Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy 4th and 1st Monthsary, Love!

Happy 4th and 1st Monthsary, in substance and in form, correspondingly! ;) I love your gifts! Best in effort, Love!!! 
I once thought that I'm the sweetest until you happened. Giingon na nimo tanan sa letter! HAHA :'') I love you, handsome! :* See you real soon! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

101 Reasons Why I Love You

1. You have the sweetest intonation
2. You look like me
3. You made me talk to your Mom a couple of days after we have known each other
4. You were sincere when you first told me that I make you happy
5. You made "25" as your Jersey number even if you've only known me for quite a few days
6. You are my best confidante
7. You hold my hand like there is no tomorrow
8. You don't act like a CCTV camera
9. You love your Mama Hope very much
10. You are always proud of me
11. You are faithful and loyal
12. You never fail to compliment me with the most genuine words
13. You always bring out the best in me
14. You told Jessa how much you love me
15. You are the most handsome
16. You made my Lola trust you like no other guy did
17. You are responsible
18. You treated my bestfriend Kimberly well when we were in Cebu
19. You bring joy to my life
20. You wipe my feet
21. You amazed me when you bought Christmas gifts for your siblings
22. You are exactly everything that I wanted ever since the idea of love dawned on me 
23. You made my barkada  happy because you assured them that you'll take good care of me
24. You make me feel like we're a couple of several years already
25. You are my best friend
26. You are a sweet brother to Kyla
27. You have wonderful eyelashes
28. You always see to it that God is the center of our relationship
29. You love number 25 because it is my birthday
30. You gave lots of pasalubong for my family and friends
31. You treat Kenneth and Charles as your real brothers
32. You dearly love your cousins
33. You are so hardworking
34. You got long, beautiful nose
35. You tell me that I am the most beautiful in your eyes
36. You value family, among others
37. You are forever proud to share about your family
38. You are an excellent conversationalist
39. You make me feel how it is to fall in love deeply
40. You monitor if I have already taken my vitamins/meds
41. You have the cutest laugh in the world Ha.. Haha.. Ha..
42. You say 'I love you' to your little sister
43. You treat me as your princess
44. You are respectful
45. You are the most handsome, yet again haha
46. You tell me I love you even when your family is around
47. You tried to reach "25" as your score in Flappy Bird lol ahaha
48. You asked permission from Mommy and Tatay that you would definitely love to meet me
49. You are willing to sacrifice
50. You never gave up on me
51. You befriended Mommy with just a breeze
52. You are extremely huggable
53. You know how to say sorry
54. You have the cutest lips on earth
55. You are sweeter than me
56. You caught me with your "Will You be Mine" shirt
57. You make me extra happier
58. You always introduce me to your friends
59. You obey me
60. You're the "Best-in-Effort" boyfriend in the world
61. You understand my craziest moments
62. You are street-smart
63. You call me everyday
64. You love Wowo and Wowa so much
65. You are so mabango hahaha
66. You are  God-fearing
67. You got my younger brother's trust
68. You know how to cook
69. Your words never fail to comfort me
70. You talk to Chubby like he's your real cousin
71. You are not afraid to express your feelings
72. You are so makulit
73. You managed to converse with my brother
74. You are never insecure
75. You respect your Papa
76. You are the best boyfriend in the world
77. You never fail to reach out to my best friends
78. You accept my imperfections
79. You are a joker like me
80. You befriended my Little Chubby asap
81. You trust me completely
82. You are so optimistic and you always see the brighter side of things
83. You treat me as your most precious possession
84. You appreciate every sweet little thing that I do
85. You are willing to talk to my Tatay even if I told you how strict he is
86. You manage to understand the most selosa girlfriend in the world
87. You are the most 'malambing' boyfriend with the most 'malambing' intonation
88. You were so brave to message me first
89. You comfort me whenever I get tantrums
90. You are close with my Twens, Ishna
91. You know how to adjust to better our relationship
92. You text Mommy when I am not feeling well
93. You respect me
94. You make me feel that I am the prettiest girl in the universe
95. You complete me
96. You kiss me on my forehead
97. You light up my world
98. You are perfect for me, more than any other
99. You are my better half
100. You are one of the best reasons why I always fall in love about the idea of living and loving
101. You are God's most wonderful gift
Truth is, the foregoing is non-exhaustive since I really really have lots of reasons why I love you, Aj. Some of the items may not hold true in the coming years but please remember that my love for you will forever remain---Always have. Always will.

Happy Valentine's day, my love! Palangga taka subong, bwas, dasun sang bwas, kag asta sa ulihi. ;)
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