Monday, September 22, 2014

Movies You Might Love, Too

Guess who's back?!!! :) The past few weeks were pretty heavy for me. I needed to deal with life-changing decisions which definitely required lots of thinking and, I got sick. Heck, flu is such a bummer...but of course, I'm recovering now! Praise God!

Meanwhile, I cannot really force my body to work over the weekend, so I just watched movies as per my friend's recommendation! (Hi, gorgeous Joey! ;) I would assume that you've already watched all of these. So instead of saying, "Uy, friends. Watch these. Tsada!", I'd rather say, "Congrats, self. Kakita ra gyud ka. Hahaha!!! But who knows? Maybe you're busy bees like me, too, so you ended up not watching any of these three?!!! Hmmm. Let's check my list!