Saturday, August 29, 2015

3rd Blog Update in 10 Photos

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Hey, you! Yes, you! How was your day? I hope everything's  fine and all that. If things aren't coming your way, carry on! It just means that something better awaits. Okay? Okay! I used to be so negative and paranoid so I totally get you when you wallow in your own self-pity and all forms of anxiety. But eventually, I came to a point na nakapoy ko sige ka sad. Sige sige nalang lugar? Murag sumo man?! Hahaha! Ain't gonna mess this beautiful life so GV lang ta, please? :) 

After my  first and second blog posts using some of my IG photos, I think I'll be  here in the blogosphere more often. Haha! Gotta spend more time in my happy space in cyberspace! *Insert emoji here!* 
First photo is from my separate blog post entitled The Dubai Museum, Old Souk & The Dubai Creek Getaway. Aj wanted to experience wearing the Arabic clothing so I also gave it a shot. :) Much appreciation and respect for their garments. It felt surreal. 
The following quote which says "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." is relatively not new to us. Well, personally, I didn't really intend to make a massive change in my life. I'm not broken-hearted, neither. I just felt like freeing myself from all the expectations that I set myself. It's great to have big dreams, big goals and big desires. But I realized that God's dreams for me are bigger so moving forward, I wish not to plot my life based on 'my will' but more on my dependence to 'His will".

But but but, this thought doesn't mean that I have to remove human effort (determination, courage, sacrifice and whatnots) in the equation. Right??!! I know you, guys get what I mean. Hehehe!!! 
Let the following picture speak of itself. Makagutom! Hehe!  One of my faves in Chilli's! 
Obviously, another random date with Batibs. Our relationship is far from perfect. We fight a lot. Mga 10x a day. Lelz. But we always try to reconcile the issues that we often argue about so keri lang. :) 

I'm also getting questions like "Kanus-a mo magpakasal?" or "Feeling nimo, siya na?"  So I'm like "Wala pa ko kabalo when. Let's see!" and "Hopefully.", correspondingly. :)

Another shameless selfie because new hair. Haha! I'm not the goody-goody type of girl! Mej naa gyud ku'y pagka maldita. (Kita man siguro tanan? Like we don't want the people close to us be condemned, belittled or abused?!) But everyday, I pray to the Lord that He'd fill my heart with peace, compassion and kindness just so that my kamalditahan will not take control of my life!!! I think I'm getting there... I think...  I believe... Hahaha!

Basta always lang i-think na dapat walay mahurt. Right? So this world will be a better place. Ayyy. Tenkyu. ;)
*Insert musical background*
*Insert Christina Perri*

Heart beats fast...

"Hello po. Pwede po papicture?" "Sure!" I cri...

It was a great opportunity for me to pose with two of the most successful Filipino designers in the world --- Ezra Santos and Michael Cinco! :)
Finally capping this post with my shot of Burj Khalifa. :)
Life away from home somewhat shaped me into the woman that I never thought I could be. Working abroad opened my eyes to the various wonders that this world could possibly offer. More so, moving out from my comfort zone taught me a lot of things that I'd be using for sure as I continue my journey (the power of being able to say 'No'; life is about creating and building your future; and friendship is something that you do not chase, to name a few.)

Here's to hoping that I could write and share more in the following days to come! Bitaw uy. Magchikka ra nya ta. Lelz! And unsa gali to?!!! Remember, bawal BV! Hmwuah! 'Till my next post!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Dubai Museum, Old Souk & The Dubai Creek Getaway

*Best viewed via the web version.

How far can your 3.00 AED go? Lelz. 

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I know what and how it feels like to have almost nothing. Practically, I grew  up knowing which better path to take or more specifically, which material things and experiences should I invest myself with and into (or so I think! Haha! Trust me, the struggle is REAAAL!!!)

So for the love of cheap and valuable trips, (compromising the value of an experience just because it is cheap, of course, is but a no-no), I kept on researching for getaways that won't cost me and my friends much! Haha! We dream of going to Paris, Maldives (name whatever place you like!) pero magsugod sa gyud mi'g barato noh? You know what, I always pray to the Lord that He'd fill my heart with gratefulness so I won't be pressured by my ambitious wants. So in my moment of silence, I could really hear Him say "Sholala, my kulit kulit daughter, just take one step at a time." Then I find peace.

