Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Post from UAE with Love

To tell you honestly, I wish to call myself brave for making such great leap to work here in UAE. In fact, while at the airport, I told Mommy and Tatay... Isog kay ko noh?Kay mulakaw gyud ko. Then I heard nothing, just the tightest, warmest hug that I ever had with my parents. 

I sobbed. 

Yes, sure. I am such a brave girl. 

After a few, God must have moved my heart that I gained so much strength and courage to take my dreams into another level. In silence, He reminded me the very reason why I chose such path, to begin with.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Movies You Might Love, Too

Guess who's back?!!! :) The past few weeks were pretty heavy for me. I needed to deal with life-changing decisions which definitely required lots of thinking and, I got sick. Heck, flu is such a bummer...but of course, I'm recovering now! Praise God!

Meanwhile, I cannot really force my body to work over the weekend, so I just watched movies as per my friend's recommendation! (Hi, gorgeous Joey! ;) I would assume that you've already watched all of these. So instead of saying, "Uy, friends. Watch these. Tsada!", I'd rather say, "Congrats, self. Kakita ra gyud ka. Hahaha!!! But who knows? Maybe you're busy bees like me, too, so you ended up not watching any of these three?!!! Hmmm. Let's check my list! 

Friday, August 08, 2014

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

I remember myself swearing that I'm not gonna jump (ever) into a long distance relationship (LDR). Flashback 2008, I can still recall how I judged the kind of relationship that my once friend had. Back then, I personally thought that LDR is too complicated, too dramatic and too risky. 

Now guess what kind of relationship I have right now. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Rambling on SDTG

I am pretty bothered by the kind of love Athena and Kenji had for each other. 

It was beautiful. It was promising. It was inspiring. 

Sure thing, it was encompassing. 


Just when I believed that theirs is the kind of love that can survive the lowest of the low, (or so I thought), I suddenly saw them seemingly breaking up and down in my very eyes.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Spaces in Cyberspace

Hello, blog readers! This is just a random post pertaining to the blogs that I religiously follow alongside a short story of how my blog, Repudiate Sarcasm, actually commenced. (Nakkks! Maka-commence! Haha!)

It was a happy evening on December 2011 when I got tired studying Accounting. (Who in the world, don't?!!! Hehe.) So I randomly grabbed my laptop, searched for a free weblog publishing tool, and voila---Repudiate Sarcasm was born! My first few posts were all random (well even up to now, lol) until I have written my favorite post entitled A Love Letter to my Future Husband  and eventually realized that my blog's making sense, all the more. 

Truth be told, my blog has been my happy space for almost three beautiful years already and has, in fact, witnessed several phases of my life. Repudiate Sarcasm  has been my happy outlet. If you noticed, you can see lots of Hahaha's in my posts because I'm extremely giddy and hyper whenever I blog! Hahaha! Most importantly, I am fueled to write more and more whenever I receive positive feedback from my random blog readers. Tsada kaayo ang feeling pag ignan ka na "Gaka inspire ko sa imong blog, Ate Shola. Keep writing!" or bisan ignan lang ko na "Gabasa baya ko sa imong blog. Tabian kaayo ka! Hahaha!" Hehe. 

Whenever I hear mushy comments, gusto ko manago kay ulaw kaayo ko at the same time gakiligon!!! Hahaha! Come on!!! I am not a celebrity nor a super famous persona in Cagayan de Oro! I'm not even a legit writer but but but, I get happy and I make some people happy through some of my random posts---which made me realize even further---what more, then, could I ask for? :') Hehe. 

I would love to share to you, too, the happy spaces in cyberspace that I regularly follow. I have browsed several blogs already and found these three precious "gems" in the cyber world. Now if you would ask me why I love them, then read on. I'm sure you'll love their happy sites, too! :)

From Stilletos to Ballet Flats is a blog maintained by Ms. Stella! Based on my stalking skills (What?!!! Haha!) she's a lawyer by profession. I am amazed how this ultra mega mom can deliver her thoughts without intimidating her blog readers. (I am a fan of those who can convey their thoughts in a fun, entertaining manner.) She's a lawyer, at that, yet still managed to balance EVERYTHING in her life! You can learn lots of practical lessons in her page most specially about living life way beyond what the corporate world offers.

