Ate Jhel, pretending that she's hurt. Hehe! I honestly love this girl. She takes good care of me like a real little sister.
I also love the cassowary below. It was cute how it ate lots of leaves from its visitors. Kyoooot!!!
There you have it! More photos to follow!!!

Manila Zoo is more like an oasis here in the Metro. I just wish that the city government will continue to take good care of the beautiful animals that the zoo has because I don't want to tell my future kids someday that Manila Zoo just existed once upon a time. Hehehoho but before that, I'll have somebody to love first. Happy Sunday, folks! 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Let's Talk about Bebe Ko!

There I was, jumping into the perks of bandwagon again. But I guess it was a good try though, knowing and feeling that I was relatively hit straight to the heart while I was watching him dominating the big screen, yet again. I felt like love virus was gushing through my nerves, slowly pinching my heart to bits, gradually pulling my emotional strings - crushing and tearing my beliefs apart during goodbyes and building up my faith in love once more during hellos. 
It was pretty good to see Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) version 2.0, not mentioning her conscious effort to co-exist amicably with Miggy Montenegro (John Loyd Cruz) whom she broke up with two years ago after catching him smooching over another girl named Belle as portrayed by Isabelle Daza. For all you know, I had a hard time watching the movie because it was so difficult to sob and boisterously laugh in every other gap. The movie had me crying then smiling then sobbing and laughing like there's no tomorrow!!! Gurabi! Hahaha! If not the best, the movie is one of the most heartwarming flicks that I have ever seen in my entire life.

On the movie's lines:
I was a master in multi tasking while comprehending and enjoying the movie at the same time!!! I tried to key in on my phone all the remarkable lines that I have tried to grasp. To mention a few, note the following:

Laida's little brother: Ate, paano pag nagkita kayo ulit? Ano una mo gagawin? 
Laida's sister: Sasampalin. (Bitter 101!)

Laida: 78,000,000. Can anyone tell me what this number shows?
Miggy: Salary mo. 
Laida: Di ko alam ganun pala worth ko sa'yo Mr. Montenegro. (Pweds!)

Laida: Wow. TRUST. Big word. Sige nga Mr. Montenegro!
 Tell me something that you know about trust. 
(Yes sure, it's easy to be defined. But it's something that we do earn through time.)

Miggy: Di kami pwede magtrabaho. Babagsak at babagsak 
lahat sa personalan. (Shremps. What do you expect?!)

Belle: Okay ba tayo?
Miggy: Wala na kami ni Laida. Tapos na. It's practical. It's realistic.
(Hashtag assurance)

Miggy: You can't just leave us (the Company).
Laida: Di ko na kaya. 
Miggy: Ang alin?
Laida: Ang makasama ka. Alam kong kaya ko na eh. Pero masakit pa rin. 
Di pa rin nawawala. 
Miggy: Ayun pa rin? 2 years ago?!!! And you never gave me a chance. 
Sa isa ko lang pagkakamali, tinapon mo na lahat. 
(Please watch the movie. Laida's reply is way way better! 
It was actually the whole point of their breakup.) 

Well of course, no one can beat Dante Rivero's words of wisdom. Epic. Surreal feeling when you get to hear those words. Imba!!! 

 On the movie's highlights:
In a nutshell, Laida was dragged off to be the subject of the magazine's theme, metamorphosis. So they had to take her pictures, exactly how she looked like when she was 16 and how she relatively changed in New York. I got teary eyed when she finally dressed like she was younger and how when the song "A Very Special Love" was playing while Miggy was looking at the Laida that he has fallen in love with 5 years ago.

I also love Miggy and Laida's confrontation inside the elevator. It was full of pain... definitely realistic. More so, you just have to see for yourselves the mushy scenes because for me, it was more of a fairy tale's resemblance. You can't take that  away in a Filipino love story, of course. Hashtag tatak Pinoy.

On the movie's good points:
Belle (Miggy's current girlfriend) was classy in the movie. I like how she behaved during the whole duration. Though hurt when Miggy got away, she still showed her grace and class without down pouring any negative vibes or whatsoever. Great acting.

I also love the side kicks!!! They're the best. Giggled and giggled over their makukulit lines. "Tara guys, taguan tayo. Taguan ng feelings." Mwahaha!!!

On the movie's weak points:
The movie was perfect, EXCEPT for Laida's too obvious wig and the movie's failed attempt to make us believe that Laida and Miggy really kissed after their wedding. Eeeeeennnnk. Hahaha!!! 

P.S: Watch out for their wedding vows. I honestly find their vows cute, sweet and real. AND AND AND, even if I didn't like Laida's obvious wig, she's still at her best when she calls Miggy "Bebe ko", nothing more and nothing less, for keeps.  :)

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Fighting BVs

Like anybody else, I also am furious about all the negativities on earth. And just like anybody else too, I also get angry - I gnash my teeth, clench my fists and raise my eyebrows. 

Just like you, I also try to counterattack BVs. Who else doesn't? When I'm stuck in the rut and encounter circumstances beyond my control, I just literally close my eyes and make a quick run through of the things that make me happy the most. 


*Short post is short post. I love you, friends! Gurabi!!! :)
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