Saturday, May 28, 2016

Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis, The Palm

It's not everyday that I get to have the chance to blog so here I am, sharing my random thoughts --- again. Hahaha! This post is basically about how I spent my 25th birthday! (Yes. I already turned 25 but I still have this itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-teenager-feels running through my system!) Hahaha! 
Instead of having something grand (which I could basically not afford since I'm saving a lot for #Pilipinas201x), I opted to just spend my birthday by mish-mashing the waves at Aquaventure Waterpark! Weee! Hahaha! Their site's gonna give you a great overview on what to expect so you may click the following link for further details - Atlantis, The Palm.
Fortunately, it was a beautiful day to chill. For all you know, I got chicken pox several days before my birthday and I really got worried about getting scars because #WhyNot? Hehehe. Like a little child, I kept on praying to the Lord for Him to heal me completely and and and guess what? --- He really did. :) 
Everything was perfect (though we had to bear the long queue since March is one of their peak months.)
Heyyy, there! 
Special thanks to Aj for being so selfless on my birthday. He didn't mind not having photos of himself during the entirety of our trip. He just ensured that I'll have lots of photos and videos while trying all the rides in Aquaventure Waterpark and his selflessness, for me, is truly one of the best gifts that the Lord has given me everyday of my life. Thank you, Batibs! :) 
My best friend and enemy at every other gap!  
I believe that I really need to practice blogging immediately after every trip. Kay parehas ani, permi gyud gaka-haponan, noh? Hahaha!  I still have lots of things to share about our barkada getaways at Desert Safari, Grand Mosque Hotel and Revolving Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, our beach and pool sessions at Sharjah, JBR and so much more --- and I guess I need to wait for another pretty chance to share my random thoughts once more! Hahaha! 
So there. Hehehe. If there are few life lessons which totally hit me for the past 25 years of my existence, my thoughts are still the same with what I have shared in this site before. :) I also learned about getting things done in my own pacing and having extra patience for all the beautiful things which will transpire in their best timing. :)

See you in my next post.Remember, bawal BV! 
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