Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hi, friends. Trust me, there's nothing really serious* about this post, hence the title --- MEMA --- Me masabi lang. (I've read this MEMA word from my favorite blog space, Spell Saab and the word just hit me since then!) Hahaha!

I got insanely busy during the last quarter of 2015 up to date so I am kinda convincing myself that my blogging hiatus is just fine. (It's okay, self. Bawi nalang ka.) Haha! 

Uhmmm, what else?

I can't wait to see the Philippines again but the thing is, I am not yet sure when. I already have a tentative month in my mind but I'm still waiting for some stuff to materialize so please help me pray for it to be realized. Hehe.

Knock knock. 

Who's there?


MEMA, who?


Mema bang makapagsasabing iniisip kita? At mema bang may alam na laging hinahanap ka?


Hahaha! If I know. Gikanta pud nimo. Sige good night na. Hahaha! Pero if naa kay MEMA na knock knock, i-PM ko. HAHA! Looking forward to blogging again soon. Not the MEMA ones. But if you insist, okay ra sad nako. Hahaha!

Love love!

*with the exception related to items which you see fit :)
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