Saab is one of the late Kiko Magallona's wonderful children. Like Ms. Stella, she's a witty writer, too! You won't feel any boredom in her space because she knows how to keep a blog post rolling. My favorite post of hers is re her boyfriend's wedding proposal at Japan. Of course, a sentimental girl like me got teary-eyed while reading! Hahaha! Enjoy Saab's "Spell Saab". You won't regret. I swear! :)

1. Come, Waste Your Time with Me by Ms. Patty Laurel - Filart 
On top of my list is Ms. Patty's happy space! I'm always proud to say that I'm one of her thousands of fans! Ate Patty (FC mode on!) is too adorable, that you'll surely have lots of laughter in her vibrant posts. Her writing formula is simple: HAPPY WRITER = HAPPY READER! And truthfully, I get happy whenever I read her posts. Ms. Patty talks about her travels around the world, things that make her happy, and her positive outlook in life. She chooses to dwell on the brighter side of things and shy away those that bring her down. :)

Similarly, I wish to keep Repudiate Sarcasm a happy place, too. I pray to God that He will give me more beautiful years in this world for me to be able to share my future children's selfies, how I'll raise them to be good children of God etc etc. to all of you!!! Haha! Wishful thinking! Anyway, have a happy day, everyone! Let's all thank God it's Friday!!! Till my next post! ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Twins in the Camiguin Island

Hi, friends! Missed me?!!! I missed you, too! Hahaha! My June's jam-packed, tbh. Whenever I look at my planner slash diary, I would really like to tap myself at the back while saying "Good job, Sholala! You're such a cutie!" What?! Cutie?!! Wuahaha! Kidding aside, I am extremely happy because I was able to do lots of happy activities during this month, both work and personal life-related. Hashtag work-life balance! 

I wish to share my valuable experiences so let me start with my trip in the Camiguin Island with Aj, which, for me, is very difficult because I don't know what title to use!!! Any suggestion, please?!!! Hahaha! Shallow, eh? I wanted to use a creative title but ended with "The Twins in the Camiguin Island". (I hope you don't find it as something #Jej, do you?!! Ugh. Hahaha! BTW, it's inspired by my favorite blogger, Ms. Patty Laurel-Filart!!!) So, stay tuned for "The Twins in Madrid, Spain" or "The Twins in Paris" or or or, "The Twins in Antarctica!" Hehehe. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The "Palawan-turned-Camotes Island" Getaway

Whaddup, folks! I intentionally had a semi online hiatus due to our recently concluded outing at Puerto Princesa, Palawan! Wait... Where?!!! Palawan?! Basin 'Palaw' lang sa. Hahaha! 

Hayyy, friends. If you just know how excruciating it was for us to push our Palawan getaway, you would surely relate to our sheer despair and disappointment with #TransAsia! 

Imagine---We have booked our flights (Cebu-Palawan-Cebu) several weeks back; arranged a tour package with Hadefe Travel and Tours; prepared a detailed budget alongside the 3-day itinerary; bought outfits that would be at par with the Underground River Tour, Honda Bay Island Hopping, City Tour at the Crocodile Farm, Baker's Hill etc. and; conditioned ourselves (entirely) that after the underrated busy season, we will be reaping the rewards of our hard-work in the much anticipated Palawan escapade, ONLY to find out, that our scheduled ship departure would be delayed for 8 long hours WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. 

Isn't it amazing? (Amazing!) Isn't it surprising? (Surprising!) Isn't it?!!! 

We were supposed to fly at 10 AM but unfortunately arrived at the Queen City of the South at exactly 2:30 PM. We went to TransAsia's office and stayed there up to 7 PM hoping that they will indemnify us fully with the damages they have caused us, but to no avail... 

Now to cut my seemingly endless whining, let me just share to you our Camotes Island Getaway, as the entry's title suggests.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter to my 5 Mommies

Dear Mommy - Yvonne / Linda / Manleen / Mary Faith / Mary Love, 

Do you remember the days when you called my attention because you want me to sing 'Maria Mercedes' in front of so many people? How about those days when you let me recite lots of poems, perform monologues, read several story books and entertain most of our relatives? Uhmmm. You don't?!!! Me? I do! Hahaha. 

