Saturday, May 03, 2014

I Love Jasaan - Post #1

There are lots of reasons why I love Jasaan (although I already told Mommy that I'm gonna live somewhere else the moment I'll have a family of my own hahaha nakkks.) For me, it's a blessing to have experienced living in a town where everything is simple yet you still experience pure joy. The simplicity of my town amazes me that's why I am always, always proud to say that I am one of its grateful products. 

Anyway, before this blog post get crazy by my ultra dramatic introduction which happens ALL the time, hahaha, just look at the following photos. 

Let me start with one of my personal favorites, Crystal Pool Resort! 
Jasaan is blessed with an abundant water, the reason why most of its pools have free-flowing water system. 
You need not worry about the entrance fee because it only ranges from Php25.00 to Php40.00. Cool right?!!! Tubag!!! Hahaha! *Uyyy correct me if I am wrong because I'm not sure about the exact price lol hahaha thanks to Crystal Pool for being so generous to a pulubi girl like me most of the time. Hahaha*
 I also love the place because it's delicately pretty.
The cottages are dainty, too. You can also have them at low prices. Insert range here again. Hahaha. Sorry for the lacking info. Next time, I'll try to get all the details just to give you everything that you need for your much awaited outing!
 And, the colors! Who doesn't love colorful things?!!! You?!!! Such a sad story. Hmmm! 
I learned to love the place because it is where my Tatay usually takes me whenever I'd love to swim. I took these photos earlier before I had my ultra refreshing swimming. Nakkks feeling swimmer! Hahaha!!! To the kiddie pool section, please. Hahaha! 
Aside from Crystal Pool Resort, Jasaan also has other invigorating pools. I wanna mention all that I know but I might forget some hehehe. I wish I could visit them, too so that I can also make a separate blog post about them. :)  I have been to some of them and rest assured, you will also feel great as much as how you'll feel here in Crystal Pool. 
Sorry for the photos. I really believe that my photos cannot give justice to the actual feeling that you'll get the moment you'll dip your toes ohh so cold! Brrrr. 
There you have it. Looking forward to posting more about Jasaan. This won't be the last time that I'll be blogging about a pool/resort in my place because I tell you, there is more! ;) 

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