Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends! I was supposed to ask about how 2017's treating you (so far) and I eventually realized that there's an even better question that must be actually raised. :)


After a pretty long discussion, the barkada finally agreed to welcome 2017 in Radisson Blu's The China Club! Yeyyy!!!
Everyone was encouraged to wear anything red and/or black hence the color coordinated #ootds. Lel
  Wishing you all a blissful year ahead! j3j3j3
I'd definitely give The China Club a 10 out of 10 rating for their delectable food and feisty setup.

 This is also where Aj and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary last January 26. Hehehe! 
Thank you, Jessa for the photos. Love you!
 Gutooom haaalp it's 12 midnight na diri karon
 Star of the night!
The Lord has truly blessed me with an incredible set of friends.
 Lally and Johair!
 The restaurant also had a lot of #Paandar during dinner! #Ginalingan LEL
Prepping for the much awaited exchange of gifts! 

I miss home! 
 #Ginalingan ang pag wrap! Mwahaha! Winner!
This was truly a heartwarming moment for me. I did not just see it as a mere exchange of tangible gifts. I cried because I was grateful how Jesus placed us in each other's lives so that we can bless and inspire one another in our meaningful journey as OFWs in Dubai.
 Great speeches happened  too! Haha! #AlaToastmasters
Apparently, I was the one left without a gift so I was certain that Beb picked my name!!! Hahaha! Wa ko kasagang sa message ni Jessa for me. Hilak2x level among peg duha. Happy tears!!!
I'm asking myself right now why I'm still up when in fact, it's still Wednesday  already Thursday and I still need to go to work later........................................... Hahaha!
 We continued our celebration at Kent's place.
Batibs suggested that we might also consider giving sweet little gifts for everyone and I was extra happy that everyone generously shared. Awww. Thank you kaayo, friends. 
 L-R: Lally, Kevin, Joey, Johair
 Emphasis on the yellow hanger that I requested. LEL
 Beside my best friend forevs - Batibs.
We played crazy games thereafter and finally went home at exactly 8 o'clock in the morning. Hahaha! 
It was a feel-good celebration to begin with. I think it's gonna be part of my core memory level two zero one seven chapter one page one. LEL

Wishing you all a happy 2017! May we always recognize our dependence on God because it is only through Him that we could live a peaceful, fruitful and meaningful life. 

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