Friday, August 08, 2014

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

I remember myself swearing that I'm not gonna jump (ever) into a long distance relationship (LDR). Flashback 2008, I can still recall how I judged the kind of relationship that my once friend had. Back then, I personally thought that LDR is too complicated, too dramatic and too risky. 

Now guess what kind of relationship I have right now. 


My friend, Google, tells me that my boyfriend is about 4,298 miles away from me at this very moment. Perfect.  I absolutely do not know how far that is but I am certain that he is always in my heart. Lots of cheese. 

But to tell you honestly, LDR is never easy. After all, I still think that it is very complicated, very dramatic and very risky. I will lie if I will tell you that I never thought about giving up. I blame it all to the PDA couples who happen to walk across my very face. You know I am just kidding. 

Now to constantly remind myself that I can survive such thing, I listed some points that might help me along the way. (Hoping that these will also help you, my fellow LDR survivor. Wink.

Remember the very reason why you said 'Yes' to him. 
Let's admit it. We were able to meet lots of guys before we have known our partners. We dated. We exchanged numerous conversations with good men and consequently hoped that they could be the one. But, nothing happened. 

Then here comes the LDR guy, consistently pursuing you even from a distance. You thought it wouldn't work just because you wouldn't see each other often, but you still said yes. 

Ask yourself. 

Why did you say 'Yes' , in the first place? No further explanations needed. :) 

Be mindful of each other. 
I was watching A&A and heard Gab Valenciano saying, that, to make a relationship work, you have to be very mindful of each other. 

It took me a while to fully understand until the idea about "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."  happened! Ha! The formula is simple. Show extra care, love and affection if you want to be treated with extra tenderness, too. Of course, I know that love should be unconditional, blah blah but it won't really hurt to be sensible enough to address your partner's needs. 

Keep yourself busy. 
Look what I am doing right now. Lol. 

I really believe that love life is just a fraction of our entirety as a person, isn't it? There is more to life than clinging to our partners 24/7. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Like me, I have several working papers to attend to, numerous audit issues to resolve, "wanmelyon"  good friends to catch up with and lots of precious moments to spend with my family. 

It is okay to cry sometimes and feel like a drama queen. I suggest that you cry your heart out by the beach and use the following lines for your reference: 

Nganong layo ka. Nganong wala kuy kuyog diri. Awa ako ra nuon isa. 

Nganga ka, Besh. HAHA 

You do not let your emotional strings impair you as a person. Cry if you must. Acknowledge the loneliness once in a while. But make sure that you are not forgetting to live life in full, still. :) 

Communicate as often as possible. 
Warning: You do not impose strict schedules as to when your partners should greet you and eventually get angry if they fail to greet you the overrated 'Good morning, BIBI KO." Ugh. 

Communicate at your most comfortable time and phase to better the conversation. Everything else will then follow. Trust me. You. Will. Never. Go. Wrong. Chos. 

Look forward to the days that you'll see each other again. 
Need I say more? :) 

And above all, trust *and pray*
Trust in yourself, that you will be able to endure in partaking all the challenges in between. Trust in your partner, that he/she will be able to share one, common goal with you. Trust in the relationship itself...that it will work, that it will sustain, that it will stand through several tests.

Thank God it's Fridaheyyy (and for giving me the opportunity to write something tonight!) Kisses! 
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