Saturday, April 26, 2014

3rd of Forever

Warning: This is a mushy post. In case you don't believe in love, feel free to click the x tab. :)

3rd of Forever
Words by My Love

I prayed to God many years ago 

For a woman who will never let go
He said "My son, don't rush but keep up your faith."
"My plans are better and it's worth the wait."

I saw your picture one normal day

I was in awe I ran out of words to say
Your eyes so sweet
They caught me, I admit. 

Everytime I look at you, God says "It is true."

"She's the one I have prepared for you."
So awesome I can't help but believe
Baby it's you I want to achieve. 

Your lovely smile makes me think

How happy life could be in a blink
Every part of you makes me realize
That forever together is our prize. 

Truly God wants always the best

So trust Him amidst the test
Sometimes we may not understand
But never give up, I'll hold your hand. 

Baby I know we are miles apart

Don't be sad 'coz you own my heart
Don't be scared about our future 
Because God is with us for sure. 

Let's submit to Him what we have, fully

Because He makes great love stories
Langga ko, please hold on tight
 God has written our story right. 

They say the future is unclear

But I can see you with me my dear
Marrying you is my greatest dream 
Nothing is impossible 'coz God is our team. 

Baby my love for you is true

God is my witness, too
I hope you will stay
'Coz baby I don't play. 

Sweet words are not enough

What I feel for you is tough 
There is nothing you can do
That can change my love for you. 

Happy monthsary baby!

I love you completely
Please be with me
'Til the end of our journey. 

I can't promise you anything

But hold on to just one thing
Loving you is everlasting
Shola, you are my EVERYTHING. 

It was a normal day yesterday in the office and to my surprise, I  have experienced again God's wonderful love through Aj. I swear, I didn't expect anything so I was really overwhelmed most specially when I have read his poem. (Aj is not a writer but I think he expresses himself better than me! Nakkks. Inspired kaayo ka, Batibs?!!! Wuahaha!

I cried because I felt so special. God is so amazing because He has given me someone that I actually prayed about.  Tinuod man diay nga makakita ka ug person na musabot sa imo bisan maldita na kaayo ka, kanang dili ka byaan bisan confused naka sa uban aspects sa imong life, ginatagaan ka ug respect, ug labaw sa tanan, ginapaduol ka kay God. After 6 months of knowing Aj, I didn't only learn to love him completely. I have also learned to trust a good man whose values and core principles are compatible with mine. 

Cheesy balls all over. Hahaha! I better end this post. xX All the love in the world! :) 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Step

I just had my first attempt to achieve *again* my body figure during CPA review days and I really really feel so wonderful after my intense jogging muni-muni while walking. Hahaha! High five, folks!!! I also had lots of observations and even overheard a sexy girl saying "Permi man ko gakaon, sa Mcdo pa gyud. Chicken, cheeseburger, fries. Large pa na ha? Pero wala raman gyapon. Dili ra gyapon ko gatambok."  Wow!!! Hashtag naks naman, Ate! Eh di ikaw na!!! Hehe. But you know, I feel her. That WAS exactly how I felt before audit. 

Losing weight has always been an issue, specially to us girls. For a society who thinks that the standard of sexiness is having that of a body like Ellen Adarna or Marian Rivera (Why so sexy?!!!), we often get insecure about our baby fats and sometimes really feel bad the moment someone calls us "tambok" or fat.  Ahayyy. Hehe. But I realized, I shouldn't burn my fats JUST because I am pressured by the people around me. I should start achieving my desired body figure once more because it is my personal preference. 

Similar to what I have mentioned before, I have nothing against girls with fuller figures---I honestly admire those who manage to carry themselves in their own, awesome ways. I think we just purely have different preferences as to how we want to see ourselves in front of the mirror and personally, I prefer to be slimmer because I don't really stand tall.  #Disclaimer, eh? :)

Anyway, going back to my first attempt, (which is actually the main point of this post ahhh see how talkative I am) I just feel great that I finally tried exercising again after all my "Magpaniwang na gyud ko!" rants since January. You know, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, I'm gonna get through this one way or another. Haha! A+ for motivation! But on a serious note, one step can really make ALL the difference. More often, the smallest step we make (in the right direction, of course) will lead us to the biggest achievement that we have ever dreamed of. 

Keep stepping, friends! How I wish this is also my first step into updating this happy space more often. Hehe. A sweet night to all of you! :)  

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