Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Rambling on SDTG

I am pretty bothered by the kind of love Athena and Kenji had for each other. 

It was beautiful. It was promising. It was inspiring. 

Sure thing, it was encompassing. 


Just when I believed that theirs is the kind of love that can survive the lowest of the low, (or so I thought), I suddenly saw them seemingly breaking up and down in my very eyes. 

Then there I was, trying to hold the tears that I cannot contain. 

She's Dating the Gangster is a movie which will challenge your belief, your ideals, your disposition about love. It will convince you, that love is a matter of timing, of sacrificing..

But you know what, if I were Athena, I won't give up on Kenji, as much as I won't give up our love story, just that fast. 

Selfish, eh? But my kind of love is fighting, persisting and enduring, unless the circumstances are WAY beyond my control, [but of course.]

P.S. I love the movie so much. 

Just a quick, short post during my lunch break.  Thanks to fiscal audit for making me ultra mega busy lately. I'm loving it. No? Yes! Oh, how I love words. :) Missed you, RS! 
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