Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Spaces in Cyberspace

Hello, blog readers! This is just a random post pertaining to the blogs that I religiously follow alongside a short story of how my blog, Repudiate Sarcasm, actually commenced. (Nakkks! Maka-commence! Haha!)

It was a happy evening on December 2011 when I got tired studying Accounting. (Who in the world, don't?!!! Hehe.) So I randomly grabbed my laptop, searched for a free weblog publishing tool, and voila---Repudiate Sarcasm was born! My first few posts were all random (well even up to now, lol) until I have written my favorite post entitled A Love Letter to my Future Husband  and eventually realized that my blog's making sense, all the more. 

Truth be told, my blog has been my happy space for almost three beautiful years already and has, in fact, witnessed several phases of my life. Repudiate Sarcasm  has been my happy outlet. If you noticed, you can see lots of Hahaha's in my posts because I'm extremely giddy and hyper whenever I blog! Hahaha! Most importantly, I am fueled to write more and more whenever I receive positive feedback from my random blog readers. Tsada kaayo ang feeling pag ignan ka na "Gaka inspire ko sa imong blog, Ate Shola. Keep writing!" or bisan ignan lang ko na "Gabasa baya ko sa imong blog. Tabian kaayo ka! Hahaha!" Hehe. 

Whenever I hear mushy comments, gusto ko manago kay ulaw kaayo ko at the same time gakiligon!!! Hahaha! Come on!!! I am not a celebrity nor a super famous persona in Cagayan de Oro! I'm not even a legit writer but but but, I get happy and I make some people happy through some of my random posts---which made me realize even further---what more, then, could I ask for? :') Hehe. 

I would love to share to you, too, the happy spaces in cyberspace that I regularly follow. I have browsed several blogs already and found these three precious "gems" in the cyber world. Now if you would ask me why I love them, then read on. I'm sure you'll love their happy sites, too! :)

From Stilletos to Ballet Flats is a blog maintained by Ms. Stella! Based on my stalking skills (What?!!! Haha!) she's a lawyer by profession. I am amazed how this ultra mega mom can deliver her thoughts without intimidating her blog readers. (I am a fan of those who can convey their thoughts in a fun, entertaining manner.) She's a lawyer, at that, yet still managed to balance EVERYTHING in her life! You can learn lots of practical lessons in her page most specially about living life way beyond what the corporate world offers.

Saab is one of the late Kiko Magallona's wonderful children. Like Ms. Stella, she's a witty writer, too! You won't feel any boredom in her space because she knows how to keep a blog post rolling. My favorite post of hers is re her boyfriend's wedding proposal at Japan. Of course, a sentimental girl like me got teary-eyed while reading! Hahaha! Enjoy Saab's "Spell Saab". You won't regret. I swear! :)

1. Come, Waste Your Time with Me by Ms. Patty Laurel - Filart 
On top of my list is Ms. Patty's happy space! I'm always proud to say that I'm one of her thousands of fans! Ate Patty (FC mode on!) is too adorable, that you'll surely have lots of laughter in her vibrant posts. Her writing formula is simple: HAPPY WRITER = HAPPY READER! And truthfully, I get happy whenever I read her posts. Ms. Patty talks about her travels around the world, things that make her happy, and her positive outlook in life. She chooses to dwell on the brighter side of things and shy away those that bring her down. :)

Similarly, I wish to keep Repudiate Sarcasm a happy place, too. I pray to God that He will give me more beautiful years in this world for me to be able to share my future children's selfies, how I'll raise them to be good children of God etc etc. to all of you!!! Haha! Wishful thinking! Anyway, have a happy day, everyone! Let's all thank God it's Friday!!! Till my next post! ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Twins in the Camiguin Island

Hi, friends! Missed me?!!! I missed you, too! Hahaha! My June's jam-packed, tbh. Whenever I look at my planner slash diary, I would really like to tap myself at the back while saying "Good job, Sholala! You're such a cutie!" What?! Cutie?!! Wuahaha! Kidding aside, I am extremely happy because I was able to do lots of happy activities during this month, both work and personal life-related. Hashtag work-life balance! 

