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The Amazing Armenia: Day 2

I'm feeling a whole new level of excitement since I will be sharing the details of our second day in Armenia! The snowfall experience made it a fairy tale, that I just found myself overwhelmed by the fuzzy feels in a lot of instances! (You may check my post about our Day 1 here.)

Our Day 2 was a personal favorite since we were set to visit the country's bests with Envoy Tour! We booked the "Essential Armenia Private Tour" good for four pax by sending an email to (Note: I highly recommend their team with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars)because of a number of reasons which I will be casually sharing.)
Sharing a bit of the casual conversation that we had a night before the tour.

Kent: What time ta sunduon sa Envoy ugma?
Kevin: 10:00 AM man siguro. 
Aj: So need ta mubugtaw early kay magprepare pa baya ta dugay. 
Shola: Unsa lugar oras? 7:00 AM?

Hahaha! Lel good night guys!!! Tog ta tog! 
This is Yerv, the most patient tour guide that I have ever known! Hahaha! He was so cool answering a lot of my inquiries and I was totally impressed about how he sees things in a high-minded perspective.
Took a few shots while we were inside the car. 
Is it just me or there really is something about the snow's immense capacity to bring your thoughts into places and turn your ideas into something eternally mystical? 
First stop: Ski Resort in Armenia.
I say you travel with friends who share the same interests and goals that you have in mind. 
I feel good to have people so close to my heart who love to capture moments through beautiful photographs, too! 

It took us about 2 good hours to finalize whatever OOTDs that we had in mind! Hahaha! 
Our next stop was the Sevanavank Monastery and Lake Sevan. The latter, as shown in the following photo, is the largest body of water in Armenia and the Caucasus region. The national treasure is one of the main sources of the irrigation water in the country and provides fish, recreation and tourism, among others. 
Aj eventually captured an unflattering photo of me. Hahaha! The trek towards the Sevanavank Monastery blew me away!  Aside from the snow which made me extra vulnerable to the cold, the wind was also blowing so hard and strong that I just prayed to the Lord to give me more power and strength so I could immediately recover! As in nabuyong gyud tawon ko, friends! Hahaha!

Mommy, uli nako'g Jasaan. LEL
Kent overlooking the frozen Lake Sevan!
I was already inside the monastery when they took these shots. As for my part, #DiMadaUgTiisGanda so I saved myself from freezing to the point of collapsing and losing my breath! Hahaha! 
The Sevanavank Monastery offers a picturesque view, no wonder why it's one of the most visited attractions in Armenia. 
Imagine the irony of facing Mr. Sun while chilling in a negative-degree-Celsius situation. Now that's what you call #Lumalaban! 
One of my favorite photos!
Ft. Dao Ming Si... 
...and Hua Zi Lei
Me (while taking photos): Batibs, tsada kaayo ka tan-awon! 
Batibs: Ali diri. 
Me: @______@
...then he began playing with snow and started putting a lot on my head. Really, now?
Batibs: Weeeeee
Me: Insert a monster emoticon here

I think he'll never grow tired loving and annoying me for the rest of our lives! Hahaha!
One of the highlights of the tour was the lunch with a local family in the Noratus Village! 
According to Yerv, Noratus means new home and sure thing, the character and the atmosphere of the place really felt like home! 
The local family was very hospitable, that they made me remember my Mommy Linda (my Lola) who is celebrating her 70th Birthday today. Hehe! They're celebrating in the Philippines right at the moment!!! (I love you, Mi!)
Here are some photos of their local food. 

After eating lunch, Kent and Aj noticed the snowfall! We immediately went outside and experienced it for the first time. Hayyy. (Dear Lord, I am forever grateful for all the love that You have given us!)
The time that we've spent with the local family might be short-lived but it was more than enough for me to realize that people, all over the world, are generally good. While we are bombarded by the heartbreaking news that we see online, I still believe that there is more good than bad and we just have to encourage, empower and love one another to actually make this world a better place. Easier said than done (I know) but I just don't want to lose my faith about the goodness that this world has yet to offer. 

Note: Talking about the specific actions requires another discussion.
The Hayravank Monastery was worthy of a stop. Armenia has a lot of alluring monasteries because as I mentioned in my Day 1 post, the country was the first one to adopt Christianity as its religion back in 301 AD. 

Effortlessly handsome! 
Gwapo, mabango, matalino and mabait lel 
Mama Mary. Love! 
My hair's almost back in its usual length. Yey! 

Really curious about my Tatay's comment in the following photos... Hahaha! 

After a good photo shoot sesh (Har!) at Hayravank Monastery, we went back into our car and relaxed/slept for quite some time since our last stop is about an hour away. 
Dear readers, the majestic Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Sight! 
Geghard, which means spear, is a medieval monastery surrounded by cliffs.
I remember Yerv sharing that a lot of Armenians' wedding ceremonies are done in the following site.So much love all over the place! Hehe!  
Geghard, or more fully Geghardavank (Monastery of Spear) originates from the spear which had wounded Jesus at the Crucifixion, allegedly brought to Armenia by Apostle Jude (Thaddeus), and stored amongst many other relics. The same spear is now being displayed in the Echmiadzin treasury. - Source
Site of the sacred spring inside the cave

Pretty cool 
Glad how the trip fueled our minds, too! Knowledge is power!!! LEL 

It was so difficult reaching the middle of the bridge! 
Our final stop was the Garni Temple (few minutes away from the Geghard Monastery!)
Garni Temple is the only pagan temple in Armenia, the best known structure of pre-Christian Armenia. 

"A picture is worth a thousand words."
Thanks to Yerv for capturing the following photo. 
We recorded a video and shared our thoughts about Armenia! 
Our tour guide, Yerv, wasn't intimidating and controlling during our trip! It was truly a big plus since we wanted to enjoy things in our own pacing. 
Now I'm down to the last photo of this post! #Finally, yes? 

We arrived at our apartment in Alley Residence about 8:00 PM, enjoyed our delish dinner prepared by Kevin and finally called it a day. 

So there! Thank you for reading! I may or may not know you personally but I appreciate how you chose to spend a little of your precious time with me. See you in my next pose! Love! 

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