I swear, performing all those was never embarrassing because you were all there to back me up. During my formative years, you taught me to believe in myself, to be confident, to be grateful, to keep my solid faith in God, to fight back (when there's a need), and my list goes forth. 

To my Mommy Yvonne, 
Thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world. At a very young age, you were so brave to raise me well despite my 'kulitness overload'.  You never grew tired from answering my random questions (even if it's already too much lol this is even an understatement.) Mommy, thank you for buying me books specially when I was little, for wiping my tears when I'm extremely sad, and for the endless litany which I find  so annoying but I love you so much (so whatevs!!!) Hahaha. 

To my Mommy Linda, 
Life has always been easier because you're always there! I had the best days in Jasaan Central School because you never failed to call me whenever you had snacks in your classroom yeaheyyy such a happy little girl! Hahaha. Thank you for providing my needs, from the basic ones to the 'char-char' ones. I cannot imagine a life without you. You're truly an awesome grandmother! 

To my Tita Manleen, 
You told me "Nacky, murag dili ko kaginhawa katong naa ka sa stage specially Question and Answer portion na. Kulbaan kaayo ko." Hahaha. That's okay, Mommy MM. Maybe because you just treat me like your own daughter?!!! Yeee. But on a serious note, I admire your generosity to our family. I always follow your advice to give more without counting the cost. Most of all, thank you for giving me money and dresses and shoes hahaha but yeah, I love you so much!!! 

To my Tita Faith, 
I always remember how patient you were when you taught me how to read, etc. Imagine, you were so patient teaching me how to identify the Presidents of the Philippines at a very young age?!!! So you really think that I can honestly fall in love with 'learning' more and more each day?!!! Hahaha. Congratulations! You did it, Tita! (Or so I think!) Hahaha. I am grateful that you instilled in me the passion to learn new things everyday of my life. You just don't know you made a significant impact to my being. 

To my Tita Love, 
Thanks for being my confidante. I am grateful that I have a cool Tita in your presence! I appreciate your generosity too, as much as I value the time that you always spend with me. More so, thank you for being my number 1 critique. Your suggestions matter to me more than any other. I love you to bits! 

Happy happy Mother's day to the five beautiful mothers / teachers (by profession) that I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching me all the essentials in life. I will certainly treasure and value the wondrous lessons you taught me. I LOVE YOU, ALL even if you still make me sing and dance and act and deliver a speech and even perform 'Maria Mercedes' to date. Wow so cool bye! What A Masunurin baby girl like that! HAHAHA!!!

P.S: Happy Mother's day, too to all the great moms in the world. Do know that you are very much appreciated! Kisses! 

Saturday, May 03, 2014

I Love Jasaan - Post #1

There are lots of reasons why I love Jasaan (although I already told Mommy that I'm gonna live somewhere else the moment I'll have a family of my own hahaha nakkks.) For me, it's a blessing to have experienced living in a town where everything is simple yet you still experience pure joy. The simplicity of my town amazes me that's why I am always, always proud to say that I am one of its grateful products. 

Anyway, before this blog post get crazy by my ultra dramatic introduction which happens ALL the time, hahaha, just look at the following photos. 

Let me start with one of my personal favorites, Crystal Pool Resort! 
Jasaan is blessed with an abundant water, the reason why most of its pools have free-flowing water system. 
You need not worry about the entrance fee because it only ranges from Php25.00 to Php40.00. Cool right?!!! Tubag!!! Hahaha! *Uyyy correct me if I am wrong because I'm not sure about the exact price lol hahaha thanks to Crystal Pool for being so generous to a pulubi girl like me most of the time. Hahaha*
 I also love the place because it's delicately pretty.
The cottages are dainty, too. You can also have them at low prices. Insert range here again. Hahaha. Sorry for the lacking info. Next time, I'll try to get all the details just to give you everything that you need for your much awaited outing!
 And, the colors! Who doesn't love colorful things?!!! You?!!! Such a sad story. Hmmm! 
I learned to love the place because it is where my Tatay usually takes me whenever I'd love to swim. I took these photos earlier before I had my ultra refreshing swimming. Nakkks feeling swimmer! Hahaha!!! To the kiddie pool section, please. Hahaha! 
Aside from Crystal Pool Resort, Jasaan also has other invigorating pools. I wanna mention all that I know but I might forget some hehehe. I wish I could visit them, too so that I can also make a separate blog post about them. :)  I have been to some of them and rest assured, you will also feel great as much as how you'll feel here in Crystal Pool. 
Sorry for the photos. I really believe that my photos cannot give justice to the actual feeling that you'll get the moment you'll dip your toes ohh so cold! Brrrr. 
There you have it. Looking forward to posting more about Jasaan. This won't be the last time that I'll be blogging about a pool/resort in my place because I tell you, there is more! ;) 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