Anyway, let me start sharing to you our worthwhile experience at the Dubai Museum. Hehe! It felt so good to know how Dubai evolved into a magnificent place that it is right now. How, then, could we be ungrateful to a city that offers great opportunities to us, expats? :)
It's always fun going out with the people that you are most comfortable with! No inhibitions! Period.

Check this photo with us posing near the dhow. Hehe! 
"Dubai Museum is the main museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai.

The museum was opened by the ruler of Dubai in 1971, with the aim of presenting the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai." Wikipedia
"Al Fahidi Fort is square-shaped with towers occupying three of its corners. It was built of coral rock and mortar in several phases. Just off the southern wall lie the remains of the city walls. Next to them stands  tall dhow (traditional boat) in the middle of a large courtyard that covers the underground galleries."  - Wikipedia
"The halls surround a central courtyard. Here you will find a bronze cannon with cannon balls, a well, and various types of boats. In the corner stands a traditional summer house called Arish." - Wikipedia
Naninuod gyud baya mi'g basa. Walay char. Lelz. The entrance fee is only 3.00 AED for the adults.
Yes. My hair's short now. :)
On our way to the galleries!
All together, let us explore the museum's galleries. Let's pass through the descending spiral stairs. :)
Thanks to Aj for being our photographer slash Google Map for the day! Hehe!
The old maps of Dubai are being displayed in the first gallery. 
Following is a video room which primarily depicts the 'what-used-to-be' phases of Dubai.

I highly recommend that you visit the museum as it certainly gave us the feels --- the kind which allowed us to be more grateful and hopeful for what is and what will be. 
The following is one of my favorites in the museum --- the life-size dioramas of the pre-oil era. 
"A tailor, a carpenter, an iron smith, a textile vendor and others line the street. Realistic sounds and life-size videos of craftsmen at work give the impression of a bustling souq." Wikipedia
I find the following photos too cute not to be posted. :)
Thank you, Jessa, Aj and Kent! I am always inspired by your individual stories here in Dubai. *tears*
I also love this section of the museum! The building of the dhow looked so real. 
Na-amaze gyud ming upat sa museum. Hehe! Laag diri! :)
Couz and Beb!
Mafeel nimo diri nga naa ka sa ilalom sa dagat. Tan-awa gali! Cool! Isn't it?
Another section of the museum.
The Gift Shop! Hehe! The people-in-charge of the shop are very friendly. I must say.
This time, another spiral stairs for the exit.
Preparing for our next stop --- the Old Souk. 
"Souks (also written souq and soukh) are traditional outdoor markets selling food, spices, gifts, jewelry, fabrics and other items. In Dubai, most souks are named after the types of products on sale."  - Wikipedia
This is Ken'ts favorite part of our entire trip!
Unprepared faces! Hehehe!
The Ould Souq actually reminded me of Vigan! Hayyy. I miss you, PH! 
It's really good to see the other side of Dubai. So heartwarming. Perfect way to have a glimpse of the past. 
As planned, we then decided to take an abra ride. An abra is a small motorized water taxi which used to be the main mode of transportation many years ago. If you love being on boats, then it truly is a must try, for sure. :)
If you wish to travel with other commuters, you have to pay 1.00 AED per person. But if you wish for a private ride, the cost would be around 10.00 AED to 20.00 AED per person. :)
Dah! Hahaha! 
The activity's truly relaxing. Mas samot ko gimingaw sa Pinas na napuno gyud ug resorts.
Found some works-in-progress in this area of the world! 
While riding the abra, watch out for the water bus just like the following!
Thank you po for making our abra ride safe and enjoyable. Salute!
Finally decided to have our early dinner at my fave --- Kim Chikin and got some real talk over coffee afterwards! I love you, guyths! Hahaha! 
You don't really need to spend a lot for you to say that a trip is fun and fulfilling. You just need the best of friends  and a positive heart that the trip will be worthy of your time and being! :)

Thank you for reading, friends! Remember, bawal BV. Haha!
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