Saturday, March 29, 2014

23 Realizations @ 23

I miss, miss, really miss blogging so much! It's like missing my accounting books (What?!!!) or more like missing the feeling when I am dolled up during pageants (What again?!!!) Hahaha! But seriously, there were so many days when I direly wanted to express whatever I feel and I would always end up saying "Ayaw nalang. Sleep nalang ka, Sholala para makabawi kag tulog." #K. Hehe. My work requires so much time and attention, so much so that I cannot really put up a blog post in accordance with the desires of my heart.

But today, I feel like enumerating my 23 realizations in 30 minutes. Forgive me if the following thoughts may seem shattered because I'll be doing this swiftly. *Oi audit huwat sa kadali!* 

1. I can now laugh boisterously at my dating experiences before. 
2. I have started to value every peso's worth the moment I started working. 
3. I always invest in real, long lasting friendship. 
4. I get crazy about cutie patootie babies! (Auto liker friend, here!)
5. I have a deep understanding about myself. 
6. I am a different person when I am hungry or sleepy! (All the more when I'm BOTH!) 
7. I love, love, forever love Doraemon!!!
8. I just realized how comforting chocolates can be! Huhuhu #Whyyyjustnow?
9. I am still my parents' baby girl. 
10. I am happy when I can get to sleep early! (Auditors will truly understand this!)
11. I am not yet ready to get married. Not even during the next three years of my life. 
12. I was an "adik" student! Insert great love for academic learning here!
13. I have had several heartbreaks and I am very very grateful to have experienced all of them.
14. I joined pageants for deeper purposes. 
15. I am a bully ate, most especially to Chippy and Chubby the Rabbit!
16. Sometimes I wonder where on earth did I get so much confidence. #Where?
17. I am happy every time I see Mommy and Tatay happy. 
18. I have many many dreams for my family. Insert several plans and goals here. 
19. I want to have a happy family someday! 
20. I am excited how my baby will look like in the future!!! 
21. I am a Kathniel fan oops did I just say that? 
22. I have a strong devotion to the blessed Virgin Mama Mary. 
23. I am still a work in progress --- I still want to achieve MORE with His great love and guidance. 

Time's up! Back to audit's arms! Wuahaha! :*