Friday, March 31, 2017

How I Celebrated my 26th Birthday

I just turned 26 last Saturday and it really was a happy birthday! LEL. As they say, it is not happiness that makes us grateful but it is gratefulness that makes us happy, so here's a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made my day extraordinary!!! 

At this age, I am more interested in surrounding myself with people who are incredibly inspiring. Life is too short to be stuck in a rut, hence it is significant to move along this journey with the people who can actually bring out the best in you. :)
My simple birthday celebration turned extra special through my friends' gift  of presence. Hehe! It meant so much more to me than anything else. Cheret! Hahaha! 
My best friend, Kimson  and my sisters in Singles for Christ. 
Did I just mention about surrounding myself with inspiring people? Haha! My friends inspire me to be a better person. They motivate and empower me to succeed plus...

...they show support specially when...

 it's picture taking! Hahaha!!! Look at them nag-flashlight sa phone kay para daw tsada ang lighting. Binuang! Hahaha!
Special thanks to Aj for making my simple birthday dinner happen. Just like what my friend Jessa said, the Lord gave me a perfect match #becauseAjcooksverywell! Huhuhu I cry! Hahaha! Batibs is definitely my favorite cook alongside my Tita Inday (Of course, noh! Hehe!)
Chillin Family (my barkada) and friends! I feel blessed that I am able to spend most of my time with these people. Special occasions or not,  permi mi uban! Hahaha! 
Hello, everyone! Meet my Singles for Christ sisters - one of my greatest support systems here in Dubai. Blessed to deal with ladies who have beautiful and uplifting personalities, so to speak. 
Meet the Estrada Kids, too! (Insert my inaanak Miguel who was actually sleeping while picture taking!) Thank you, Ynna, Franz, Shobe and Shoti for helping us prepaaare!!! Your kind gestures are definitely recorded in my heart. Love! 
My Ninang-to-Be, Ate Ria, who just got home from a fab event! Daaah! Hahaha! She is my fashion adviser and OOTD sponsor! She's the beautiful mom of the Estrada kids that I shared about few sentences ago. Hehehe! 
Jessa Babe, my love, who also celebrated her birthday two days after mine. Love you!!!
Nahuman ra gyud ang picture2x! Pwede nata mangaon?!!!!!! Hahaha! 
Aj gave a heartfelt prayer before we devoured the food! 
Beshy and Ken.
Thank you, SFC sisters!
Giiifts!!! u______________________u
Thank you, Estrada kids!
Thank you, Jessa!
Thank you, Chillin family!
Thank you, Joey my Beshy!
Thank you, SFC sisters!
Karaoke sesh! 
I thank the Lord for giving me another year and for continuously blessing me with strength and willpower to keep on dreaming and achieving the things that He has placed in my heart.
Looking forward to wondrous days that I will be able to celebrate my birthday in the Philippines, too. I could only remember how Mommy and Tatay used to hug me so tight at 12 midnight while saying "Nak, we love you."

Thanks for reading, friends! Love! God bless you!

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