I wish to share my valuable experiences so let me start with my trip in the Camiguin Island with Aj, which, for me, is very difficult because I don't know what title to use!!! Any suggestion, please?!!! Hahaha! Shallow, eh? I wanted to use a creative title but ended with "The Twins in the Camiguin Island". (I hope you don't find it as something #Jej, do you?!! Ugh. Hahaha! BTW, it's inspired by my favorite blogger, Ms. Patty Laurel-Filart!!!) So, stay tuned for "The Twins in Madrid, Spain" or "The Twins in Paris" or or or, "The Twins in Antarctica!" Hehehe. 
But before anything else, I would like to thank Mommy and Tatay for allowing me in this trip. It was my first time to travel with someone alone so I fully understand Mommy's slash Tatay's slash Lola's slash Lolo's slash Tita's monitoring skills! Fortunately, we have lots of relatives in Camiguin (my Lola is a hundred percent Camiguingnon) so they agreed, provided that we'll be staying in my Tita Manleen's place. #WeLoveFreeAccommodation Hahaha! But seriously, my gratitude to my parents for their consent. :) Thanks, Mommy and Tatay for your unwavering trust. 
So let's get this on. Brace yourselves with wanmelyon photos coming up! Wuahaha! 
I believe it is a given that the Camiguin Island is such a picture perfect place, so there's purely nothing to worry about taking amazing photos. All you need to do is click click, pose pose pose, then upload upload upload! Repeat 3x. Very good!!! Haha!
Welcome to the Old Church Ruins! The place is perfect if you happen to be so weary or anxious or you just plainly want to rejuvenate because it's truly relaxing! :) 
So our model of the day is Aj! Hahaha! I'm glad that he's so game to pose anytime. Handsome! 
 1-2-3- SMILE!
The following photo is familiar since Aj already posted this in his Facebook account. The caption says "Travel with the person you love the most." and I say "Char!" Hahaha. Kidding. Of course, Love! :) To more places together! 
I told you, Camiguin is such a wonderland! 
Aha! I remember posting a blog entry re my Camiguin Trip with my best friends. Part of my entry was... #throwback October 2012: "I'll bring my boyfriend here next time. Scratch that. I don't have a boyfriend. Geeez."  Waaa.  But you know what? It happened!!! Goodness gracious. Hahaha!
The Camiguin trip won't be completed without touring Aj at the sunken cemetery. We rode a banca across the deep blue sea for only Php 100.00 (back and forth). Uhmmm, I included the following photo because of Kuya Bangkero. Pildi ang pose ni Aj! Bwuahaha!!! 
I forgot to tell you that the Php 100.00 fee also includes a photoshoot session with Kuya! He has lots of camera tricks all over AS IN makapoy nalang ka sigeg pose! Hahaha! 
Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls! *Beyonce Knowles* Hahaha! This is one of the camera tricks asdfghjkl. In reality, I was just closer to the photographer, hence I look like a giant. If you want to know more tricks, then go figure! I'm 100% sure that you'll really enjoy! :)
We passed by the walkway to the old volcano afterwards but forgot to take a picture. Yes, it's a sad story. Hahaha! Anyway, we then went to Ardent Hot Spring. Now, can I just say that the spring's beauty is timeless? It's a place where you can actually relax all day long. 
Just a side story, during our trips, almost everyone that we have interacted with would say that we're look a likes! Some even commented that we're sibs. Igsuon mi?! Haha! Prolly because of our eyes? Chin? Smile? Whatevs! Haha. They would say "Parehas lagi mo ug dagway, Ma'am." or better yet, "Imong nang igsuon na, Sir?! WINNER! Hahaha!
The next day, we headed to Mantigue Island Nature Park. We rode a motor banca for Php 550.00 (back and forth.) The good news is, the banca can accommodate 6 passengers in a ride so you now do the Math. :) Hehe. Eventually, the price was all worth it because you can get to see this view from the Mantigue Island itself. God's creation is indeed incomparable. Period. 
 I really don't like taking selfies. Char lang! Hahaha! 
Ladies and gentlemen, aside from the cliff diving that I have tried in the Camotes Island, I have tried snorkeling once more in the island's sanctuary!!! Yes, I'm a brave girl like that. Char again. Hahaha! 
Special thanks to Kuya for understanding that I need guidance, patience and endurance just to successfully complete the activity! A+, Sholala!!!
Aside from the island's water activities, you can also roam around the nature park and actually feel like a diwata! Nakkks. Goddess overload! Yes, I felt like one. I-feel pud inig anhi mo di Hahaha! 
 Caption this! 
I like Aj because he understands my core values and principles, so I'm pretty comfortable whenever he's around. Hehe. Pero bitaw, mura mig best friends kay kulit kaayo siya hahaha kulit2 simo!!! Lots of tawa when we're together! Hahaha! I'm very glad that my family likes him so much, too! :) He's a man of faith, values, and.. uhmm, kulitness, I guess. Hahaha!
 Before this post gets cheesy, let's now move to our next destination --- the Sto. Nino Cold Spring!

Truthfully, I was in awe when I saw the place again. It was so clean and nice, that I couldn't stop of thanking (in my mind), the Camiguingnons behind the maintenance of this lovely spring! Really one of Camiguin's pride! 
I'll have my Mommy Linda (my Lola) read this post, and for sure, she will tell again her childhood stories over and over! Hehe.
 Jasmine Trias because asdfghjkl Hahaha! 
And and and, pasalubong time!!! :) 
Which shirt do you like?!! Hehe. 

There you have it!!! :) Once again, stay tuned to "The Twins in Spain" or "The Twins in Paris" or "The Twins in WHEREVER" getaways! Hahaha! (Your wish, Sholala!) But on a serious note, I'd really love to travel more often because experiences are truly priceless. To quote, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." Uhmm, makes sense, right? Hehe. See you in my next post! :)
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