Saturday, February 11, 2017


Today, I wish to share about the extraordinary friendship that I have with Jelly, Rj and Kimson. We call our barkada "JRKS" (which is obviously from our names' initials! Hahaha!) but few years ago, I started to call them my #Basics because that's what they actually are in my life. :)

We started to bond more during the summer of 2004 when the four of us agreed to attend a summer class for Algebra. (Yehes! That's how we wanted to spend our free days. LEL) 

We enjoy going to springs and resorts, too so when I went home last October of 2016, everyone decided to have fun at Del Carmen Beach Resort in Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. Hehehe! We initially thought about watching movies in the city (and whatnot) but realized that we should opt to do things that we love since we were 13 y.o! 

(Kadumdom ko sauna, pag wala gani klase or kung birthday sa isa sa amo, malipay na dayon mi muadto sa bisan asa na naay swimming pool. Haha! Well, that's what our town is actually well-known for so di nana mawala na trip, siguro. Hehehe!)
We arrived at the place before lunch and just enjoyed the place while reminiscing the crazy memories that we shared for so many years. 
Ladies and gentlemen, the barkada's ultimate snack since 2004: Nilung-ag na saing ug ginamos! 
Kimson's not in this mini trip since he's also an OFW like me! Hehehe! He works in Dubai, too and unfortunately, he has scheduled his annual leave in a different month. Here's to praying and hoping na makadungan mi sunod pagpauli! 
My family didn't know the actual date of my arrival (it was a successful surprise! Hehehe!) but just like how I informed my other barkada, MG, I also notified Jelly and Rj in advance because #Work (Hahaha!) They also filed for a leave of absence just to spend time with me. Sweet friends! @___@
We tried the water activities, of course! Hahaha! Rj uploaded our videos in his Facebook account. #Yolo (Pag muingon ambak, ambak! LEL But seriously, I didn't try the *ultimate* slide because Rj told me to do so. Mabuyong nya ko, musamot akong vertigo! 
This is one of my favorites! Hahaha! Grabe! 
The ride that I screamed "Mommy" for a number of times. Hahaha! I think it's just natural to scream our Moms'  names whenever we're scared, noh? 

Mommyy... Mommy!!! Tabaaaang! Wahaha!

Murag kalay. Sala kay gienter ug sakay sakay! Hahahaha! 
Thank you, Tatay Rolie for always bringing me to the beach when I was a child! I love you, Tatay!
It's 4:00 PM and I need to see Kent and Batibs at 5:00 so I have to finish this now! Hehehe! 
To Jelly, Rj and Kimson, thank you for EVERYTHING. God has truly blessed me with loving friends who genuinely care. I love you. (Oh lage undang nako ug char kay dili uso in-ani na chikka sa atong panag-amigo. Hahaha!)

To my dear readers, never underestimate the value of friendship. It's one of God's greatest gifts. Nurture it. 

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