3rd of Forever

Warning: This is a mushy post. In case you don't believe in love, feel free to click the x tab. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Step

I just had my first attempt to achieve *again* my body figure during CPA review days and I really really feel so wonderful after my intense jogging muni-muni while walking. Hahaha! High five, folks!!! I also had lots of observations and even overheard a sexy girl saying "Permi man ko gakaon, sa Mcdo pa gyud. Chicken, cheeseburger, fries. Large pa na ha? Pero wala raman gyapon. Dili ra gyapon ko gatambok."  Wow!!! Hashtag naks naman, Ate! Eh di ikaw na!!! Hehe. But you know, I feel her. That WAS exactly how I felt before audit. 

Losing weight has always been an issue, specially to us girls. For a society who thinks that the standard of sexiness is having that of a body like Ellen Adarna or Marian Rivera (Why so sexy?!!!), we often get insecure about our baby fats and sometimes really feel bad the moment someone calls us "tambok" or fat.  Ahayyy. Hehe. But I realized, I shouldn't burn my fats JUST because I am pressured by the people around me. I should start achieving my desired body figure once more because it is my personal preference. 

Similar to what I have mentioned before, I have nothing against girls with fuller figures---I honestly admire those who manage to carry themselves in their own, awesome ways. I think we just purely have different preferences as to how we want to see ourselves in front of the mirror and personally, I prefer to be slimmer because I don't really stand tall.  #Disclaimer, eh? :)

Anyway, going back to my first attempt, (which is actually the main point of this post ahhh see how talkative I am) I just feel great that I finally tried exercising again after all my "Magpaniwang na gyud ko!" rants since January. You know, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, I'm gonna get through this one way or another. Haha! A+ for motivation! But on a serious note, one step can really make ALL the difference. More often, the smallest step we make (in the right direction, of course) will lead us to the biggest achievement that we have ever dreamed of. 

Keep stepping, friends! How I wish this is also my first step into updating this happy space more often. Hehe. A sweet night to all of you! :)  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

23 Realizations @ 23

I miss, miss, really miss blogging so much! It's like missing my accounting books (What?!!!) or more like missing the feeling when I am dolled up during pageants (What again?!!!) Hahaha! But seriously, there were so many days when I direly wanted to express whatever I feel and I would always end up saying "Ayaw nalang. Sleep nalang ka, Sholala para makabawi kag tulog." #K. Hehe. My work requires so much time and attention, so much so that I cannot really put up a blog post in accordance with the desires of my heart.

But today, I feel like enumerating my 23 realizations in 30 minutes. Forgive me if the following thoughts may seem shattered because I'll be doing this swiftly. *Oi audit huwat sa kadali!* 

1. I can now laugh boisterously at my dating experiences before. 
2. I have started to value every peso's worth the moment I started working. 
3. I always invest in real, long lasting friendship. 
4. I get crazy about cutie patootie babies! (Auto liker friend, here!)
5. I have a deep understanding about myself. 
6. I am a different person when I am hungry or sleepy! (All the more when I'm BOTH!) 
7. I love, love, forever love Doraemon!!!
8. I just realized how comforting chocolates can be! Huhuhu #Whyyyjustnow?
9. I am still my parents' baby girl. 
10. I am happy when I can get to sleep early! (Auditors will truly understand this!)
11. I am not yet ready to get married. Not even during the next three years of my life. 
12. I was an "adik" student! Insert great love for academic learning here!
13. I have had several heartbreaks and I am very very grateful to have experienced all of them.
14. I joined pageants for deeper purposes. 
15. I am a bully ate, most especially to Chippy and Chubby the Rabbit!
16. Sometimes I wonder where on earth did I get so much confidence. #Where?
17. I am happy every time I see Mommy and Tatay happy. 
18. I have many many dreams for my family. Insert several plans and goals here. 
19. I want to have a happy family someday! 
20. I am excited how my baby will look like in the future!!! 
21. I am a Kathniel fan oops did I just say that? 
22. I have a strong devotion to the blessed Virgin Mama Mary. 
23. I am still a work in progress --- I still want to achieve MORE with His great love and guidance. 

