Saturday, December 03, 2016

Desert Safari

Sharing some photos from our desert safari trip three weeks ago! I don't think I'll be sharing a lot  of stories about this post because #Sleepy!

(Come on, self! This isn't the first time you're saying that. You always talk too much in this space.) 

Yes I just talked to myself! Lelz! Please don't judge me based on my introduction. @___@ Hahaha! 
Generally,  accountants do not assume about anything unless otherwise stated but but but, I'd still assume that you guys already have an inkling as to what desert safari is all about. Why not, Babeh?!! It's a must-do in the UAE! Hehehe!
L-R: Kimson, Jedi, Aj, Kent, Johair
Daaah! (Really trying hard not to talk too much! Lelz!)
Welcome to the family, Lally dear. 
Our infamous katawa - katawa pose! Hahaha!
#RCitizen! (I know that hashtags aren't working in this space.) Hahaha!  
Feelings are fleeting so never run a relationship based on emotions. - Shola Zamayla, 2016 Hahaha! 
Aside from dune bashing, you'll also be entertained by amazing performances while eating!
Jessa Babes my love! She's an amazing woman after God's own heart. 
I'm really sleepy right now hence the few chikkas and all that! Hahaha! Bawi ko next time! 

See you in my next post about our simple yet meaningful day in the park. Good night, friends! Love yeeewww! 
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