Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If You Just Let Me

I was sorting my files and found this bitter-sweet piece of something (something because I don't wanna call this a poem, that's why!) Hahaha! I have written this shortly a year ago, hence the ambiguity. More so, I terribly miss blogging so much (but I don't have the luxury of time) that's why I thought about sharing this piece to you rather than putting up a very long blog post about something that I was craving to write since forever Sunday! Feels!!!

Anyway, insert backstory of If You Just Let Me, here!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013: Of Living and Loving

The past few days, I was more than excited to share my experiences similar to what I have written for 2012. (You may read it here) And while I was more than ready, yet again, to create a blog post yesterday, I backed off because of so many realizations---Suddenly, I remembered that I started my year with an illness which caused me to temporarily leave Makati for more than quite a week; I became unsure of the career path that I took; I lost my younger sister that I dearly love and; just so when you could remember, I had my appendectomy last December. 


You know, 2013 taught me lots of things that I could not have fully understood if not through everything that I have gone through. I learned that---sometimes, it's okay to be unsure; to fall short; to mourn. 

But more importantly, I learned, that when you hit the lowest of the low, there's no other way than soaring the highest of the high.

In fairness, I started entertaining guy friends during 2013! Hehe. I dedicated my 2012 to my laude dream, CPA Board Exam and getting an awesome career. So I thought that it was about time, come 2013?!!! Hahaha!!! During 2013, I learned all the more how to take good care of my heart. I learned to be patient, most specially in waiting for the right one (A+ for someone who's very impatient like me!) I also learned to consult my friends whenever I like someone. It doesn't hurt to get pieces of advice, right? Hehe. When you're 22, you really don't just settle for the futile, kilig2x feeling. You know what I mean. ;)
If there's something that I won't trade for anything else, I believe it will always be the gift of friendship and love that God has blessed me through the years. 
I am very grateful to my SGV Makati family for making me smile even during the busy season!!! :)
Friends, this is where I usually walk everyday while pretending that I'm on a music video! Mwahaha!!! The girl beside me is Ate Jhel, my roomie for 6 months. I miss you, Ate
After many months of playing patintero with a number of vehicles in the Metro, I was then assigned to one of my favorite engagements!!! Insert lots of reasons here! Hehe. 
Meet my family! HAHAHA I mean, my workmates. They're really like a family to me. Swear.  
I'm already running out of words. Nuaaah. Hi, PPG, MG and sibs! Love you! :* 
My come back in Makati! Asdfghjkl~ 
My turnover in the Camiguin Island was the saddest among all the turnovers that I have experienced. (I lost my sister during these days). Thanks to my late, younger sister for giving me strength, though. 
I am also thankful to my SGV CDO family. Special mention to Cziarry and Karen for allowing me to kiss their cheeks!!! Always. HAHAHA Sorry. Clingy friend is clingy. I love you!!!
I love the Christmas Season because I also get to spend my time with the people that I dearly love. Lots of reunions and friends and food hahaha yeyyy such a happy, merry season!!! 

And during 2013, I also felt so much love. ;)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! :* Let's claim a fabulous 2014!!!