Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Miracle Garden, Dubai, UAE

My first post for 2015 goes to my visit at Dubai's Miracle Garden! Say what?! Haha! I just thought that it's a great way to break my blogging hiatus which transpired for quite a long time. Just in case you want to know, I'm pretty fine after all the shifts I made. (Positivity! This is what I love to think!) After all, I'm here in UAE for a definitive purpose. 

So... enough for this intro, I think?! Yes?! *Hmwuahaha!*
Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of Ate Maria, Kuya Joseph and Ate Fefer - some of my favorite people here in Dubai! See photo below! (I should have posted this last February 14. #LatePost)
We had a buffet lunch at Lamesa Restaurant! ...and... good food! I must say. :)  

Truth be told, I really love the atmosphere when I'm with Aj's officemates. It feels great to be surrounded by kind-hearted  people in an environment that is relatively new to me. ;)
After the lunch that we definitely enjoyed, we decided to go to Dubai's Miracle Garden. It's undeniably one of the many wonderful places that I've already visited here in UAE! While experiencing the garden's beauty, can't really help but remember my family. How I wish I can bring them here anytime soon so they get to see such wonders in UAE. 
No more  mushy words for the time being! Haha! Let's move to the following photos. 
I should have worn a dress had I known that I'll be going to the garden! Hayyy. This gives me more reasons to visit the garden again. BRB. Ok? K, self. 
Kulitan moments, that's why!
More lovely photos to follow! Credit goes to God for blessing this world with such lovely flowers. I am really delighted whenever I see one. Unsa nalang kaha diri. Murag gafiesta mga kabulakan, eh?
Would also like to give credit to Kuya Sherwin (Ate Fefer's husband) for taking such photos! Hehe. Thanks, Kuya! :)
God, you are amazing. Thank you for giving me a job which makes me happy. FYI, I'm now an Accountant!!! Yeyyy. [I'm not an auditor anymore.] Hehehe!  It feels great that I get to experience the other dimension of being a CPA. (And to my ultimate dream, I'm still gonna reach you! ;)
So lovely to look at! No wonder why I've seen a pre-nup shoot in here! The place really exudes that romantic vibe, tbh. 
"Dubai Miracle Garden is the world's biggest natural flower garden. It has transfored the parched desert landscape of Dubai into the world's biggest natural garden." The Telegraph - Luxury
"You think roses flowers are a waste of time, 'cause in three days they just wilt up and die.. We want 'em anyway. It's a girl thing!" Hahahappy Valentine's day, everybody! 
Why, hello, Kuya Joseph! Heyyy, friends. Kindly look at the house turned upside down behind! Such art. 
Hashtag when in Dubai! 
One of the times when I just want to reflect and thank God for giving us a beautiful world. 
Happy birthday, Ate!
Colorful umbrellas! This might give you an idea to enhance the beauty of your respective gardens! ;)
Thank you so much, Aj for being my photographer! Hahaha! A patient boyfriend for an extra-kulit girlfriend like me! Please be patient plus kind forever!!! :)
 Confused if I'm portraying an angel or a fairy in the foregoing. G r r r  Hahahaha!
I seriously have a love-hate feeling over the following photo. Awkward pose. Awkward face. Awkward everything. Awkward way to end this blog post! Hmwuahaha!!! 
See you again in my future posts! Cheers, everyone! Happy Valentine's! Share the love. :)
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