Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Family's Short Vacay in Cebu City

Do you still remember the good old days when your grade school teacher asked you to get a whole sheet of paper and write anything about your family? As for me, I  certainly do! 

I was in the 4th grade when Teacher Amy asked us, Grade IV - Mango pupils to write something about ourselves and our families.

Today, I could describe them more than the age, hobbies, interests and whatnot that I have written and shared fifteen years ago.
It was an absolute delight for me to treat my family in a simple vacation last October. Kahilakon nako ug sugod! Haha! 

Tatay randomly hugged me and said "Salamat kaayo, Ate. Lipay kaayo mi." I only replied "Char oi. Haha!" in jest but my heart was really jumping with joy right at that moment. 
Aside from the gift of family, the Lord has also blessed me with very good friends.

Zhel, (my sister in Singles for Christ who's also based in Dubai) requested her family to assist us in our Day 1 in Cebu! Salamat gyud kaayo sa ila!!! 

I believe that the Lord sends us His angels in the form of friends to make our lives more fun and worth-living! :)
Rico's Lechon arguably has the best lechon in town!!! 
We decided to rest after a very tiring trip. 
My Mommeh is sexeeey!!!
Their 15-year age gap doesn't really show.
Gombi gombi. Hahaha! Gotta explain this later. 
Ready to go to SM Seaside!!!

Thank you, Mommy and Tatay for everything. 

Anyway, are you familiar with the five languages of love? (Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch)
I know deep within that I belong under the ---- Words of Affirmation category! (Haha! Undoubtedly, that's how I was raised! Mommy and Tatay appreciated all my efforts no matter how big or small... exactly the reason why I feel so loved whenever someone appreciates me, etc. Sayon ra kay ko ilad ilaron! Hahaha! Kidding!)

I just took a quiz that I found online (you may check the following link: Discover your Love Language) and figured that my love language is really Words of Affirmation (my highest score!)

The love language which I scored the least (Zero, to be exact!) is... Physical Touch! Lelz!
I discovered more about Mommy, Tatay, Khar2 and Chippy during our short vacay! Hahaha! And...
...just when we left our home for the trip, my siblings exclaimed "Ayaw baya mi pakaulawi sa imong blog ha???!" HAHAHAHAHA Gombi gombi!!!
Gombi gombi means nothing. I don't know but I think it's a 'sibling thing' for us to formulate and use nonsense words in our usual convos. Haha! I don't expect you to accept and understand my explanation 'coz I don't understand it neither! Hahaha! Say gombi gombi two times! 
We stayed at Westown Lagoon. 
Mommy has aged gracefully. She had me when she was only 20!
We miss our sister in heaven, Khayeh!  
I grew up loving and hating Khar2x at the same time! Haha! We only have a 4-year age gap and trust me, it was really complicated living with him!!! Hahaha! But that was before. 

When you already mature, you'll come to realize that your siblings are the best friends you'll ever have --- they won't leave you even when the whole word will turn against you. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a fact. 
Khar2x has qualities that I wished I had. Hahaha! I don't tell him this often but I'm honestly proud of all the good things that he has done. 
With Chippy! Hehe!

One night, Alyzzah surprised me when she said "Ate, gusto ko mapareha sa imo pagdako nako." Friends, those words were so powerful that they actually pulled all my emotional strings!!! 
I always tell her that she can do better because she has what it takes! Hehe! 

We decided to go to Temple of Leah for our Day 2 in Cebu! We met our first cousins (father's side) Melanie and Kuya Jong2x! 
Khar2x bullied me about the crazy things that I used to do when I was still a high school student. Hehe! I know how it feels like  to have almost nothing so I'm motivated to always, always reach for my dreams no matter what. 
I laughed hard when Tatay asked me if I'd still take them to vacation if I'm already married! Hahaha! Wa ko kasagang! 
I said "Of course!" bla bla bla ;)
Bez Kimberly and Elijah joined us for dinner!
We visited Cebu's churches of course! Hehe! I'm a Roman Catholic. 
Beautiful. (You know my deepest heart's desire, Lord. Right?) 

My heart!
My constant prayer is for God to give me and my family good health and always keep us away from any form of harm and danger. 
Magellan's cross!
Thanks to my cousins for the treat!
We then watched Third Party! Hahaha! 
Last night, I talked to God and asked Him to bless me as I write this blog post. Hehehe! I prayed to move at least one nice human who might need an inspiration to strive harder in life and be able to reach his or her dreams all for the love of family. :)
There were times when  I wanted to give up reaching for my dreams because #Life is too damn challenging! Hahaha! (Never mind the haha thing! I'm serious! Life is really for the daring!!!) But the thought of my family really kept me standing and fighting against all the distractions that came my way. Beyond doubt, family is truly everything. 

See you in my next posts*! Remember, bawal BV! 

*I still have a lot of crazy stories about my vacation in the Philippines!!! :D

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