Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Post from UAE with Love

To tell you honestly, I wish to call myself brave for making such great leap to work here in UAE. In fact, while at the airport, I told Mommy and Tatay... Isog kay ko noh?Kay mulakaw gyud ko. Then I heard nothing, just the tightest, warmest hug that I ever had with my parents. 

I sobbed. 

Yes, sure. I am such a brave girl. 

After a few, God must have moved my heart that I gained so much strength and courage to take my dreams into another level. In silence, He reminded me the very reason why I chose such path, to begin with.

So I felt better.

Then I reached Dubai. And I was like Wow!  I thanked the Lord again and again for granting me such favor. Much more when I saw such infrastructures. Plus the glittering lights! The towering Burj Khalifa! (How, in the world, can I describe such magnificence?)

And my amazement continued for so long. Well even up to now.

After roughly a month of being here, I have nothing but faith to our Almighty Father. Faith that He will guide me as I start from scratch in this big city. Faith that He will give me the right direction whenever I'm up for an interview. (Kay pag gakawala ko tunga tunga sa kainit sa dalan, kalit lang gyud ko naa matagbuan na Pinoy para mapangutan-an nako sa lugar ug dapat sakyan.) Faith that He will sustain my weak body during my long walks. Faith that He will empower the impatient me to do things on my own. Faith that He will give me wisdom during job interviews. Faith that He will direct me to the right employer. Faith that He will give me a job that would make me happy and would make me a better servant of the Lord. Faith that He will inspire me more to love the special people I surround my life with.

After all of these, I still wish to call myself a brave girl.

Or so I think.

P.S. I missed this space so much! I just needed a courageous heart to finally write my heart miles away from home. Hoping that I could share to you the [ places x experiences x adventures ] that I had and (I'll be having) in the coming days. I missed you, all, too! 
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