Thursday, October 20, 2016

Love at First Sight

I first saw Aj at Mactan Cebu International Airport and I would really like to believe that it was love at first sight! Hehe! (He told me that he felt the same, too! Haha!) We knew in a heartbeat that we'd click and the rest, as they say, is a beautiful history of our crazy love story. :)

I relatively felt the same when I first saw 'The City of Smiles'. The feeling was surreal. After three long years of being in a relationship, I finally experienced Bacolod - the place that Aj loves with the entirety of his being!
I arrived at Bacolod - Silay International Airport about 10:45 in the morning and believe me, it was really an A+ moment for me to be able to speak to the porters and drivers in Hiligaynon! Kahambal kag kainchindi ko sa dialect nila eh! Hahaha! :)

A: Ma'am, diin ka?
B: Gahulat ko sa migo ko subong. 
A: Ay, teh. O sige halong ah. 

Asdfghjkl! Sholala was like OMG I'm so cool! Hahaha! I really get happy easily and... I believe it's fundamental for us to be able to experience the 'deep and sustaining level kind of joy'. 
Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) is the major dialect spoken in Bacolod City. Fortunately, I can understand and speak their dialect like a pro... Uhmmm...Okay... not really a pro but I'd give myself  8/10 re this matter! Hahaha! 

During the first few months of our relationship, I already requested Aj to teach me Hiligaynon and I truly praise the Lord for giving me a teachable mind, heart (and soul!) 
First stop. Do not try leaving Bacolod without having a taste of their chicken inasal! Just don't!

Anyway, it was raining when I arrived but I still didn't lose my happy vibes! Why would I? Everyone's high-spirited in the City of Smiles!

As per my quick research, Negros Occidental is known as the "Sugar bowl of the Philippines". The sugar industry is the lifeblood of the economy... no wonder why I saw a lot of sugar cane trucks along the busy streets in the city. 
We met Aj's friend, Martin at Robinson's Place and decided to go to Mandalagan, Bacolod City and dine in at Pepe's! 
The City is a wonderland for those who love to eat sweets!!! I fully understood right then and there why Aj has this ultimate love for chocolates and everything sweeeeet (so it's also like me saying that I'm a very sweet person 'coz he likes me, too yesss hi hello powhsz j3j3j3) Hahaha! 

Calea, ladies and gentlemen. I have read fantastic things about it from my favorite bloggers and I must say that it's truly one of Bacolod's priceless gems. 
Hi! Meet Aj's friends - Paolo and Martin. :) 
Aj - ang sweet guy ng Bacolod! Hahaha! 
L-R: Paolo, Erica, Sholala, Yo, Martin, Batibs, Jeff. 
I like Aj's friends! I am not saying this just to make him feel good or what but I really mean what I've just said. They're actually the kind of friends that I want to keep in my life forevs. 
Day 2! I asked Aj to pose with me in one of the latest landmarks in Bacolod - the New Government Center (NGC). 
Aj asked me out for a lunch date! Feeling loved. Lelz! 
We were talking about a lot of things during this time. I could still recall our topics in my head right now and I am very excited for the plans that God has prepared for the both of us. 
The Masskara Festival is a festival held each year in Bacolod, Philippines. 
"The festival first began in 1980 during a period of crisis. The province relied on sugar cane as its primary agricultural crop, and the price of sugar was at an all-time low due to the introduction of sugar substitutes like high fructose (corn syrup) in the United States. This was the first Masskara Festival and a time of tragedy; on April 22 of that year, the inter-island vessel MV Don Juan carrying many Negrenses, including those belonging to prominent families in Bacolod City, collided with the tanker Tacloban City and sank. An estimated 700 lives were lost in the tragedy."- Source
"In the midst of these tragic events, the city's artists, local government and civic groups decided to hold a festival of smiles, because the city at that time was also known as the City of Smiles. They reasoned that a festival was also a good opportunity to pull the residents out of the pervasive gloomy atmosphere. The initial festival was therefore, a declaration by the people of the city that no matter how tough and bad the times were, Bacolod City is going to pull through, survive, and in the end, triumph." - Source
We were joined again by Aj's best friends at the Hilltop Resto Bar for dinner. Namit namit gid.
Coffee at Tom N Toms afterwards! 
We went home around 3 o'clock in the morning after having some serious and funny talks in every other gap. Haha! I had a nice time talking with Aj's best friends --- Martin and Rey. Aj is blessed to have them in his life. Grabe. 
Day 3! Words are not enough to describe how powerfully and mysteriously attractive 'The Ruins' in Bacolod is!!! It's one of the top tourist destinations of Negros Occidental. 
The ruins reminds us of the great love story of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson and Maria Braga.
I realized a lot when I visited Bacolod. One of the truly remarkable ones is how friendly Aj is! Kanang level 1,000,000 na pagka friendly bitaw? Hahaha! Friend pud diay niya mga tao na in-charge sa The Ruins kay ga tour guide man daw siya sauna kada summer break, etc. Hehe!

Meet Mars and Roger! They're the ones in charge in sharing the meaningful details behind the Ruins. 
Our kind of chillin' in The Ruins' garden.
Thank you, Mars for capturing our beautiful moments! You got A+ photography skills!
We then went to Balay Negrense Museum, a museum located in Silay City, Negros Occidental. 
"The house was originally the ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston, a son of Yves Leopold Germain Gaston and Prudencia Fernandez. The elder Gaston is credited as one of the pioneers of sugarcane cultivation in this portion of the Philippine archipelago. A native Normandy in France, he married a Filipina from Batangas where he initially began experimenting with sugar production before relocating to Negros." - Source
Serious face on! Hahaha! I take things very seriously most especially when it's about fun facts, information and whatnot. Kulang nalang magkuha ko ug papel nya magtake down ug notes kay naa dayon quiz after. Mwahaha! 
A diorama of Al Cinco de Noviembre.

"The Negros Revolution, now commemorated and popularly known as Al Cinco de Noviembre or Negros Day, was a political movement that in 1898 created a government in Negros Island in the Philippines, informally ending Spanish control of the island and resulting in a government run by the Negrense natives, at least for that part of the archipelago and for a relatively short period. The newly established Negros Republic would last for approximately three months. American forces landed on the island unopposed on February 2, 1899, ending the island's independence." - Source

One of the major reasons why I visited Bacolod --- Aj's family. 
My relationship with Aj is far from perfect. We sometimes argue about our differences! Hehe! But you know what I have realized the most when I visited their place? Uhmmm... Aj and I are still together after three meaningful years because I figured that our top priority (and our core values) at the moment are the same --- our FAMILY. 
We went to Marketplace (again!!!) afterwards with Aj's friends.
Meet Erica and Paolo. Hehe! I kept telling Aj how I admire them a lot! They are sweet, kind and very sabay! The Lord has really blessed us with very good friends!!!
Day 4! Road trip to Lakawon Island! 
If you happen to visit Negros Occidental, please do not forget to visit Lakawon Island! It's only an hour road drive from Bacolod City to Cadiz Viejo and about 15-minute boat ride from the port to the island! 
Sweet dreams, baby girl! Nakatulog gid ko ya. 
Thank you, Batibs for making my vacation in Negros Occidental a memorable one. 
I remember the moment you looked at me during our first meetup. 

"When your eyes 
met mine, 
my soul pointed at you
and whispered to my heart,
See you in my next post, friends. Remember, bawal BV! ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog and beautiful pictures, Ms. Shola. What camera was used when you were in The Ruins? Thanks.

thesholamaerose said...

Hi. We only used iPhone 6 plus. Thank you very much for the comment. God bless you always. 😀