Thursday, July 23, 2015


This post is definitely inspired by one of my pegs in life, Saab Magallona. I've read her blog entry about how she misses writing without thinking too much. Her blog space is her online journal ---- after all. 

Makes a lot of sense. 

Sure, I don't know where this blog post's going, but I'm kinda thrilled to just fill this empty space with all my heart.

This vertigo thing sucks, and I feel like my normal life has been robbed. Like I needed to see three different doctors in a week just to finally give a name to this uncanny feeling.

Right now, all I wanna do is go home and eat escabeche by Tita Inday. And hide myself under my yellow comforter... which I terribly miss. 

Now this is getting more random. 

It's my ninth month here in Dubai. 

Nine months of a series of tries. 

To live independently. 

To live freely. 

To live. 

I remember my college days. Awesome college days.

It was so nice living in the library.

Every. Single. Time.

You. Know. I'm. Kidding.

I miss how MG made my college life full of fun. I miss how we would wait at each other at the Book Center. Or laugh our hearts out while having Rose's value meals at lunch.

That pancit-canton-snack while waiting for our Law subject. Plus the chills we get from the day to day quizzes.


I kinda feel like the topic deserves a separate blog post, to be honest.

Back to Dubai days.

Aj asked me out for a dinner date last night. So kilig. Feeling eighteen. Manhattan Restaurant's good, so to speak.

Today is my younger sister's birthday. I love you, Chippy. Stay happy.

And to completely round up this entirely random slash sabog post, sharing to you my first ever henna. Thanks to my dear officemate, Toshiya!

Love it!!!
Thank God for lunch breaks.

Have a nice weekend, friends! Remember, bawal BV. Hmwuah!
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