Time's up! Back to audit's arms! Wuahaha! :* 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy 4th and 1st Monthsary, Love!

Happy 4th and 1st Monthsary, in substance and in form, correspondingly! ;) I love your gifts! Best in effort, Love!!! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

101 Reasons Why I Love You

1. You have the sweetest intonation
2. You look like me
3. You made me talk to your Mom a couple of days after we have known each other
4. You were sincere when you first told me that I make you happy
5. You made "25" as your Jersey number even if you've only known me for quite a few days
6. You are my best confidante
7. You hold my hand like there is no tomorrow
8. You don't act like a CCTV camera
9. You love your Mama Hope very much
10. You are always proud of me
11. You are faithful and loyal

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If You Just Let Me

I was sorting my files and found this bitter-sweet piece of something (something because I don't wanna call this a poem, that's why!) Hahaha! I have written this shortly a year ago, hence the ambiguity. More so, I terribly miss blogging so much (but I don't have the luxury of time) that's why I thought about sharing this piece to you rather than putting up a very long blog post about something that I was craving to write since forever Sunday! Feels!!!

Anyway, insert backstory of If You Just Let Me, here!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013: Of Living and Loving

The past few days, I was more than excited to share my experiences similar to what I have written for 2012. (You may read it here) And while I was more than ready, yet again, to create a blog post yesterday, I backed off because of so many realizations---Suddenly, I remembered that I started my year with an illness which caused me to temporarily leave Makati for more than quite a week; I became unsure of the career path that I took; I lost my younger sister that I dearly love and; just so when you could remember, I had my appendectomy last December. 


You know, 2013 taught me lots of things that I could not have fully understood if not through everything that I have gone through. I learned that---sometimes, it's okay to be unsure; to fall short; to mourn. 

But more importantly, I learned, that when you hit the lowest of the low, there's no other way than soaring the highest of the high.

In fairness, I started entertaining guy friends during 2013! Hehe. I dedicated my 2012 to my laude dream, CPA Board Exam and getting an awesome career. So I thought that it was about time, come 2013?!!! Hahaha!!! During 2013, I learned all the more how to take good care of my heart. I learned to be patient, most specially in waiting for the right one (A+ for someone who's very impatient like me!) I also learned to consult my friends whenever I like someone. It doesn't hurt to get pieces of advice, right? Hehe. When you're 22, you really don't just settle for the futile, kilig2x feeling. You know what I mean. ;)
If there's something that I won't trade for anything else, I believe it will always be the gift of friendship and love that God has blessed me through the years. 
I am very grateful to my SGV Makati family for making me smile even during the busy season!!! :)
Friends, this is where I usually walk everyday while pretending that I'm on a music video! Mwahaha!!! The girl beside me is Ate Jhel, my roomie for 6 months. I miss you, Ate
After many months of playing patintero with a number of vehicles in the Metro, I was then assigned to one of my favorite engagements!!! Insert lots of reasons here! Hehe. 
Meet my family! HAHAHA I mean, my workmates. They're really like a family to me. Swear.  
I'm already running out of words. Nuaaah. Hi, PPG, MG and sibs! Love you! :* 
My come back in Makati! Asdfghjkl~ 
My turnover in the Camiguin Island was the saddest among all the turnovers that I have experienced. (I lost my sister during these days). Thanks to my late, younger sister for giving me strength, though. 
I am also thankful to my SGV CDO family. Special mention to Cziarry and Karen for allowing me to kiss their cheeks!!! Always. HAHAHA Sorry. Clingy friend is clingy. I love you!!!
I love the Christmas Season because I also get to spend my time with the people that I dearly love. Lots of reunions and friends and food hahaha yeyyy such a happy, merry season!!! 

And during 2013, I also felt so much love. ;)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! :* Let's claim a fabulous 2014!!!