Sunday, September 13, 2015

4th Blog Update in 10 Photos

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Told you, I'll be here more often! It's now my 4th blog update using my IG photos and I really feel good that I get to spend some of my time here in my space now. 

This post is slightly different with the previous ones (firstsecond and third) because I had a lot of reminiscing in my IG posts recently... So expect more #WayBackWednesday #ThrowbackThursday inspired photos because #Emo. Lelz. 
Wala ko kabalo unsa akong gaipaglaban ani nga picture! Hahaha! The photo's taken from one of my favorite getaways here in Dubai --- the one I had in Miracle Graden. (You may also read: Miracle Garden.)

The following photos are just some of the picture-perfect places here in Dubai!
I once shared about the significance of being able to appreciate the things around us and mind you, I am still practicing it in my life right now. It works magic --- specially that I'm missing my family all the more for the past few days. #Feelings Hasula! But I don't dwell so much about the thought of being away from them since they're one of the  reasons why I'm here anyway. :)

Ummm.. Another secret to a cheerful life (that works magic, too!) is... 

...learning to celebrate with other people's triumphs/milestones in life! Hehe! I taught my heart years ago to be joyous with other people's achievements.  So eventually, I learned to praise, acknowledge and celebrate the different kinds of success that this life has to offer. I feel good whenever I see one of my friends pass the board exam, give birth to a baby or get married to the man of his life!!! Tsada kaayo, diba? It's normal to think and feel like Hala. Maypa siya noh? Kay ingani, ingana. But it shouldn't go further to Kay kuan man sad siya! then we think about the not-so-good things happening to them. I'm not saying that I've perfected this already because duh?! Samok man gud kaayo si Taylor Swift oi. Kung tan-awon nimo siya, makaingon ka'g #YouAlready. Haha! Di lugar ka mahiubos or maibog?! Haha! Dawbi ang lawas lugar ni Marian Rivera bisan buros siya?! Lelz. 
Based on my research, (Whaddup, Google!) the Dubai Metro is a driverless, fully automated rail network in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Guinness World has declared Dubai Metro to be the world's longest fully automated metro network with a route length of 75 kilometers. - Wikipedia 

Hoping that the Philippines could also have this kind of  train in the coming years! Hehehe! 

Few months ago, Kabayans (this is how we call our fellow Filipinos here) got exhilarated when Jollibee opened its first ever branch in the Dubai Mall! Buyog was really a hit!!! Blockbuster!!! Imagine, almost everyone was willing to queue for 4 long hours just to experience Chicken Joy?!!! Grabe! Sa Jollibee, Bida ang Saya! Bwahaha! I also had mine, of course. It wasn't just about enjoying  my chicken joy and jolly spaghetti which I terribly missed. It was also more of the connection to the Philippines that I felt when I had my meal. 
Here's a throwback of our photos taken at the beautiful Camiguin Island (You may also read: The Twins in the Camiguin Island). Like I always say, Camiguin has a very special place in my heart. I love it as much as how I love my Lola, Mommy Linda. Whenever I visit the place, I am reminded how Mommy grew up in the island where everything seems fitting and nice. :)

This one's taken at the Mantigue Island. 
Photo taken at the Old Church Ruins.  (Bachengcheng Days!) Will definitely go back to the island. Siyempre! I suggest you visit the place, too! :) Just message me in case you have some queries!  
Another throwback goes to my trip at the Camotes Island with my previous colleagues at SGV & Co. (You may also read: The Palawan-turned-Camotes Island Getaway

This photo's taken at The Buho Rock Resort where I tried my first ever cliff diving! 
As usual, another photo with Batibs. Lelz. Hi, Batibs! I know you're reading. I appreciate all the little things you do just to show that you care. #Char But seriously, thank you for dropping by at my place just to cook for me sometimes. I appreciate the hatid-sundo during date nights because #Kilig and the random mushy messages that I receive from you any time of the day. Gotta end this now because #PDA. Lelz. 
Back to the time when I was too tired combing my looong hair! I once thought that I should keep my current hairstyle (bob cut) but I realized that I can't keep it this way for years so I'm thinking about growing it loooong. Again. 
Another random date for our 19th Monthsary. Hehehe!
Thanks for visiting my page! You know what I'm about to say atm! Haha! Remember, bawal BV! Love you, guyths! Catch up next time! 
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