Saturday, May 25, 2013

Love Purity Pearl

I love, love, super love Diane' pasalubong for me and Steph! It's actually a DIY necklace with an emphasis on the 'Wish Thing' that you get make before you literally get the pearl from its shell. The steps are so easy as audit hashtag laslas  as 1-2-3! The photos are self-explanatory so figure it yourselves, yes? 

Little gifts of love count --- exactly the reason why  I am honestly, madly, crazily in love with pasalubong all the year round! So friends, please note that I am not in jest whenever I ask for a sweet little something when you're out and about! 
"Real love takes time to grow., just this unique pearl.
Experience the thrill of opening one of nature's most perfect gifts."
I giggled when Steph instructed me about this cutie patootie pasalubong. The best part was when she shared that she actually got her desired pearl color. (Yes, pearl colors are relevant with your wishes! HAHAHA Read on, pretty please.)
You just have to open the can and be very giddy in making your wish (assuming you're a lady with shallow happiness like me lol).
You (1) Close your eyes; (2) Make a wish about that oops little something; (3) Open the shell and (4) Determine the color of the pearl you have. (Notice the bottom right photo below for the corresponding meaning of the pearl's color!) A+ if you have wished for love then you get a peach-colored pearl (same as when you've wished for health and get a white-colored pearl)

Now you start guessing what I've wished for. 

Yes, you're right! I wished for good health (but I also thought about love lol). When I first heard about the wish thing, the word 'Health' just immediately popped in my mind although I dreadfully feel that I ought to wish about love delete delete!
My workmates slash best buddies in the office. Diane's from La Salle while Steph's from UST.

There you go. But friends, on a side note, wishes are cute, (who says they aren't?!!).. but we all have the will, courage and determination to make our lives even better than the way we have always hoped for. 

Happy weekend! I miss you forever get back to work self get back to work self so stop blogging now hahaha 

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Just Give Me a Reason (The Truth About Love)

I have an insanely random choice when it comes to music. I don't spend so much attention to different genres because most of the time, I am a ONE-SONG-WOMAN -  My all-time favorite is Rivermaya's You'll be Safe Here if not Christina Perri's A Thousand Years. Hayyy, I can listen and sing a song (and honestly daydream  that I am actually performing on Araneta's stage lol) for like at least 25 consecutive times without getting bored and crazy and tired. Hey-ya, Pink! Thanks for another LSS that's gonna run for at least a hundred weeks ! And hey, I don't wanna sound like a legit song critique, so I just wanna cite some lines from Pink and Nate Ruess' Just Give Me a Reason. (Nakkkksss! Finally! I'm writing about love again!!! Duhn-duhn duh-duhn.Duhn-duhn-Duh-duhn. Mahaha!

1. Right from the start, you were a thief, you stole my heart and I, your willing victim
Ironic, yes. But the commencement of a potential love story can also be the commencement of a potential love tragedy. The moment you start to give your heart to someone is unerringly the very moment that you  give him the authority to hurt or break you. You cannot disagree on this. 

2. I'm sorry, I don't understand where all of this is coming from.. I thought we were fine 
This line is actually the part of Nate, Pink's male counterpart. I refuse to believe that there wasn't a time during your relationship when you thought that everything's already messed up while your guy relatively thought otherwise. 

3. I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty
The line's eventually centered on having high hopes that no matter how flawed you are, you are still  accepted, loved and secured. But mind you, it takes a lot of maturity for these things to dawn upon your very senses. 

4. Now you've been talking in your sleep, oh oh. Things you never say to me
I am starting to remember the line from the movie entitled A Secret Affair. "Betrayal and infidelity in secrecy is still betrayal and infidelity."

5. There's nothing more than empty sheets between our love, our love
It's more like saying that the popular spark that you always try to sustain isn't working anymore. This happens. And this can happen to anyone. I bet you aren't exempted. 

6. Oh tear ducts and rust, I'll fix it for us, We're collecting dust but our love is enough 
Love is enough. Yes, maybe. But love without respect, trust and faith is like a woman without character, direction and a good understanding on life's basic principles. I find no harm when you try to fix things. But fixing things for the nth time without even having the assurance that it can somehow return back to what was once is more than ridiculous, ever. 

7. We're not broken, just bent 
You can be wasted for days, yes. You can be desperate for weeks, yes. But you can never be broken for the rest of your life. You were once an awesome being before you met him/her and even after you fall apart, you, still, are awesome. You are very beautiful in His eyes and He never made you just to cry for a lifetime. You are more than that. 

8. And we can learn to love again 
Stumbled over these words and I actually forgot numbers 1 to 7! I wonder how my brain cells seemed to dominate my heart cells recently. My heart already fused with my mind figuratively! How's that even possible?!!! But kidding aside, we can all learn to love again. In time. Insert separate blog post about this matter lol love love mahahaha! Heart hashtag slow motion hashtag the feels hashtag getting through hashtag bouquets hashtag and above all,  respect and trust

But on a serious note, other than the above mentioned lines and the metaphorical feels of the music video - the floating television; the incessantly-moving mattress; the emblematic-looking teddy bear, I believe Pink and Nate Ruess' genius composition hit our hearts because of the 'infamous cry' that many of us scream whenever we experience goodbyes. We tend to think irrationally, we put all the blames to ourselves and worse enough, we swallow our prides just for us to hear a definite reason in our lavish cries, hence, the title of the song - Just Give Me A Reason, just at that. 

Thanks to my workmates slash closest friends, Diane and Steph  for believing that I can actually love 
the song this much! Mahaha! Sorry if I got annoyed whenever you sang the lines
"Just Give me a reason, Just a little bit's enough" for A HUNDRED TIMES!!! 

Mahaha! Hayyy love you! 
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